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posted a comment on Tomorrow's Edition - A Song For Everyone. 5 days ago
Awesome album
One the very best 1982 release ever
A song for everyone deserved a 12’’ issue
Big fan of Amir Bayyan but the Melvin Odoms tracks are juste perfect.
Highly collectable album
posted a comment on Henderson* & Whitfield* - Dancin' To The Beat. 9 days ago
Ther’s two press. Same record but light different shade of color.
One is pink, the other is red.
posted a comment on Gary Bartz - Bartz. 18 days ago
Serious album for modern soul lovers too
3 nice tracks in

We can easily feel the Mtume Lucas touch
Intro of Need you Love reminds me another prod. : Rena Scott : We can make it better
posted a comment on Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sanctuary. 18 days ago
I have long believed that lead vocal on music is my sanctuary was sung by Sylvia Striplin
Buts it’s Syreeta
Love his performance, so smooth...

Classic Capitol Track every jazz funk collector needs !
posted a comment on Philip Bailey - Continuation. 19 days ago
Great great LP
I know, The god guys, I’m waiting for your love... all are very good tracks

Desire is a pure boogie track produced by Jerry Knight

Buy this one, you’ll won’t be disappointed
posted a comment on Sweet Pea Atkinson - Don't Walk Away. 19 days ago
I agree with rgbbyrch
Nice album with several great tracks
Dance or Die is THE track
But the cover of Don’t walk away is superb
Got a crush for Should I wait that is the best track IMO

Nice Was not Was prod.
He was a member of this group
posted a comment on Anthony And Danette - Turn Your Feelings On. 20 days ago
Cover is clearly not attractive but this one is a nice LP
Recommended for all modern soul lovers
posted a comment on Anthony And The Camp - Suspense. 20 days ago
This is crazy how many talented people this album have reunited !

Marcus Miller, Nick Martinelli, Deodato... JellyBean also was very indemand in this period... and Malloy himself of course !
posted a comment on Carl Anderson - Protocol. 20 days ago
Ordinary LP, not his best.
Contains « somebody up there likes me » that was only issued in this album, no single, so if you like this track... this LP is the only way.
Also a nice Gary Taylor prod. Inside With Let’s talk. Remixed ans issued as a single ... See full review
posted a comment on Gayle Adams - Gayle Adams. 20 days ago
Absolute killer disco soul boogie LP
Every track is a winner, even the ballad on A3.
I especially like the B side
posted a comment on 52nd Street - Children Of The Night. 20 days ago
Really great LP
Many great tracks
Especially « Lets celebrate » not available as a single
posted a comment on Paul Laurence - Strung Out. 27 days ago
And I dream about some lost tapes, demos or so...

They were really creative
posted a review that has since been deleted. 27 days ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Borge And L'Etoile - Wonderful. about 1 month ago
Scandalous release !
Shouldn’t exist
Just a Stevie Wonder track pressed on a “seems to be” obscure record

Don’t spend any money on this & buy the original work from the real artist !

posted a comment on Tomorrow's Edition - In The Grooves. about 1 month ago
One of the very best Bayyan job ever
Instrumental is a monster jam *_*
Better than vocal IMO
posted a comment on Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space. about 1 month ago
Killer Track. Masterpiece by Sojka
Love the intro that sounds like a house track with this speed tempo... and I always take pleasure when the drums begin followed by bass line.
Top UK jazz disco Funk
posted a comment on Big Foot - I Apologize (For Taking You For Granted). about 1 month ago
I’m also asking this question as the intro is very similar to the Joe Freeman’s track « sneakin’«
Which one cames first !??
posted a comment on Anita Baker - No More Tears. about 1 month ago
It’s all about the B side on this one
Very smooth and jazzy slow/mid tempo jam with great bass line
posted a comment on Young & Company - I Like (What You're Doing To Me). 2 months ago
No comment !??

This track is just perfect with a crazy good orchestration and vocals
The kind of jam we could listen to infinity...

5 stars

posted a comment on Aaron Broomfield. 2 months ago
A friend of mine told me he just passed away...
So sad :(
Thanks a ton Aaron for all the good music and positive vibes you bringed to us

He probably been a nice man and respectable person in view his songs : i read an interview a long time ago and he ... See full review
posted a comment on Erick Washington - Breakin' Up / Vain. 2 months ago
Breakin up is a lovely modern soul track
Obscure Record so I advise to grab a copy while it’s cheap !
posted a comment on Twilight 22 - Mysterious (Remix). 2 months ago
A lovely electro modern soul track (different than LP version)
Dub is nice too

Very cool record
posted a comment on Gerry Trew - Heartache. 2 months ago
Highly underrated TC Curtis prod.

