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posted a comment on John Shima - Discreet. 7 months ago
John's original is a beautiful piece of dreamy early morning deep techno ; but I LOVE Matthew's remix -
slowed down to 110bpm it becomes such a killer sexy groove. Lovely :)
posted a comment on Hymns (3) - Waves Of Nothing. about 1 year ago
Big props to Salt Mines for remastering & repressing this excellent EP of gorgeous deep electro.
Jacob's vinyl debut deserved to be heard properly & this new pressing sounds exceptionally beautiful.
Thanks Rudolf & Geordie - much appreciated. :)
posted a comment on Various - PNP 001. about 1 year ago
Excellent debut EP - but to give credit where it's due - Fede Lng's track reworks Minnie Riperton's "Inside My Love", not Leon Ware's later version.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Spy Edits 01. about 1 year ago
Didn't think anyone would ever come close to Todd Terje"s beautiful edit of "Diamonds", but damn this is so good - sublime bass !! The Peggy Lee edit's great too - excellent slab of vinyl. ☺
posted a comment on Rising Sun (7) - Yours. over 2 years ago
"Importance" is some mighty fine deep old school breakbeat - now on high rotation down here, especially as it's only 4 minutes long. Would LOVE an extended 12" version - Steffen ? :)
posted a comment on José James - The Dreamer. over 2 years ago
This repress is on 180g vinyl too - beautiful pressing for a sublime album.
posted a comment on Red - Beasts Of England EP. over 3 years ago
Dan Grigson (of Grantby fame) here pops up as part of Red & puts out another excellent 12" that was released the same year as his "Timebooth EP". Still well worthy of a listen today, especially the achingly redolent strings of "Squealer" - much loved at ... See full review
posted a comment on Frank Booker - Sugar . over 3 years ago
At last !! Someone's put my spine to good use - nice one Frank :)
posted a comment on Paul Deepnlow Moore - From Alpha To Gemini. over 3 years ago
lovely stuff !
posted a comment on EBTG* vs Silicone Soul - Right On Tracey. over 3 years ago
The B side is the Silicone Soul original, while the A side is the one with the EBTG vocal.
posted a comment on Boi-oing!* - Confused?. over 3 years ago
These are actually two somewhat noisier remixes of their Eta James sampling classic "Good Feeling" - luckily with the sublime original included !
posted a comment on DJ Freshtrax & DJ HMS* - Harmonik Distortion E.P.. over 3 years ago
"Harmonik Force" is the beauty on this EP - "Hold me baby, come fly with me..........." - aaaaaah :)
posted a comment on Salt City Orchestra - Storm. over 3 years ago
Yeah I love this one too - used to play it at our warehouse parties back then. Was one of those tracks I can remember vividly the first time I came across it - walking into a friend's house party as the dj dropped the Hard Times mix & thinking aaah yes ... See full review
posted a comment on Jonny Nash - Phantom Actors. over 4 years ago
Ha - that's the beauty of ambient music isn't it ? The record label says 33rpm but the track durations on the back sleeve would indicate that Mr Nash mastered this at 45rpm. Either way it sounds gorgeous - I guess it depends just how relaxed you want to ... See full review
posted a comment on Adam Strömstedt, Alan Delius - Scuze Me - BP002 . over 4 years ago
This is a real rarity - 5 tracks ranging from 100 to 133 bpm & each one is a stone-cold killer ! Excellent EP - thanks guys ! :)
posted a comment on Vrrs - Benz EP. over 4 years ago
"190 E" is a real gem - the bass drop about an inch in should have everyone grinning ear to ear
and it just gets better from there on, complete with a dash of deep acid & excellent use
of sparse vocals - "I work nights ......" !
"C63 Amg" is also ... See full review
posted a comment on Palm Skin Productions - In A Silent Way. over 4 years ago
It's actually based on Joe Zawinul's version - the Meditation mix is particularly lovely. :)
posted a comment on Sound Source - Naked Themes (EP). over 4 years ago
NB - "Key Notes" on this EP has been mastered @ 112bpm as opposed to the original version on the "Another Theme Experience (EP)" which was 122bpm.
posted a comment on Pablo Mateo - Roxy EP. over 4 years ago
Lovely EP.
FYI - A side & B#2 play at 45 bpm while B#1 plays at 33bpm ( go figure !! ).
posted a comment on Martyn - Forgiveness EP. over 4 years ago
I'll never think of Hermann Hesse the same again now :)
posted a comment on Various - Ervallagh EP. over 4 years ago
Major props to Appian Sounds for putting out such a beautiful record. Four EXCELLENT tracks exploring those lush landscapes around the deep house/deep techno borderlands (the Life Recorder ones are especially gorgeous - and Miltiades just can't seem to ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - How To Kill 001. over 4 years ago
My copy sounds great ! Excellent & very versatile EP with - as REKchampa points out - 3 of the tracks playable at either 33 or 45 rpm.
posted a comment on Bob Moses (5) - Far From The Tree EP. over 4 years ago
These guys' last EP was superb & this one is even better - all the tracks here have great depth & beauty, but "Far from the Tree" is the one for me :absolutely sublime. I've lost count the number of people who've done the "wow what IS this track" thing ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm 3 Request - Desafinado. over 4 years ago
Gibo's version was a morning staple for us back in the day - still sounds gorgeous today -
just add sunrise................. :)
posted a comment on Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - The Aftermath EP. over 4 years ago
Completely agree. The crunchy acid of "Opaque Reality " & spacey synths of "The Aftermath " both have their own charms, but the jewel for me too is the achingly deep & beautiful "Adament ". Lovely stuff.
posted a comment on Saine - Business Hours EP. over 4 years ago
"We've been doing this since 2009, there's no way of knowing if a record is going to sell or not."
