I am a graphic artist currently working in the fashion(!) industry.

I have background as a cabinetmaker. I have built storage for my 7" and 12" vinyl collections. I need to build more...

I have worked at the Archive of Contemporary Music in New York City. You might see me there at one of our semi-annual sales.
My favorite feature of Discogs might be Lists. Please check mine and send me your additions to them - I like the idea of the "hive mind" at work...

Here are some of my favorite lists:

Tango from Erit_Invictus
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Ezhevika Fields by storozh
Rumpsti Pumsti from perezprado
HARD LISTENING from pablodiscobar
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Great Black Music - 110 essentials from TwinPowerForce
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Releases I have but don't expect to hear from viandy

Black & White Kinetic Artwork from lachansonivre
mid-century graphic designers, illustrators & art directors from jumblebunny
notable uncredited mid-century design from jumblebunny
modernist & brutalist architecture from jumblebunny
maps, charts & globes from jumblebunny
records on records from jumblebunny
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Original Cover - Tribute Cover from ksdfjsldfj
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Creative Barcodes from edovan
Vinyl: Records and Covers by Artists - Monographs from Bili-Rubin
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Hobo on the Cover from Cluff
Wooden Box Sets from tsivihcra
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Unusual Album Covers from yr130962
Weird/Interesting Packaging from Bitter_Dose
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The Contest from Diognes_The_Fox
Alice in Wonderland from MarchHair, of course!

The Donald from Plastic-Man

And this indispensable List Of Lists from ksdfjsldfj
¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø (very nice graphic from rhythmic_disturbance)
︹▁︿⁄╲︿╱﹀╲_/︺▔╲/\⁄﹀\╱\/︺\ (thanks kidmo!)
http://copypastecharacter.com/all-characters (holy cow! thanks dead_parrot)
Ultimate unicode reference

smokerz, TwinPowerForce, bumkuncha, and mossinterest list lots of great reference materials!

Runout etching variants in Forum - v.6

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ă â î ș ț

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posted a review of Carlos Núñez E José Miguel Wisnik Sobre Canções De Martín Codax* - Sem Mim. about 1 month ago
This score written for the Grupo Corpo Dance Company is just simply fantastic. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
It is quite varied in atmosphere, from playful to majestic to minimalistic, and extremely listenable.
In general, Grupo Corpo, which is a ... See full review
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