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posted a review of Merzbow. 4 months ago
Best albums: Door Open At 8 AM / Pulse Demon / Tauromachine / Venereology / Artificial Invagination / Great American Nude _ Crash For Hi-Fi / Hole / Noisembryo / A Perfect Pain / Rectal Anarchy / Balance / Electric Salad / Magnesia Nova / Hybrid... See full review
posted a comment on Merzbow. 4 months ago
A musician who can safely be called a genius. Father of industrial noise. The man who first started selling CDs with noise. A person whose creativity is based on ideas, not just natural sounds. A man who was ahead of his time with his talent, starting... See full review
posted a comment on Patrick Cowley. 7 months ago
If I was asked who is the best electronic musician in the world, I would answer that it is Patrick Cowley. A genius who anticipated all electronic music, with all its styles and varieties. I listen to all his albums and get goosebumps from each of... See full review
posted a review of Full Force Recordings. about 1 year ago
This is the best label in the history of neurofunk. All tracks are very high quality and do not get tired of listening for many years. It is a pity that such a beautiful label was closed.
posted a review of Merzbow - Electric Salad. about 1 year ago
This album proves that Merzbow is a genius. Noise-pop in all its glory.

posted a review of Various - Underside 5 LP. over 3 years ago
Rest in peace, TAMRecords. You were one of the best russian labels.
posted a review of Goa Gil - Spiritual Trance Vol. 2. over 9 years ago
If you don`t like Gil`s mixes, you never understand goa and psy trance. Better then the best!
posted a review of Receptor (2) - Summer Ends (Victor Tsoi Tribute) / Human (Receptor Remix). over 9 years ago
Excellent remix of Receptor. The remixed song was published on vinyl "Kino" - Black Album in 1990. It is first song on side A. Best Kino`s remix ever made.
posted a comment on Torsten Kanzler - Relznak Netsrot EP. over 9 years ago
Not a release, only crazy hits of both sides of vinyl
posted a review of X.P.* - Предрассветные Х.Р.оники. over 9 years ago
Some tracks of this mix and you will think that we can fly. As Birds.
posted a review of G--Man* - G--Man II. over 9 years ago
Top level of techno. No more words
posted a review of Various - Midnight's Shared Blossom. over 10 years ago
I`m think - it`s one of the best dark-psy compilation in style`s history. Every track means "quality". Quality bass, quality samples, quality frequencies and melodies. I hear dj-set of Kindzadza at club only once, but it was unforgettable. Osom is... See full review
posted a review of Aavepyörä - Elektro Fluoro Punx. over 10 years ago
One of the best albums in suomi-sound-psy-style. Kuuntele tää - i never heard tracks much funny and optimistic then this. Kapteeni Intia Ja Kenraali Goa Lähtevät Maailmalle - the last 3 minutes of tracks is a real madness. Madness on a dancefloor.... See full review
posted a review of Trancesetters - The Search. over 10 years ago
Excellent house. Armands Pu-Tang Mix contains powerful bass-drum, groovy men`s voice samples and this track will make you dance. This track was popular in the past, plays in present and will be dancefloor killer in future. Brilliant!
posted a review of Crazy Astronaut - Renegade. over 10 years ago
Much better than first and second Furious albums.
Breakdown - funny, laughing high-bpm psy. Result of cross-breeding between dark-psy and morning full-on. F Killer - killer-track on a psy-trance dancefloors. Sate - track that blows your mind, then... See full review
posted a review of Funki Porcini - Lets See What Carmen Can Do. over 10 years ago
In media this ep was called "extreme jazz with psycho samples". I`m think it is the best release of Funki. As everyone know Funki Porcini makes his own musical instruments. His favorite artists - Charlie Mingus and Oliver Nelson. Funki said: Jazz is... See full review
posted a review of JB³ - Close Grind. over 12 years ago
Bright, colourful techno. Ideal music for dancefloors. Joey Beltram (JB3 is his alias) makes commercial techno. It is commercial because this music is good-selling and people can`t sit, when DJ plays tracks from this album. The Beltram`s style of... See full review
posted a review of The Advent - Elements Of Life. over 12 years ago
Hard techno - it is description of this album in the middle of 90s. Best track of this release is Lies and album shows what was the techno thirteen years ago. Also "Elements Of Life" shows techno tracks under which people dance in night clubs in... See full review