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This seems odd. Considering she was a Maverick/Warner Bros recording artist at the time, why would Sony be involved with promoting her work via listening parties, or have access to her pre-mastered tracks? Besides, this album was released the first week ... See full review
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Depeche Mode was on Sire/Warner and Rhino is re-releasing all of their 12" singles as boxed sets, and they sound amazing! I understand they might not be able to reissue Madonna's 12" singles in boxed sets, but there's no reason why they couldn't reissue ... See full review
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I agree, it's a fantastic album. It was my favorite new release of 2017 and I'm still playing it frequently a year later. To me it holds up just as well as her work with Ladytron, which is high praise. While it does explore a more pop-oriented and ... See full review
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Burning Up/Physical Attraction was released only as a 12" in North America, with the exception of the US 7" Promo for Physical Attraction (which is featured on both sides) that was serviced to radio. Strangely, only Physical Attraction and not Burning Up ... See full review
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Sounds like the 7" Dub version by Rusty Egan (uncredited) from the UK 7" single.
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For anyone who has this, I'm just curious to know what are the differences between the two "straight pass" mixes and the released versions of the song? Thanks!
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This album was a digital recording (not analog) but the original vinyl pressing did sound better. They should have boosted the low-end for the's annoying to have to increase the bass on my amp to be able to hear it properly (and then try to ... See full review
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Do you know the track length of the version on the UK 7"? As far as I know the UK 7" features the album version. The remix/edit is 3:45 and sounds like this....
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The labels are incorrect on both sides regarding the songwriting credit; the song was written by Madonna/Patrick Leonard/Bruce Gaitsch.
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While the above statement is correct, it's interesting to note that the flip side, Physical Attraction, was issued as a 7" promo in the U.S. at the same time that the Burning Up 12" came out. Physical Attraction appeared on both sides.
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In Canada, the remix/edit was used on the A-Side of the commercial 7" single, as well as the promotional 7" single. In the U.S. the remix/edit was only available on the promotional 7" single. It is extremely rare in Madonna's catalogue that U.S. and ... See full review