Born 1970 and has been collecting electronic music since the early eighties (From Hot Butter to Einstürzende Neubauten) was happy with this until I started to get interested in acid, techno and rave 89-90 but this interest faded quickly.
The next interesting period were the trip hop and drum and bass (Bristol) scene in 1994 and austrian electronic bossanova 1999.

The last years a lot of new interesting music has started to appear again! So I have to continue to collect electronic records from 1970 onward...

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Depeche Mode - Discotrax
posted a review of Depeche Mode - Discotrax. 6 months ago
One of the better bootleg remixes from the eighties - not overusing the novelty sampler
ClockDVA* - Noesis
posted a review of ClockDVA* - Noesis. about 1 year ago
Bloody Brilliant Album - good that I got both the CD and Vinly versions :)
posted a comment on R-O-F Condens. over 2 years ago
I have a Depeche Mode / Martin Gore Cassette from the same company - really crappy quality by the way - I have no clue when and where I picked it up though
Recoil - 1 + 2
posted a comment on Recoil - 1 + 2. over 2 years ago
Is it just me or does this release sound awful on Spotify - were do they get their audio from anyway?
Propaganda - p: Machinery (p: Plastic)
posted a comment on Propaganda - p: Machinery (p: Plastic). over 3 years ago
Mine are still clear in 2021 - the ZTT guys was slightly crazy!
The Home Current & Peter Wix - Unfortunes
posted a review of The Home Current & Peter Wix - Unfortunes. over 3 years ago
This is one of my favorite albums in 2021 - preview it on a streaming service or just go and buy it!
Meat Beat Manifesto - ...In Dub
posted a review of Meat Beat Manifesto - ...In Dub. over 3 years ago
This is one of my all time favorites of 5.1 mixed albums - give it a try!
Portishead - Numb
posted a comment on Portishead - Numb. over 4 years ago
Yes Monk & Canatella are fantastic - so sad only a few releases are available on streaming services. They deserve better!
Rein (6) - Reincarnated
posted a comment on Rein (6) - Reincarnated. over 4 years ago
The vinyl edition is out on green transparent vinyl - not on Discogs yet though...
Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog)
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog). over 4 years ago
If you have a high end and/or well configured multichannel speaker setup this release will blow your ears off! This is my go-to demo disks and gets quite close to the real deal (i.e. seeing a live concert)
Suzanne Ciani - Live At Festival Antigel
posted a review of Suzanne Ciani - Live At Festival Antigel. over 4 years ago
This is great record from an artist I did not know about only weeks ago!
Various - Sonar 2001
posted a comment on Various - Sonar 2001. over 4 years ago
I have a different release with barcode 718751365025 with no reference to this label only SonarMusic
Solvent - RDJCS5 EP
posted a review of Solvent - RDJCS5 EP. over 4 years ago
I really like solvent and also the concept behind this EP - that fact that the tracks are great is even better!
DDR (6) - Half A Man
posted a review of DDR (6) - Half A Man. over 4 years ago
This was a surprise and its really really good! Side A is a good synth pop song with great production and good pressing and the AA side is a kraftwerk inspired piece with nice French speech samples - highly recommended
Elaine Paige & T. Körberg* - Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy
posted a comment on Elaine Paige & T. Körberg* - Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy. over 5 years ago
R/S Alsdorf ELAINE-A is etched on both sides - was this ever released?
Skoud - Systems And Drafts
posted a review of Skoud - Systems And Drafts. over 5 years ago
515 Jackie Adaptor is a brilliant piece of music - I just managed to get my hands on the CD after finding it on Spotify!
Audio Objekt
posted a comment on Audio Objekt. over 10 years ago
A single with a remix of Artificial Personality was also released digitally for a very short period in time
When Saints Go Machine - Infinity Pool
posted a comment on When Saints Go Machine - Infinity Pool. over 10 years ago
Some of these LP's (including mine) are in blue clear vinyl - don't know how many though...
Magoria - Cosmic Trigger
posted a comment on Magoria - Cosmic Trigger. over 11 years ago
This was also released as a 5 track 12" by the label Solid Productions with cat number #SPR 503-12 and the remixes was made by Phase 5 (I have this release)
Finish Him - Flickan I Mitt Badkar
posted a comment on Finish Him - Flickan I Mitt Badkar. over 11 years ago
I have a demo version of the title song and another tune from Finish Him if anyone's interested...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 11 years ago
CLOCKDVA* - Post-Sign
posted a comment on CLOCKDVA* - Post-Sign. over 11 years ago
This release seems only to be available via this adress for 17€ but they also have completely new materials with Clock DVA and TAGC and more is coming up! Exciting times for an old fan.
Karl Bartos - Off The Record
posted a comment on Karl Bartos - Off The Record. over 11 years ago
+1 And now after 10 careful listening sessions - I really like it - it spins more often than Depeche Modes new Delta Machine!
Karl Bartos - Off The Record
posted a comment on Karl Bartos - Off The Record. over 11 years ago
I think you should read the liner notes to again to better understand the concept behind this album...