Was slightly puzzled to read this as - apart from Moodymann - you guys are pretty much the only label/artist guaranteed to sell out within a few days of ... See full review
posted a comment on Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody. over 4 years ago
I remember playing this at one of our warehouse parties in Sydney back in the early 90's, dropping in Martin Sheen's "Saigon,shit....I'm still only in Saigon" over the helicopters just before the alarm came in - place went OFF !! Aaah happy days :)
posted a comment on Ad Bourke* - Prelude Ep. over 5 years ago
This spins at 45rpm, not 33.
posted a comment on Ian Dury / The Isley Brothers - Spasticus Acusticus / Between The Sheets. over 5 years ago
Track 1 re-edits Ian Dury's "Spasticus Autisticus".
posted a comment on Technicolour (2) / Tobax - The Harp Tune / Leaving. over 5 years ago
Excellent double header that also sounds superb at 33 - Old School stylee !!
posted a comment on Coyote (5) - Glide Time. over 5 years ago
If I'm not mistaken, they seem to have mixed up the tracklisting on the sleeve & label.
I think "Swimming" is actually the last track on side A, with "Break on Through" the first track on side B. Beautiful album though, as usual from these guys. A real ... See full review
posted a comment on Boe & Zak - Rudy EP. over 5 years ago
The "abstract logo" is actually an illustration of an old Bozak rotary mixer.
posted a comment on Linkwood - From The Vaults Pt 1. over 5 years ago
Not sure which track you're referencing there as there's only
one track on the A Side - but the pressing fault wasn't through
the whole batch. My copy doesn't skip anywhere. Oh no - now I
have vinyl-survivor's guilt!
posted a comment on Audio Atlas - Window 2 The World. over 5 years ago
Really love the beautiful deep acid of "Luxembourg" & the lush deep stylings of "Haiti". But there's much to be enjoyed in all the tracks here - these guys obviously know their stuff ! Gorgeous.
posted a comment on Erykah Badu - A Badu Thang (Miguel Migs Promo Mix). over 5 years ago
This rework is actually by Fred Everything, not Miguel Migs.
posted a comment on Greg Gow - The Pilgrimage EP. over 5 years ago
Sorry to respectfully disagree Mr revolution, but I love the original version of "The Bridge" & have played it to great reponse on many occasions - got enough balls for me !
posted a comment on Grantby - Timebooth EP. over 5 years ago
I second that ! "Timber" is a masterpiece of haunted strings
with a wonderfully evocative 60's film soundtrack feel. Used to play it
to death at sunday sessions back in the day & still love it to pieces !!
posted a comment on Azymuth - Avenida Das Mangueiras (SS Translation By Theo Parrish). over 5 years ago
Have to agree with Matt here. I'm a great lover of both these artists but it's the LTJ track that I keep coming back to. Excellent bass - funky as !!
posted a comment on Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me (Ashley Beedle's Space Blues Rework). over 5 years ago
Outstanding interpretation by Mr Beedle is a fine tribute to the late
genius of Gil Scott-Heron.Much respect to both artists.
posted a comment on Tony Scott (2) Featuring Jan Akkerman - Meditation. over 5 years ago
This underrated masterpiece of improvisation is quite simply one of my most treasured possessions. Originally heard it on a late night radio show back in the days before the internet - it took me the best part of a year to track down !! Completely ... See full review
posted a comment on Joy (11) - You Gotta Be. over 5 years ago
Excellent rework of Des'ree's anthem giving it that little extra special
something - has been known to cause mass sing-a-longs at those marathon after-parties !!
posted a comment on Funki Porcini - It's A Long Road / Poseathon. over 5 years ago
An absolute downtempo masterpiece from Mr Bradell & the soundtrack to
many a dissolute afterparty back in the day ...there's no turning back :)
posted a comment on fLako - Mini Tollbooth. over 5 years ago
Big respect to anyone taking inspiration from the wonderful "Phantom Tollbooth" - suitably trippy off-kilter sounds to boot !!
posted a comment on Brett Dancer - Euphonic Moods EP. over 6 years ago
Beautiful release from Mr Dancer unfortunately marred by "The curse of the coloured vinyl" ! My first copy of this was unplayable due to random crud
embedded in the pressing & my second copy is so dished I may well end up
using it as a fruit bowl.
Note ... See full review
posted a comment on Brett Dancer - Euphonic Moods EP. over 6 years ago
Beautiful release from Mr Dancer unfortunately marred by "The curse of the coloured vinyl" ! My first copy of this was unplayable due to random crud
embedded in the pressing & my second copy is so dished I may well end up
using it as a fruit bowl.
Note ... See full review
posted a comment on Ejeca - Tusk Wax Five. over 6 years ago
Yep - Mine's the same as yours
A1 X Girl
A2 Pushed (Bicep Remix)
B1 Pushed
B2 Tetra
posted a review of Grace Jones - Williams' Blood. over 10 years ago
A trio of breathtakingly ordinary remixes are saved on the day by Aeroplane's beautiful reinterpretation - moving Grace back onto the early-morning dancefloor where she belongs & thankfully ditching the dodgey guitar break of the original in favour of a ... See full review