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posted a comment on Various - Tessera.II. 5 months ago
Actually it was only a Central London store splitting up their remaining boxes. Nothing to do with Sushitech re-releasing the 5 records individually. I apologise for any comments made in haste to anyone who gives a toss.
posted a comment on Various - Tessera.II. 7 months ago
All 5 ep’s now available to buy individually. Very disappointed after forking out the £52 plus postage for this when released with split seams to boot. Would only cost me about £20 now to own the 2 ep’s with the tracks I like. Definitely the last straw ... See full review
posted a comment on Marcos Cabral - 24 Hour Flight E.P.. 11 months ago
I wonder if this has been recently/secretly re-pressed in small numbers. Virtually impossible to buy a copy when I last look at this 6 months or so ago.
posted a comment on g.r.i.t* - Drifting From The Bay. about 1 year ago
Maybe I need new stylus or swap my Sennheiser headphones to appreciate this lp. After nearly paying €70 for the first vinyI was pleased that I changed my mind for the download instead. Thanks.
posted a comment on G.R.I.T.* - Closure E.P.. about 1 year ago
Side A is pure brilliance. in my humbling opinion one of the best Dub/Techno tracks made in the best part of 20 years.
posted a comment on g.r.i.t* - Drifting From The Bay. about 1 year ago
Sound quality disappoints me on the vinyl. Guarantee that the download will sound so much better even at 320mbps. CD press maybe a good idea also.
posted a comment on Tevo Howard - Popular House Music EP. about 1 year ago
Ok Tevo style tracks on Side A. Shame that they are both crammed onto the same side totalling 16 minutes resulting in poor sound quality. If we are lucky maybe He/They will make this available to download so we can pay again to listen to it properly.
posted a comment on LoSoul - Open Door. about 1 year ago
I was curious about the quality of this pressing, so thanks but I reckon I will stick to my WAV files until/if a affordable Playhouse copy becomes available.
posted a comment on Loleatta Holloway - Hit It N Quit It (Cratebug & Jamie 3:26 Edit Remix). about 1 year ago
Aaaaah.....So nice that now any old soul can snap up a cheap copy of this edit. Only right that they have the right to own something currently valuable and sort after, even if it was available for face value years after it was first released.
posted a comment on K15 - Insecurities. about 1 year ago
Side C the only reason to be excited about this over rated unsurprisingly recently re-pressed release.
posted a comment on Spacetravel - Time To Wake Up. about 1 year ago
Far too many re-presses of this particular release have definitely taken the shine off it for me.
posted a comment on Pittsburgh Track Authority - Enter The Machine Age. about 1 year ago
Decent lp due to be repressed in a couple of Weeks. No disrespect intended but I doubt they will sell many, quite a few cut price originals up for sale for some time on Discogs.
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posted a comment on Bob Sinclar - Paradise. over 2 years ago
Honestly i cannot see the point of re-pressing records from the 90's, when the kids can choose from many second hand copies for tuppence and half a penny.
posted a comment on East End Dubs - Social 5. over 2 years ago
Back in stock at Redeye Records. Not sure why they not keep this available to pre-order, after selling out a couple of Weeks ago!
posted a comment on Dwig - Big Tales. over 2 years ago
Good producer and label. But £70-£50 is crazy money for this release. I was happy to get my money back when finally selling my copy about a year ago. Personally would not buy again if repressed.
posted a comment on Alfredo Mazzilli - Nibiru . over 2 years ago
Quality release. All tracks worth a good listening. Heads up to KP at PR on to this like a shot.
posted a comment on Various - Rare Music From The Cometa Library Vaults. over 2 years ago
Another lp i feel lucky and privileged to have procured from the nice people at Drift records. Utterly blown away with the Francesco de Masi tracks among others on this thoroughly wholesome offering. Grab one even at £50 u will be happy.
posted a comment on Tordenskjolds Soldater (2) - Peace. over 2 years ago
Feel lucky and privileged to have forked out for this from Juno when re-released a couple of years ago. Nostalgic Music from a special time of true visionaries.
posted a comment on Spacetravel - Time To Wake Up. over 2 years ago
Magic Track pure Absouleyman! send me climbing the walls. Not quite heard anything like it before. Except to say it possess a mid to late nineties Chicago element to the Robotniks.
