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fun fact i just realised: the label on both versions lists the B side track's length incorrectly; what it actually lists is the time right in the middle of the original B side (~3:33) and the reissue B side (~5:52), the mid point between them being ... See full review
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would give an arm and a leg for downloads of these, they don't sell them online
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think they repressed this, they had copies for sale on their australian tour
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all the vinyl pressings, including the 'audiophile' version, were pressed from CD
over 2 years ago
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the cassette tracks should have been on the vinyl and vice versa, still, great collection of tracks
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wintherr did say he intends for the cassette and vinyl versions to be special collectors' items, the CDs are so everyone can hear the music. it kinda sucks, but it's what the artist wants.
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vinyl pressing where!
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anyone else's spindle hole too small on this?
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My side E is also mispressed but I received the live DVD with mine. Strange. My copy also arrived with tons of scratches and fingerprints...