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posted a comment on Merlin - Drop The Weapon / Weekend Girl. 1 day ago
Why the low rating? sure Merlins lyrics aren't the deepest and Weekend Girl isn't really my cup of tea but Drop The Pressure is a fairly solid funky track for the dancefloor. However Bust A Move is a huge raw rattler that sounds like it was recorded at a ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - SplitRmx12. 1 day ago
Tempo wise it kinda works at 45 although the frequency shift up doesn't in my opinion.
posted a comment on Various - MASK 500. 4 days ago
Yep never going to happen unless someone bootlegs it again, I don't think Andy could be bothered to re-release these even if he was given full clearance. But sure give it a go "people power" and all that er stuff.
posted a comment on Various - MASK 200. 4 days ago
People with such passion is a terrible terrible thing eh.
posted a comment on Thomas Schumacher - When I Rock. 5 days ago
From memory the vocal sample was sampled from The Roots and on one of the Roots albums they did their own version of this and put it as a kinda bonus track at the end.
posted a comment on Coldcut & DJ Food - Cold Krush Cuts - Coldcut & DJ Food Fight. 7 days ago
Its strange that the issues that only feature the Coldcut & DJ Food portions of the mix still have DJ Krush on the artwork.
posted a comment on Trigger (7) - Stratosphere. 9 days ago
There was a track around the same time called Milk of Magnesia by Bam Bam Musique which caused many people to order that record when they were actually after this. Great track, Kane vocal sample, bleeps, big stabs, Assembly Line break but I remember it ... See full review
posted a comment on Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers. 9 days ago
At the time to me it sounded a bit like left over Jake Slazenger tracks that either Warp or Clear didn't want and Richard threw in a couple of random rough draft tracks to fill it out. I know there are heaps of people who love it but as an owner of ... See full review
posted a comment on Bomb The Bass. 12 days ago
I am wondering would you be Pascal Gabriel by any chance?
posted a comment on Rae & Christian - All I Ask. 12 days ago
According to Mark Rae the Spinna remix was sampled, produced & mixed in one day on a SP-1200.
posted a comment on Luke Slater's 7th Plain* - My Yellow Wise Rug. 16 days ago
I remember (Mixmaster) Morris saying something along the lines of this album was for people who understand.
posted a comment on Maurizio - Domina. 22 days ago
Is this reissue pressed using the NSC masters or the D&M's? because they sound like a D&M master rather than the NSC's.
posted a comment on Oliver Adams. 24 days ago
Underrated legend of the New Beat and early Antwerp/Belgian scene.
posted a comment on The Horn - Rural Sex Part One: Enlargement Of The Pant. 28 days ago
In my opinion considering the greatness put out by Tom & Mark on Evolution the The Horn 12"s are completely sub par. Just my opinion of course.
posted a comment on Brian Harden - The Nubirth Project Vol 1. about 1 month ago
Great deep house 12" by Brian my only negative is I reckon the mix on The Horn is slightly out I always found the kick is to forward in the mix and all the beautiful work gets lost on big systems. Just my opinion of course.
posted a comment on The Groove Corporation* Meet Original Rockers - Stoned. about 1 month ago
The Manali Cream mix was played to death in the chill out rooms at most of the big UK raves during 93 into 94 and when that electro beat kicked in 1/4 of the way in the zombies would for a brief time rise up and commence swaying to one of the simplest & ... See full review
posted a comment on Glenn Underground Presents The S.J.U. Project* - Medones Thought / Musical High. about 1 month ago
So which pressing plant presses over 100 test pressings....none, seems like a weird marketing ploy to me.
Anyway dope tracks from Glenn.
posted a comment on Julius Papp - Astral Wave EP. about 1 month ago
As far as I know Bob Sinclar re-used his mix of New York City Music from this release on his Paradise album.
posted a comment on Roy Davis Jr. - The Secret Mission. about 1 month ago
Definiate contender for worst cover of 95 going on here.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. about 1 month ago
Well someone paid me $3000 to take their mint copy off them as they were going to throw it out, my version came with a free tank inside as well.
posted a comment on Danny Breaks - The Outer Dimension. about 1 month ago
Cover is a bite from The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman.
posted a comment on Revoke. about 1 month ago
Better 100 pressings than zero I say, why people have little tantrums over how many a label decides/is able to press is beyond me.
posted a comment on Suburban Knight - My Sol Dark Direction. about 1 month ago
Dope Detroit business that unfortunately doesnt get the respect it fully deserves. James turns out a great album that hits the dance floor as well as the home equally. The only track that to me seems slightly out of place in the flow of the album is ... See full review
posted a comment on Deneuve - Premonitions. about 1 month ago
Beautiful rolling techno with a massive nod to Detroit as expected, I just wish the production was a bit cleaner although it could be the pressing. Either way still a great record.
posted a comment on Sharp Scientific - Gridlock / Time Is Now. about 1 month ago
Nice rolling atmospheric D&B, nice mixing & great mastering by Trutone.
posted a comment on Various - The Secret Life Of Trance 4. about 1 month ago
I remember when this came out in 94 and I went to buy it and while waiting in line to hand over my money I saw Baby Doc so I returned it back to the shelf.