posted a comment on Tommy Awards - Sessions EP. over 2 years ago
Nice emotive highlands vibes on this lp. Hope to hear more new music from Tommy Awards soon. Sticking with a similar quite unique sound he/she/they have already produced is fine by me.
posted a comment on Various - W&LL Folk Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Great early summer 2015 lp. Well worth purchasing a copy in my opinion specially for the Tommy Awards and Pistol Pete tracks.
posted a comment on Nuel - Trance Mutation. over 2 years ago
Pure brilliance. Still sounds great after numerous plays. No problem if u not find an affordable copy. I think you can download it legally, maybe for free on certain file sharing sites. So in my opinion no repress is needed. This record was slow to ... See full review
posted a comment on Satori (16) - Into Void. over 2 years ago
Overdue compliments for this underrated lp. I buy this at the same time as Trance Mutation. I loved both instantly, and thought that a few tracks really complimented Nuels sought after classic lp. Which if i remember correctly took a couple of years to ... See full review
posted a comment on Bell Towers* - Büro-Hahn Edits. over 2 years ago
Back in stock at Piccadilly Records. Was informed recently that Love Theme was on a 80's Soundtrack lp about a stalker from France. Awesome track mind.
posted a comment on Fred P* - Sound Destination. over 2 years ago
Playing B1 and B2 back to back is up there with my favourite audio delights at the present time. Also lots more FP quality to check on this LP.
posted a comment on Hotmood - Hotmood Vol 1. over 2 years ago
Wow. Pure drivin me crazy this record.Specifically lovin the quirkinesss of the Sunshine track.
posted a review of Social Service - SS1. over 2 years ago
Special mention for the excellent A side tracks. Bit adventurous to put out nearly 25 minutes though. Anyhow the 3 tracks still sound adequate when turned up a notch or two.
posted a review of Limpid (2) - Shine. over 3 years ago
Or maybe the most solid release. All four tracks worth a good listen.
posted a comment on Dubtil - Oarecum EP. over 3 years ago
Both tracks are really nice on this 12". Great start from this label.
posted a comment on Melodie (4) - Echo Rhythm EP. over 3 years ago
Justa! Justa! Justa! Sold my spare replacement copy on Discogs for £6.50.
posted a comment on Limpid (2) - Shine. over 3 years ago
My favourite release from this label thus far. Suprised to see many copies still up for grabs.
posted a comment on LK (8) - Keion. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Henry Rodrick - Daybreak. over 3 years ago
Disappointed with the Mark Seven mix. No drama! just check the original by HR.
posted a comment on Golden Ivy - To Elvira From Ivy With Love. over 3 years ago
Superb talent.
posted a comment on Quarion - Busted Moniker EP. over 3 years ago
Superb ep. Welcome return to form for this label.
posted a comment on Stratus (2) - Axis EP. over 3 years ago
I like Oxwich and Solstice also.
posted a comment on Various - Vvaa - Uncover 1.0. over 3 years ago
Well worth checking out the last track on this ep. For fans of Evigt M, Grit, Nami, etc etc etc.
posted a comment on Nami (5) / Ikuto - Neo Concepto / [Unit1]. over 3 years ago
Totally agree. Nami shows his undoubted talents in parts on this ep. But Ikuto steals the show with Mew.
posted a review of Brian Harden - Beyond Chicago. over 3 years ago
Astonishing they not sell 300 copies of this yet! Both versions of Feva are stone cold killer tracks.
posted a comment on Balaphonic - Well Cut Records 002. over 4 years ago
Brilliant ep.
posted a comment on Rick Wade - The Fields EP. over 4 years ago
Another ace release on this label for the red hot Rick Wade. Do not miss out folks.
posted a comment on Untitled Gear. over 4 years ago
Bruddy marvellous. Another accomplished ep from the mysterious UG. Big shout also to Udacha for consistently good releases.
posted a review of All Inn Records. over 4 years ago
Top notch mixes by Lenta, Roger G, Peter D, and Sam. More like a label concept lp than a remix package. Maybe the best since the Pluie Noir one a couple of years ago.
posted a review of Hokuto Sato - Walk With Me EP. over 4 years ago
Superb debut. Blissfully addictive. Eagerly looking forward to his next release on this label.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Analogue Solutions. over 8 years ago
Don't know what you are all moaning at. You can't blame the artists/labels for low 1st pressings and charging a bit extra if not downloadable. Although a lot of decent tech/house being constantly released throughout Europe, very little becomes ... See full review