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posted a comment on Masahiko Sato* - Belladonna. 4 days ago
That is why I do not like their reissues. As per discogs, there is one track missing from original. In other reissues that change the tracks sequence as well. But they call themselves "keepers", so what to expect...
posted a comment on The Essex Green - The Long Goodbye. 28 days ago
Mine was fine (received it in german record store). Warping can be from many sources, if one thinks of the transport to the end consumer. Without strict audiophile judging, i can also add it sounds nice and i am glad to have this album finally on my ... See full review
posted a comment on The Flashbulb - Kirlian Selections. 29 days ago
I agree with the previous reviewers and believe this album deserves a vinyl reissue.
posted a comment on FlexE - Programmable Love Songs Volume One. 29 days ago
Not worth for a reissue on vinyl? Limited edition , i think it would pay back.
posted a comment on Μάνος Χατζιδάκις* - Το Τελευταίο Ψέμμα. about 1 month ago
Wow, such a nice offering from 1990! Music that seems unreleased from 1958 (!), from a prolific composer, in a style not so close to his signature, but up to his quality standards. Jazz soundtracks fans will find in it an obscure gem in gatefold sleeve, ... See full review
posted a comment on Carlo Savina - Nude...Si Muore. about 1 month ago
Awaiting a fancy vinyl reissue. It is now or never..
posted a comment on The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds. 2 months ago
back cover from the version of the link, has different logos. Looking left bottom: Some UM instead of Universal, "Limited Edition" written over barcode. This here must be the US version while the other the UK/Europe one.
posted a comment on Rino De Filippi - Oriente Oggi. 2 months ago
Nice grooves, passages etc, all in all good material for mixologists and samplers, but does not stand out as an album for the listening experience or a trip to Asia ;)
posted a comment on Egisto Macchi - Messico. 2 months ago
Alas, eventually an insert with notes (and photos) inside these expensive reissues. Music is perfect, from an underrated or obscure composer, but pressing does not lack few (even rare) crackles.
submitted Egisto Macchi - Messico. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Ennio Morricone - Teorema (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film). 2 months ago
What about sound quality on this one? The music is good and important, it is not only a cinephile souvenir. Any impressions/reviews?
posted a comment on Various - Still Smiling (A Tribute To The Genius Of Brian Wilson). 2 months ago
That is a very interesting compilation, that would sell as a vinyl reissue. There is money behind this idea, what makes the music bizz go round...
ps: make it color vinyl
posted a comment on Esquivel And His Orchestra - King Of Space-Age Pop. 2 months ago
Hooray for a 20 songs Esquivel compilation in yellow vinyl. As the sticker suggests,, Limited Edition - probably, 180gr- yes, Audiophile- I cannot tell as I am not one myself, but doubt about it. I will let some other expert comment on that. But I ... See full review
submitted Esquivel And His Orchestra - King Of Space-Age Pop. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Cane141* - Moon Pool. 2 months ago
I personally liked the band as well and see they remain unnoticed. Unfortunately they released almost only CDs. They deserve a comeback in the digital age, through a promotion/streaming platform.
posted a comment on Haruomi Hosono - Omni Sight Seeing. 2 months ago
A second reissue on color vinyl would be the revenge on scalpers here.
posted a comment on Mad Sin - ... Sweet & Innocent? ... Loud & Dirty!. 3 months ago
Good point. I have this one and barcode matches. I cannot tell about the other one. They look identical. This should be limited to 666.
posted a comment on Claudio Gizzi - Andy Warhol's Flesh For Frankenstein (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 3 months ago
funny enough i can hear some static noise on a web preaudio of the vinyl! Not surprised. But such kind of music needs indeed quiet pressing :(
submitted Melentini - ZRSHA; Fundus Uterus. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Sportique - Don't Believe A Word I Say. 3 months ago
If they told me, it is a tv personalities tribute or covers, i would believe that, easily. Nice one. And wonderful to find Mrs Fletcher in the lineup.
posted a comment on Stan Getz - Bossa Nova Years. 3 months ago
Gatefold covers, nice pressings on heavy vinyl with solid sound. Excellent introduction for new generation or those who miss these classics.
posted a comment on Stereolab - Instant 0 In The Universe. 3 months ago
I would much like a 12” reissue on this one.
posted a comment on Various - Музыкальное Приношение/Musical Offering. 4 months ago
180 gr with enough crackles to spoil the ambience. It is not that bad, but if they reissue such music, they better do it right. For us consumers, it remains the originals or a cd/digital alternative. Label’s reviews reveal the rest. But the packaging ... See full review
posted a comment on Kuumba-Toudie Heath* - Kawaida. 4 months ago
Looks like a suspicious replica to me. So the question would be, does it sound good enough to worth any money? Is it at least as good as a CD?
