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posted a comment on Descendents - Milo Goes To College. 7 months ago
The CD of this album was quickly replaced by the 'Two Things at Once' CD, which is available.
posted a comment on The Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law. 8 months ago
Not Post Rock lol. I Think you meant Pop Rock
posted a comment on David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World. 9 months ago
I thought that's how this album usually sounds, unless you've compared and this press is even more so?
posted a comment on Ramones - Road To Ruin. 9 months ago
As with the Rhino reissue of Rocket to Russia, I got this new and it's full of pops and skips. Side 2 is particularly unlistenable. Anyone else?
posted a comment on Sonic Youth - Walls Have Ears. 9 months ago
This couldn't possibly be a boot by a fake Not from the same year? I'm guessing it's listed as unofficial because the band didn't approve, and if that's the case, all pressings should be listed the same level of official.
posted a comment on The Last - Look Again. 9 months ago
I'm interested in this if anyone wants to sell one
posted a comment on Adolescents - Manifest Density. 10 months ago
The black dots on mine show up blue when held up to light
posted a comment on The Fall - Fall In A Hole. 10 months ago
I don't think this should be listed as unofficial. Flying Nun is a legit label, and the story goes that they received permission to record and release this record for the New Zealand market only, but started sending import copies out once NZ sales had ... See full review
posted a comment on Morning Glory (6) - First Light. 11 months ago
When I posted that comment in 2012, this release was listed as being by this different Morning Glory:

I see it has been fixed now so I will edit my comment.
posted a comment on The Fall - Bingo Masters At The Witch Trials. 11 months ago
Mark usually has no involvement in these crap releases and does not approve of them.
posted a comment on 81 To 99 - 81 - 99. about 1 year ago
Why is this album blocked from being sold on Discogs?
posted a comment on The Cramps - Keystone Club Palo Alto, CA 1979. about 1 year ago
Appears to be unofficial, judging by this label's other releases?
posted a comment on Sonic Youth - EVOL. about 1 year ago
It does, and also comes with a postcard of the band which doubles as the download card
posted a comment on Sebadoh - Local Band Feel. about 1 year ago
"the people who made this bootleg called me the day before they pressed it asking my permission to proceed..i said yes, of course, making this 'semi-authorized' any case it's lovingly done and a good document of the Gaffney-era sebadoh culled from ... See full review
posted a comment on Doggy Style - II. about 1 year ago
According to John Bosco, this originally came out in 1986. That's backed up by the catalogue number (Flipside #13 is from 1987).
posted a comment on The Faith* / Void (12) - The Faith / Void. about 1 year ago
Very important hardcore release; not just for the groundwork for more metallic hardcore on the Void side, but also for the groundwork for the Revolution Summer/"emotional hardcore" sound on the Faith side in the tracks 'What's Wrong With Me?', 'What You ... See full review
posted a comment on Ramones - Rocket To Russia. about 1 year ago
"Manufactured with more care than ever"... except that it skips like fuck.
posted a comment on Albert Hammond, Jr.* - Yours To Keep. about 1 year ago
It will be coming out on vinyl this Record Store Day
posted a comment on X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents. about 1 year ago
If anyone has a busted copy, I am interested in buying it for the sleeve and innersleeve.
posted a comment on The Dream Syndicate - Out Of The Grey. about 1 year ago
As well as 6 bonus tracks on Side C, there is one each on the other two sides
posted a comment on Black Flag - Who's Got The 10½?. about 1 year ago
What is there to suggest this is a boot?
posted a comment on Rollins Band - Weight. about 1 year ago
Rollins has stated in a podcast that he possesses the master tapes for this album and that this reissue was made without him being contacted, so it is most likely mastered off a CD.
posted a review of Where Fear And Weapons Meet - The Weapon. about 1 year ago
If you like hardcore in the vein of Gorilla Biscuits, you must buy this record.
posted a comment on Jawbreaker - Chesterfield King. about 1 year ago
Are they all marbled grey vinyl?
posted a comment on The Fall - Dragnet. about 1 year ago
Just got a 2015 Sanctuary pressing but it's a non-gatefold and includes an insert
posted a comment on Art Tatum - 1910-1956. about 1 year ago
Wrong Epitaph
posted a comment on MC5 - Kick Out The Jams. about 1 year ago
Censored pressing
posted a comment on Rudimentary Peni - The E.P.'s Of R.P.. over 2 years ago
I picked one up in a shop with the cover art of the first 7" and it's on white vinyl. Does anyone know anything about this?
submitted Candy Hearts - All The Ways You Let Me Down. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Refused - The New Noise Theology E.P.. over 2 years ago
Mine has the front and back pictures switched around
posted a comment on CH3* - CH3. over 3 years ago
Fixed it
posted a comment on Channel 3 (2) - I've Got A Gun. over 3 years ago
No actually
submitted Kepi Ghoulie* - Valentine's Day 2014. over 3 years ago
submitted Groovie Ghoulies - Freaks On Parade. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Th'Inbred - Legacy Of Fertility. over 3 years ago
The LP releases should be merged with the original albums
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submitted The Last - Danger. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Rise Against - RPM10 (Revolutions Per Minute). over 3 years ago
All RPM10's are white
submitted Dan Vapid And The Cheats - "Two". over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Teriyaki Asthma. over 3 years ago
Typical Nirvana premium... All the other records in this series cost about 5 dollars and this one should too.
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posted a comment on Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - White People And The Damage Done. over 4 years ago
Not mine. Unless it's printed, it sounds like you have a signed copy.
posted a comment on Kiss - Dynasty. over 4 years ago
You mean Paul, right? Gene never liked the disco stuff.
posted a comment on The Ergs! / The Measure [sa] - The Ergs! / The Measure [sa]. over 4 years ago
This shouldn't be merged with the other split.
posted a comment on Bad Brains - Attitude • The ROIR Sessions. over 4 years ago
This should be merged with the self-titled album
posted a comment on Tenacious D - Tenacious D. over 4 years ago
What is the bonus track from the download coupon?