or start with reading this great article:

Then listen again ;)
Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way To Fall
posted a review of Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way To Fall. over 11 years ago
Listeining to this release and the remixes of A Long Way To Fall on spotify while waiting for the CD to arrive. This is really good stuff, closer to the early releases but with more basslines and beats. Love It!
Solvent - Loss For Words
posted a review of Solvent - Loss For Words. over 11 years ago
This must be one of the best songs in a decade - it's been spinning more or less constantly for 6 months now.
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Epic
posted a comment on Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Epic. over 12 years ago
Have been searching the net for a long time to be able to BUY this release - not realising i can buy it here at discogs... Now its playing on my squeezebox :)
Various - Sommerlauschen - Electronic Wildstyle
posted a comment on Various - Sommerlauschen - Electronic Wildstyle. over 12 years ago
This was released in 2003
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
posted a review of Kraftwerk - Autobahn. over 16 years ago
This probably very rare item has said to have been remastered to a DTS DVD probably a bootleg called the Quad mix or something like that, it would be very interesting to hear an original surround mix directly from the kling klang studio long before... See full review
Various - 8-Bit Operators  -  The Music Of Kraftwerk
posted a review of Various - 8-Bit Operators - The Music Of Kraftwerk. over 16 years ago
I really enjoy this compilation and rate it higher than most Kraftwerk cover collections and the reason for this is that my understanding of Kraftwerks music is that they intended the music to be naturalistic and perfect and perhaps reflect the... See full review
Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks
posted a review of Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks. over 21 years ago
Trax 1-5 are variations of the new TDF track, and the last track is a re-recording of the old one. But the rest of the tracks are really good classic kraftwerk tunes! For these trax this is a recomended buy!
Tosca - Dehli9
posted a review of Tosca - Dehli9. over 21 years ago
This release should be seen as a single CD with a bonus CD, I thought the price was low intil i realised that CD1 is the normal TOSCA style and VERY GOOD too! The second bonus CD is very different and slow pianobased tracks...also good but not very... See full review
New Order - Retro
posted a review of New Order - Retro. over 21 years ago
This comes from the UK first pressing of the box, the US version which is even more rare has another Catalog#.
New Order - Retro
posted a review of New Order - Retro. over 21 years ago
Excellent "Best Of Compilation" in a very long time, probably because NO let other people judge their work from different points of views. The first UK edition featured a Limited Edition bonus disc, and this have a separate relesenumber: RETRO5.
posted a review of LCD. over 21 years ago
LCD are Conny Rytterlund, synthesizer/vocals
Jonas Malmberg, synthesizers. They started out as Oagadougo in the mid eighties. The first release "Jupiter and Beyond Infinity" from 1994 is a really good hypnotic, ambient record in the style of FSOL,... See full review
Kraftwerk ~ Organisation - Tone Float
posted a review of Kraftwerk ~ Organisation - Tone Float. over 22 years ago
This is pre Kraftwerk and not very easy listening originally released in 1970 (or earlier) --> Krautrock!
posted a review of - . over 22 years ago
I have found at least 5 different releases with the same name and to be a bootleg it's VERY proffesionally made. How many remixers get access to DM mastertapes before MUTE chooses which ones will be released?

Every new single there are officially... See full review
Portishead - Roseland NYC Live
posted a review of Portishead - Roseland NYC Live. over 22 years ago
This was also released as a DVD in 2002! With 5.1 sound and all of Portisheads shortfilms such as Road Trip and To Kill a Dead Man. Highly Recommended!
Red Snapper - Reeled And Skinned
posted a review of Red Snapper - Reeled And Skinned. over 22 years ago
The first track in this record the "snapper theme" was reused as the first track on Making Bones, but with rap on top! Their best song ever in my opinion.