The Cure - Disintegration side__on

July 19, 2019
Around the time this was released Robert Smith said in interviews this album was a sequel to Pornography and if you change the running order he's kinda right.
Prayers For Rain(100 Years)
Closedown(A Short Term Effect)
Last Dance(The Hanging Garden)
The Same Deep Water As You(Siamese Twins)
Fascination Street 12'(The Figurehead/A Strange Day)

Dorian Gray (14) - Gliese Systems side__on

May 21, 2019
I hope the label release this album on vinyl,it really is a fantastic deep techno collection. easily 10/10

Front Line Assembly - Plasticity side__on

April 3, 2019
These 2 tracks were recorded at the same time as the Hardwired LP/Circuitry EP so there is no missing lost album.

FUSE* - Dimension Intrusion side__on

March 28, 2019
Yeah, well said its a joke to charge £300 for 7 records, Plus 8 should be ashamed of themselves

Deputy Dawg - Dirtbag side__on

January 7, 2019
I'm pretty sure that consume is nothing to do with the label art, its more of a statement towards peoples lifestyles at that time(mid 90's)

1st Bass - Slam Me Down side__on

September 29, 2018
Its Coad Warrior 4 by Planetary Assualt Systems from 2001

The Secret Initiative - The Secret Initiative Anthology side__on

September 7, 2018
edited 10 months ago
Thanks to Adam/Janina Sonic Groove(Berlin/NYC)and Discogs member Dumal for helping me get this very cool boxset.
Cheers guys.

Frontline Assembly* - WarMech side__on

August 14, 2018
Totally agree,weak and under produced,not a patch on AirMech/Echogenetic Cheers

The Secret Initiative - The Secret Initiative Anthology side__on

July 29, 2018
edited 11 months ago
Where can I buy this? and how limited is it?

Fields Of The Nephilim - Dawnrazor side__on

May 2, 2018
Has anyone ever seen the poster that came with initial copies?


Gescom - Motor side__on

September 8, 2017
Released may 1996 even though it says 1994 on the label.

Depeche Mode - Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed side__on

August 21, 2017
Exactly the same tracklisting as the normal cd single cdbong42.

UB40 - Present Arms side__on

August 15, 2017
It should be noted that this was supposed to be released in november 2014 then febuary 2016 [when a few copies did appear] and then finally a full release in august 2017.