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Telephasic Workshop. about 1 month ago
So 200 pressed and I am sure of that 200 maybe 2/3's (at best) of owners would be bothered to be on discogs to note as "have". So roughly more than 100 "haves" on here are false........why do people do this? I could tell everyone on here I am Marcus Eoin ... See full review
posted a comment on Cabaret Voltaire - Groovy, Laidback And Nasty. about 1 month ago
Sooooo you are saying that you listened to cheesy crap then.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Hijack (2) - Gold Standard . about 1 month ago
Straight up embarrassing, they have the skills yet it seems to be about selling merchandise & sticking it to Supreme. Yet another & possibly final blow to the legend of Hijack. Meanwhile Supreme knocks out dope tracks.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Cascade. about 1 month ago
Which main sample? are you sure its Transient Generator I don't hear it. I know the microcosmos sample is in there.

posted a comment on Joe Smooth Inc.* Featuring Anthony Thomas - The Promised Land. about 1 month ago
The track titled Radio mix is from memory the freestyle mix as someone may have already pointed out, which is actually the opposite of your typical radio type mix, its a really nice dub version that gets over looked but holds its own.
posted a comment on Cybotron - The Best Of Cybotron. about 1 month ago
As much as I don't like nor want to support bootleggers this is a pretty well done comp and the sound quality is fairly good.
posted a comment on Illformants / Angel Zero* - Artifact / Satellite's End. 2 months ago
Also the production on this is big, clear & crisp.
posted a comment on Mall Grab - Sun Ra EP. 2 months ago
Hmmmmm deliberate lofi mastering pressed to coloured vinyl, whats next? the pressing plant running sandpaper over the record coupled with a couple of deep scratchers to give it that authentic second hand feel. Seriously what is going on today.
posted a comment on Aim - Cold Water Music. 2 months ago
Nilesh mastered the first version so I don't quite know why a "remaster" would be needed.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP. 2 months ago
Hmmmm shall I buy a copy of this hold onto it for 20 years and maybe make $100 profit, which is less than half a days wage................seriously.
posted a comment on B12 - Electro-Soma. 2 months ago
An "idiot" that loves B12 enough to pay good money for it.
posted a comment on Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland. 2 months ago
Listening back to the original mix now I forgot there is a rolling break in there, which wasn't that common for big trance numbers like this back then.
posted a comment on Xenophobia - Rushing The House / The Wobbler. 2 months ago
Sorry I didn't catch that, so who was the one who did this track, one more time?
posted a comment on Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock 'n' Roll / Holy Calamity. 2 months ago
Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) is for me THE greatest battle track of all-time.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. 2 months ago
Just went to try to re-listen to this 1972 re-issue and after 4 minutes I took it off again and nearly threw it in the bin, that is how bad it sounds. I hate CD's but I am going to get the cd because this pressing is worthless. Don't waste your money, ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. 2 months ago
Well if that is true were did they get the masters from? because to most people me included the 1972 pressing is absolutely worthless because of the terrible sound quality.
posted a comment on Dominic Woosey. 2 months ago
Prolific producer during the late 80ies into the 90ies but unfortunately relatively unknown nor name checked for his work in the ambient/trance scene.
posted a comment on Sasha. 2 months ago
Not many djs can build a room as perfectly, no matter how sideways he might have been he was always flawless. In 93 whilst in Australia (Elevation in Perth I think) a sneaky promoter hooked up not one but two tape decks to record his set the first tape ... See full review
posted a comment on Christian Jay Bolland* - Ravesignal III. 2 months ago
Interesting that Mindwar was the A-side, I am guessing Reneet thought it was the strongest track. I should also mention that the mixing & mastering is excellent.
posted a comment on The Todd Terry Project - To The Batmobile Let's Go. 2 months ago
As Ease said dope jackin' beats from 88, I think the Batman reference put people off a bit as Batman mania was in full effect during this period and was played out. As a B-boy in 88 I loved this album as it was obvious Todd had some roots in the hip hop ... See full review
posted a comment on Mental Cube, Smart Systems, Indo Tribe - Pulse Four. 2 months ago
Its a bit of a pity that Brian & Gary are not seen within the hardcore scene as a big influence, Space Virus along with most of the Smart Systems tracks are killer.
posted a comment on Bomb The Bass - Clear. 2 months ago
This album did nearly as much for Tim's Bomb The Bass name as Into The Dragon. It gained the attention of artists like Depeche Mode and turned Tim into a producer as much as an artist.
posted a comment on 030 Feat. Dr. Motte - Ki. 2 months ago
Its a pity that the vinyl release was cut down to 6 tracks omitting Synapsit, Anabata & Chill Out In Europe. Anyway nice varied collection of trance..ish tracks.