I.T. Solutions Expert and Broadband Specialist in the North East of England
Works both Privately and at Currys PC World as a "KnowHow" Technical Colleague with 10 years experience in I.T.
I like to create tunes in my spare time, have to say Im an Ableton man - it has the best EDM workflow.. for Soundtracks it would be cubase (depending on the type of soundtrack....ie. lots of changes and symphonic)
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posted a review of Bass Generator - House Is Dead / In My Mind Part 3. over 8 years ago
if youve never taken LSD before and decide to then listen to this....one friend DID and said "does it really sound like that?" HEHEHE

cleverly made track...perhaps they were all off-tha-nuts when they made it hehe - i like the way the kick starts to... See full review
posted a comment on Terra Incognita - Violence. over 8 years ago
Violence is an excellent breaky tune with a heavy bassline and lots of beeps....great oldschool
posted a comment on MFG - The Prophecy. over 8 years ago
brilliant album! - where every track is a winner, arriving here from Dragonfly Oder Odonata i found this top of a 'top goa trance albums' by user 'augoust' and thought i would give it a try - have to say by track 4 I was looking to get the album and... See full review
posted a comment on Agent Orange (5) - Sound's A Bit Flakey. over 10 years ago
I actually think the flake tune is a nice touch, it was the Carl-Cox set from last Rezerection @ The Mayfair where I heard it first and loved it, that was best Carl Cox set I heard. its nicely put together with the hoovers and piano riffs.

note about... See full review
posted a comment on Hedgehog Affair - Rush Till Dawn Presents Hedgehog Affair Pt. 3. over 10 years ago
Have you tried contacting staff? - thanks for your work... "Oh Wow What A Rush" used to send me crazy when Wear FM 103.4 used to play it... you know the score!! ;)
posted a comment on The Hypnotist - The House Is Mine / Pioneers Of The Warped Groove. over 12 years ago
This House Is Mine - is simply amazing...
1992 and im 17 and tripping on strawberry acid dips at the beach with my pals with my Hitachi 3D Super-Woofer 80-watts blasting these tunes taped off 103.4 FM (Smokey Joe and B-Jam on Fridays and... See full review