2/3 first minutes of Dub are just Marvelous !
posted a comment on Lillo Thomas - Your Love's Got A Hold On Me. 2 months ago
What a great double sider we have here
Both faces are really great but I always had a crush for « trust me »
One of my favourite track ever with a perfect melody and a great vocal performance
posted a comment on Evelyn Thomas - Heartless. 2 months ago
But it for the Dub
Best version by far
8mn18 of pure pleasure with a killer bass line
posted a comment on Theryl - Open Up Your Heart. 2 months ago
Beautiful modern soul track here
Produced by Joe Freeman himself !
posted a comment on Edmund Sylvers - Have You Heard The News / You Can Talk About Leaving. 2 months ago
Its all about the B side for me
Nice disco boogie track
posted a comment on The Strikers - Contagious. 2 months ago
Insane boogie track that did’t have the succes he deserved despite he sounds like a big classic
Too many talented people worked on it : F. Kevorkian, Lotti Golden, Richard C. Scher & Darryl Gibbs... and what a result !!!
Absolute perfect track : 5/5

posted a comment on Nick Straker - Turn Me Down. 2 months ago
What a great double sider
I prefer « we can still be friends » but both are great and out of any LP
posted a comment on Nick Straker - You Know I Like It. 2 months ago
Big fan of this Genius
Track is really great
Instru is awesome !
posted a comment on Stone - Crazy. 2 months ago
It slaps really really hard in this one. Crazy good bass line
posted a comment on Lisa Stevens - Love That Music. 2 months ago
Very nice track for all modern soul / boogie lovers despite the year (1989)
What a vocal performance. Still got the power ;) she had with Pure Energy band
posted a comment on The Steelers (3) - Dancing Girl. 2 months ago
It’s all about the B side on this one
Instru is better by far than vocal version
posted a comment on Stargard - Wear It Out. 2 months ago
Not a big fan of this disco oriented group
But this one...

Crazy good disco boogie track
Especially the instrumental version

Perfect job here
posted a comment on Loretta Sinclair - Everytime We Touch. 2 months ago
Very nice record
Both faces are great but I really enjoy the instru with nice percu, guitar and moog
posted a comment on David Simon - C'est Toujours Facile. 2 months ago
One of the best French mod soul boogie instru IMO
Really great
posted a comment on Ann C. Sheridan - Sing It Low. 2 months ago
Seriously underrated track here
Produced by Laurent Voulzy, very famous singer in France.
Great bass line and instru
posted a comment on Michael Heart - Some Girls. 2 months ago
I also prefer the instru that gives me emotions.
One of the very best Italo/boogie track ever

But vocal is not so bad.
posted a comment on Shalamar - Over And Over (Long Version). 2 months ago
Great UK double sider here with nice picture sleeve
The B side « You’re the one for me » is a totally forgotten monster mid tempo
Highly recommended
posted a comment on Shalamar - Over And Over. 2 months ago
One of my favourite song ever...
Perfect in everyway & best shalamar track in my opinion
posted a comment on The S.O.S. Band - Groovin' (That's What We're Doin'). 2 months ago
Killer double sider

No need to introduce Groovin

But the 12’’ mix of « Your love » (called Mimi suite) is juste incredible
Totally forgotten and forsaken track IMO
posted a comment on Ruggley's* - It's Too Late. 2 months ago
Underrated gem
Nice cover of Carol King’s hit
Hot bass line here
posted a comment on Lee Prentiss - Love This Way. 2 months ago
One of my first records and still here
Love the vocal but Wow... what about the Dub !
Killer version
posted a comment on Teddy Pendergrass - You're My Choice Tonight (Choose Me). 2 months ago
Massive track here !
Beautiful mid tempo produced by Luther Vandross
Music by Marcus Miller for a sensational result

Shy but nice Moog playing
Deserve an instrumental version despite I got a lot of respect for TP

Great great great

posted a comment on Teddy Pendergrass - Life Is A Circle. 2 months ago
One of those rare PERFECT work
This song gives me so much emotions... so beautiful.

In love with absolutely everything, intro, orchestration (Thom Bell), vocals (lead and back)

ultime TP masterpiece and extremely underrated in my opinion

Later (and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Funky Drive Band - French Kiss' Craziness. 2 months ago
Wow !!! That’s kleeer
Well done

Tired to write some other words... :/
posted a comment on Naima (6) - You Never Had A Love Like Mine. 2 months ago
Awesome instru on B side.

Vocal on A side is nice too but really appreciate flip

Produced by Clifford Branch who worked on many other tracks from great modern soul artist like Tom Brown, Curtis Hairston or Claude Jay.

posted a comment on Melba Moore - Mind Up Tonight. 2 months ago
Kashif, Melba Moore, Paul Lawrence... Result :

A perfect Track in every way
posted a comment on Jackie Moore And Wilson Pickett - Seconds. 2 months ago
Instru is very nice when sped up at +4 on my technics