Anthony Rother - Popkiller sid606

July 30, 2010
The fifth album relaxed in 2004 by Anthony Rother, "is an album well Popkiller completes with beautiful dancefloor of piece, just to listen" To Generate "to understand the direction of the album. Probably the song of this album, we like the songs and plays all to accompany it vocal.

With 11 tracks, this album is a gem of label of Datapunk (the label was founded precisely by Anthony Rother 2003), relaxed in 2004 brands of "Popkiller" we vibrate in the depths of ourselves. "Not to bother itself to express itself then on the music, a thing is on, with the sounds of Electro, the low improvement and the well special rhythm, this is the style of Anthony Rother we discover it.

Easy to notice, ideal and effective in the mixture, every track is a discovery, "to the house", the "Father", the "Spaces" or "No Love", place to a party has success exactly. If to take a place in your chair and you allowed is gone to sleep by the soft melody of "Popkiller.

To continue this adventure, we recommend the second volume of this album "Popkiller II" relaxed in 2010 with a new time, a songs that moved themselves a lot. It did not finish is talked about, therefore if you know not already the artist, we recommend it without the hesitation.

A Guy Called Gerald - Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions sid606

July 30, 2010
The ninth album by Gerald Simpson on the Instinct of Laboratory of label, just four years after the relâchement of the album "the Acid of Proto The Meetings of Berlin" on the label. An artist soaked in the music for completely some time, since the first album had been born in 1989 Rham!.

A love history suddenly to the English that is not his first professional blow. An album of 13 tracks that after the title of the album, should be the music or the jazz rather calm and soft rather Electronique. Well, none of this, we are dived in a rather dark techno tinged time in time the melody that glides.

In brief, a style that immerses us in a piece close to Techno Straits but the two in the cologne style. The music that comes very well through the borders, we cannot put really a label over, for your listening pleasure. To obtain you an idea of what this little does you thinks, A Guy A Called Gerald transports us without tiring the before in a manner for a lot of musical varied comedies.

To time obscurity, it becomes quickly not very joyous before belonging to a House Acid. Not the first album by Gerald Simpson, but if we must know well the one, therefore the beginning hereby the one before the first research.

And do not forget the first sound of test "the Acid of Proto The Meetings of Berlin" relaxed in 2006.

The Alps (2) - Le Voyage sid606

July 19, 2010
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Rafter sid606

April 5, 2010
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