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posted a review of Various - Avantgardism - Drum'N'Base. over 13 years ago
"Happy Little Wilberforce" by Tom Jenkinson (bka, Squarepusher) is, in my opinion, one of the most under rated 'pusher tracks. Noone seems to know about this song, and I stumble across it through random downloading. The edits are absolutely amazing - ... See full review
posted a review of Chris Clark - Empty The Bones Of You. over 14 years ago
Awesome release, been getting into it pretty hard lately. Beautifully haunting melodies pull you in and calm you down. This is something I will eventually purchase on vinyl and cd.

'Ceramics Is the Bomb' is pretty great also. So far I'm really liking ... See full review
posted a review of Mos Def. over 14 years ago
One of the most important figure in hiphop music and culture, the Mighty Mos Def can not be tested. As an accomplished lyricist, Mos Def has worked with just about anyone you can think of in the 'underground' hiphop world ( the Roots, Talib Kwelli, De La ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Q-Bert. over 14 years ago
DJ Q-Bert is one of my favorite dj's, and one of the illest turntablists in the world. He is credited with doing all of the scratching on the cult classic Dr. Octagon album in 1996. He's also responsible for the music video/movie/strangeness "Wave ... See full review
posted a review of Hexstatic - Listen&Learn. over 15 years ago
I love this mix so much. Great, great, great assortment of tracks that span a great deal of time. From the Boards of Canada classic "Aquarius" to Grandmaster Flash's the Message, this is a pretty solid mix. Great stuff, great stuff!
posted a review of Boards Of Canada - Boc Maxima. over 15 years ago
Everytime I hear this album I fall deeper in love with the sounds of Boards of Canada. Whoa that was a long sentence. Anyways, BOC Maxima is a great album, the first that I'd heard from them. It's so damn chill, it almost makes me lethargic, but in the ... See full review
posted a review of Hive - Working With Sound. over 15 years ago
Versatility is a rare trait with some producers, but not in Hives case. Hive hails from California and brings a backpack full of flavor. Besides being a well known and very successful drum'n'bass producer and dj, he has also produced this album. It ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Shadow - The Private Press. over 15 years ago
What? Not a good producer? Have you not listened to this whole album? Have you never heard ANYTHING off of Endtroducing?! EVERY track is bomb on the private press. "6 days" is my particular favorite, with "Mashing On the Motorway" a little bit behind. If ... See full review
posted a review of AK1200 - Shoot To Kill. over 15 years ago
Nothing spectacular, but not too bad. A few of the tracks sound like they would have been by Danny Breaks, and thats cause they were. The 4th track w/Last Emperor is dope, I like the story he tells about getting lost in space and not wanting to come back ... See full review
posted a review of Goldie - INCredible Sound Of Drum'n'Bass Mixed By Goldie. over 15 years ago
If you are to buy only one DNB mix cd in your life, I do believe this would be a good choice, esides the fact that its a 2cd set! Both discs are effin crammed with quality tunage, from start to finish. A very broad spectrum of DNB was mixed on this set, ... See full review
posted a review of Goldie - Timeless. over 15 years ago
This album is fuckng classic. "Jah the 7th Seal" is the tune that got me into DNB. I think the legnth of "Inner City Life" is perfect. The only track I skip over is "State of Mind". It's a little uhm....not what I like. Other than that track, however, ... See full review
posted a review of Cujo - Adventures In Foam. over 15 years ago
Most of my favorite Amon Tobin was made in his Cujo period, which I guess is just this albums worth of work. This album has some interesting jazzzzzzy dnb and downtempo-typa-ish in the unmistakeable Amon Tobin style.

Also check out the Amon Tobin ... See full review
posted a review of Black Star - Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star. over 15 years ago
Black Star, which consists of emcees Mos Def and Talib Kweli, is a very important hip-hop team up that took place in the late 90's. Classics such as "Definition", "Respiration", and "Theives In the Night" still give me chills! This is REAL hip-hop at its ... See full review
posted a review of Aceyalone. over 15 years ago
Aceyalone was (is?) a member of the highly under-rated early 90's hip-hop group called the Freestyle Fellowship, whom are from LA, California. Yes, that was a long sentence. And yes, you should buy anything and everything you can thats got Acey's name on ... See full review
posted a review of Aphrodite - Aftershock. over 15 years ago
This album sucks. I actually paid for this one, and it was terrible. I try so hard to listen to it, but EVERY SONG is the same. He needs a new formula. 5 thumbs down on this garbage.
posted a review of Aphrodite. over 15 years ago
Aphrodites good stuff is as bad as his worse. Some of his tracks are just fuckin awesome, original shit. Most of his newer stuff, however, is very formulamatic (word?) and, to me, just isn't as good as his other stuff! This is due to the fact that he ... See full review
posted a review of At The Drive-In. over 15 years ago
Yay At the Drive-In!
They broke up and formed 3 other great bands:
Sparta (emocore-ish), Mars Volta(psychedelic-emocore), and Defacto(straight-up dub-reggae).
Definetly worth a check out, even though they ain't really electronic.
posted a review of The Roots. over 15 years ago
What! No comments on the Roots? No listing for Organix? Hold up, lemme fix this. The Roots are the BEST live band I've seen in my life. They rock harder than the Stones on crack, and get the crowd movin like it aint noones business. You can pick up ANY ... See full review
posted a review of Squarepusher - Burningn'n Tree. over 15 years ago
This CD is a decent assortment of old/rare Squarepusher tracks. Highly recomended if you dig his Jazzy/DrillnBass styles. I'd say 50-60 tracks on here are pure genius, with the remaining tracks pure madness!
posted a review of Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things. over 15 years ago
"Squarepusher Theme" is one of the best jazzy/dnb tracks ever recorded. "Tundra" is one of the best jungle songs ever, that noone is hearing. Big ups to Squarepusher for producing some of the best music of our time.