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posted a review of Mr Krime* - Krime Story Vol.2. over 2 years ago
Sound and mixing is great on this. It's a pity Mr. Krime does a whole lot of dj-scratches over the otherwise very tastefully chosen tracks. This makes your deep listening experience quite annoying. Less would have been a lot more.
posted a review of Freeez - Southern Freeez. over 2 years ago
🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐ Beware!!! Awful mastering compared to the sound quality Gilles Peterson is offering on his "Masterpiece"-dj-mix. This NEVER is the master tp this rotten thing!
posted a review of Muro - King Of Diggin' "Diggin' Black Jazz". over 2 years ago
This is the most cleverly done mix out of the four diggin' the black jazz catalogue (followed by Theo Parrish's also quite well done one and Gilles Peterson's at position 3. The last one by DJ Mitsu I can't recommend honestly). Here the flow is amazing, ... See full review