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posted a comment on Siege (2) - Drop Dead. about 1 year ago
god, an original copy of this tape has to smell sooooo bad
posted a comment on ReneHell* - Shame On You EP. over 3 years ago
I reeeeeally don't think this is Jeff, should probably make a separate discogs page for this person.
posted a comment on Various - 12 Inches Of Virgin. over 3 years ago
Anyone else notice that Derrick May is listed as one of the producers of "House Reaction?"
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on WAV FUZZ - WVZ. over 4 years ago
One of the highest crested producers in the Pacific Northwest. Full plumage on this one.
posted a comment on Perfume Advert - Tulpa. over 4 years ago
Someone should probably tell the scalpers here that YOU CAN STILL GET COPIES OF TULPA FOR FACE VALUE from the label.
posted a comment on Auscultation - Auscultation. over 5 years ago
Don't know if you saw, but someone put one up for $12. :)
posted a comment on Thorax - Inhale / Exhale. over 5 years ago
This record sounds great slowed down at about 132 BPM
posted a comment on X (101) - X. over 5 years ago
The synth line sounds like the one from Mariah Carey's "Fantasy." Vocals COULD be sampled from that and just pitched way down, but I'm not sure. But yeah, you should listen to "Fantasy" for that synth line.
posted a comment on Golden Donna, Lake Daggers - Split. over 5 years ago
LOL, damn, 3.0 is harsh. I'm actually really proud of this tape.