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古物商許可番号 第731269400017号
One of the finest web store smile-lab. We selling collectable records for over 30years. Things that We are contributing to the public. I am a big name record dealer and a member of Japanese group that made this generic name called J-pop. I am involved in many Japanese reissue CDs and The record guide books. I'm writing the liner note for Warner Bros and major companies and reissue labels for their reissue cds.I and my group has issued various types of Japanese record guide books and Music Magazines. I've been a creative work on many of the media related to the used records. We've made a lot of sub-genres that you guys are using such like Soft Rock etc etc. Even We have subdivided Showa Kayou and we supported to Kill Bill movement. We have created the definition of their terminology that widely used all over the world. I'm also a supplier and script writer of Tatsuro Yamashita's radio show which the most famous oldies radio program in Japan called "Sunday Songbook". It is a music education program that the Japanese government has given an award. We also wrote to Wikipedia and provide Wikipedia with the pics of many rarities and post many records daily, and pride ourself on customer service. We dig lots rare records and showed thems on the magazine. After Sundazed and UK Rev-ora follow us. Japanese no.1 collectors group they are under our management. We have activate the Japanese used record market. We dig lots of treasures that introducing to the world using a variety of media. This is our position. So Welcome to the new world. You can try to find these rarities.
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submitted ジョエル・バンド* - 雨の散歩道 = Viens Faire Un Tour Sous La Pluie. 6 days ago
submitted ナッシュビル・トレイン* - 悲しきフェルナンド = Fernando . 6 days ago
submitted フランス・ギャル* / クロード・フランソワ* - 夢みるシャンソン人形 日本語盤 / ドナ・ドナ・ドーナ 日本語盤. 8 days ago
submitted Jeff Jackson & His Explorers, The Hubbubs - Birmingham-Beat / The Yellow Cat. 12 days ago
submitted ザ・シャークス* - スモーキー・ロック = Smokey Rock. 12 days ago
submitted Various - 昭和46年10月新譜 綜合テスト盤 . 22 days ago
submitted ロイ・ブラック* - 恋の心はいつまでも = So Wie Wir Zwei. 22 days ago
submitted Udo Jürgens - Golden Udo Jürgens Best 6. about 1 month ago
submitted ジョニー・ハリディ* - 甘い暴力 = Douce Violence. about 1 month ago
submitted ジョニー・ハリディ* - 甘い暴力 = Douce Violence. about 1 month ago
submitted Col Joye And The Joy Boys - The Best Of Japanese Hits / ヤング・ジャパニーズ・ヒッツ. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - これがブリティッシュ・サウンド ! Go...With.... about 1 month ago
submitted Various - ステレオ:男性専科(第2集)Popular Music Guide For Boys Vol.2. about 1 month ago
submitted Sisa (6) - 恋する10代 = My Teenage Heart. 2 months ago
submitted Various - Let's Go A Gogo. 2 months ago
submitted シーヴ*, ディーン・ロジャース* - ウェディング・ケーキ. 3 months ago
submitted ウド・ユルゲンス* - 二人の夜明け = Morgen Bist Du Nicht Mehr Allein. 3 months ago
submitted ザ・カズンズ* - 失われた恋のギター = I Love You (Dansevise). 3 months ago
submitted フォー・シェイカーズ* - ナターシャ = Natacha. 4 months ago
submitted Udo Jürgens - Live In Japan. 4 months ago
submitted シルヴィ・バルタン* - しあわせの 2'35 = 2'35 De Bonheur. 4 months ago
submitted Various - Polydor Golden Hits. 4 months ago
submitted カーチャ・エプシュタイン* - 素晴しき世界 = River Run, River Flow (Diese Welt). 4 months ago
submitted ザ・ガーデン・クラブ* - 花のうしろで = Little Girl Lost-And-Found . 4 months ago
submitted Various - Let's Bowling. 4 months ago
submitted Sylvie Vartan, レインボー・ポップス - ステレオ 映画音楽ベスト10 第2集. 4 months ago
submitted Johnny Rivers - At The Whisky À Go-Go ミスター・ゴー・ゴー (第1集). 4 months ago
submitted ニュー・サウンズ・ポップス* - 朝日ソノラマ Hit Parade 6 青春カーニバル アイドルを探せ. 4 months ago
submitted 新室内楽協会, 渡辺ルリ子*, 熊木忠とポップ・キッカーズ, ハニー・ナイツ - アイドルを探せ Phono-Graph2. 5 months ago
submitted ヤンとキエル* - セントルイス・ブルース = St. Louis Blues. 5 months ago
submitted コニー・フロベス* - 恋はドン・チュッ・チュッ = Hilly-Billy-Ding-Dong-Choo-Choo. 5 months ago
submitted コニー・フロベス* - 夢のイタリア = Zwei Kleine Italiener. 5 months ago
submitted Vince Taylor And His Playboys - Peppermint Twist. 5 months ago
submitted ダッグ・フォークス楽団*, ボブ・アザム楽団* - Let's Twist Again. 5 months ago
submitted Les Chaussettes Noires - Volage (Runaround Sue). 5 months ago
submitted カール・マン* - 国境の南 = South Of The Border . 6 months ago
submitted Katja Ebstein - カーチャ・エプシュタインの魅力 ! The Best Of Katja Ebstein. 6 months ago
submitted Little Tony - Four An' Twenty Thoudand Kisses. 6 months ago
submitted ザ・ガンツ* - ロード・ランナー = Road Runner . 6 months ago
submitted ザ・リッター* - シリー・ピープル = Silly People. 6 months ago
submitted ザ・フォー・ジェイズ* - ミスター・ブロークンハート = "Here Am I" Broken-Hearted. 6 months ago
submitted ザ・ディキシーベルズ* - パパ ジョーズ = (Down At) Papa Joe's. 6 months ago
submitted パステル・シックス* - シナモン・シンダー = The Cinnamon Cinder . 6 months ago
submitted ザ・ランデルズ* - カム・オン・アンド・ラヴ・ミー・トゥー = Come On And Love Me Too. 6 months ago
submitted Demian (9) - Demian. 6 months ago
submitted The Stereos - ほんとに大好き = I Really Love You. 6 months ago
submitted ハロルド・ドーマン* - 愛の山脈 = Mountain Of Love . 6 months ago
submitted ダビッド・ゲイツ* - ぼくはラッキー・ガイ = The Happiest Man Alive . 6 months ago
submitted ドンとファン* - ホワッツ・ユアー・ネーム = What's Your Name . 6 months ago
submitted Sylvie Vartan - La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser / Si Je Chante. 6 months ago