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Contact me if you have any questions, comments or information (URLs) on any of the releases/artists I have contributed something to! New releases or website with free music are encourged! Thanks! But please make sure to write a detailed topic than just the release title or else I might think it's someone trying to spam me with a market place email and not read it.

Update 2012 - Not much time for Discogs anymore due to work but I will say this on Japanese releases. When you buy music released in Japan it has an obi. The obi is what the record shop uses to shelve and sell the release by. The buyer sees this obi too when buying it and refers to the info written on it. It covers the front and the side. So whatever is written on the obi is what should be the main title and artist info (if you can read it) for a release on Discogs. If the CD has no obi it is almost worthless trying to sell as used as it is as incomplete to a Japanese used store like Book Off. Just want to keep this point clear in case it ever changes on here someday and I'm not around to give feedback. Have a nice time!

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AFX* - Analord 08
posted a review of AFX* - Analord 08. over 17 years ago
The first track sounds like AFX gone 90's house! Very good disco/house tune but a tad dark with the melody that feels like it expresses lots of emotion but could still work for a DJ set at a club. The live clumpy drum sounds help make the track a nice... See full review
Ides - Sweet & Sour EP
posted a review of Ides - Sweet & Sour EP. over 17 years ago
4 tracks of killer acid techno that are so good I actually tried to eat this record! I still don't know if it's the yellow colored record or the killer 303 production sound that still makes me want to put my teeth into it! Playing the first untitled... See full review
AFX* - Analord 07
posted a review of AFX* - Analord 07. over 17 years ago
I guess you could call this The Lost Windowlicker Breaks EP to sum up how it sounds as all 3 tracks in this installment of Analord 7 are very electro b-boy breaks influenced. The first track Lisbon Acid has a dark moody Aphex analog acid techno/funk... See full review
Tool Box - Doraemonton
posted a review of Tool Box - Doraemonton. over 17 years ago
Doraemonton is just average techno but this release had my hopes up for something different but it was just the same old cooler than cool Kazumi techno sound. I fell into buying this record from seeing the picture of the Doraemon on the sleeve and... See full review
AFX* - Analord 04
posted a review of AFX* - Analord 04. over 18 years ago
I didn't like this release at first. In fact I was kind of disappointed with Analord 1 - 3 and almost didn't feel like waisting my money on getting Analord 4. Then a few weeks later I found myself humming the all tunes on Analord 4! The infectious... See full review
Plaid - Spokes
posted a review of Plaid - Spokes. over 18 years ago
First I would like to quote from Warp's marketing blurb on their website. Warp says..

"Spokes marks a return in mood, if not production, to some of their earlier work in the 90's as The Black Dog, but retains the characteristic harmonic warmth and... See full review
The Black Dog - Spanners
posted a review of The Black Dog - Spanners. over 18 years ago
You can't really call this an IDM record as it was out before people would call music that silly name. It's best ambient/chillout album ever. The mix is so soft and tame while the drums don't over drive the main groove. The sounds alone will take you... See full review