posted a comment on Cutting Deep Records. 4 months ago
What about the sound quality of instrumentals compilations? Should we judge by the cover? Because then mp3 quality could be expected
posted a comment on Sparklehorse - It's A Wonderful Life. 4 months ago
Then it needs a wonderful as well repress. Not from Plain again, for god's sake...
added William Bolcom - Heliotrope Bouquet - Piano Rags 1900 - 1970 to their collection. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Esquivel And His Orchestra - Exploring New Sounds In Stereo. 4 months ago
Any comments on the sound quality? Music is superb, but curious about others' reviews. I do not notice anything special or magic as expected from this label and the retail prices. Just happened to listen accidentally afterwards another LP, more quiet ... See full review
posted a comment on Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue. 4 months ago
To make it fancy to sell it? Like the whole series. Back cover is even worse I believe, looking like a cheap CD version.
posted a comment on The Occasional Flickers - My Favourite Home Was My Mother's Womb. 4 months ago
It is actually a mini cdr i remember, a 3" ?I still have it somewhere. Nice one.
posted a comment on Krzysztof Komeda - Knife In The Water / Two Men And A Wardrobe (Music From The Motion Picture). 4 months ago
The cover is very nice. Movie character depicted, as well as on back cover. Sound quality review appreciated. Hate comments on small labels only support major labels that are not doing any exemplary work neither pay duly royalty fees.
posted a comment on Gerhard Heinz - Sex Fever / Die Insel Der Tausend Freuden. 4 months ago
Guess what. 2018 repress. Retail price over 40eur in Germany. That is a rip off for all collectors. Better jerk off to the film than to this "rare" vinyl...
posted a comment on Electrelane - Singles, B-Sides & Live. 4 months ago
This would be a nice vinyl reissue. Ltd edition and such marketing tricks, it would definitely sell 500 copies. In regards with layout design there is of course room for improvement :)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Jane Birkin - Birkin / Gainsbourg: Le Symphonique. 4 months ago
Anything special or deluxe about Sleeves ? Any difference from other versions apart from CD? Could any seller or store advise?
posted a comment on Tim The Mute. 5 months ago
Looks and sounds hipster garbage. Waste of time and vinyl(& paper) in the production
posted a comment on Chris & Cosey - Exotika. 5 months ago
Contains inlay(2sided page) with reviews and interviews around the release time. To read them though is a challenge for the sharpest eyes. Pressing sounds absolutely fine.
posted a comment on Phil Moore III And The Afro Latin Soultet Introducing Leni Groves - Afro Brazil Oba!. 5 months ago
This is most probably another replica, but with decent sound. A5 is a version of
Batucada Surgiu by Marcos Valle, Eumir Deodato and Paulo Sérgio Valle (as per discogs database).
posted a comment on Various - ...A Tutto Beat. 5 months ago
Any chance it is released in vinyl, now with all the vinyl hype? It would be awesome. Even in black vinyl :)
posted a comment on Akufen - Deck The House. 6 months ago
Could be the definition for the term "click house" ? Maybe. If not, because it flirts with broken beat and its samples might be way too many for the house audience. Glitch hop, breakcore fans and other weirdos could appreciate maybe more than househeads.
posted a comment on Main$tream - So Wack It Hertz EP. 6 months ago
So nobody else commented before that this vinyl plays from the “end”? You put the needle at the label and it plays along moving to the edge of the record, where other records begin. It is my first ever record that it is pressed this way. So wack it ... See full review
posted a comment on Knifehandchop. 6 months ago
To the previous reviewers, - I have a sense of humour and I like his stuff. - Fuck any criticism.
It was breakcore, it did not have to be artsy, serious, or be liked by anyone. It was the punk music of an era now lost in DSL fast internet connections. It ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Pocket Symphonies. 6 months ago
Nice pressing on clear vinyl with great music, experimental but pleasant. Serious and playful. Glossy gatefold cover. But the layout design? Why? Omg... How and why? Has also a sole text in german.
posted a comment on The Orient Express - The Orient Express. 6 months ago
However no official reissue through all these years. Maybe also impossible for the future, considering the defunct Mainstream records and fate of tapes.
posted a comment on Various - Tropicália Ou Panis Et Circensis. 6 months ago
Generalisations about labels do not help anyone as they are misleading. Major labels put out lots of crappy pressings. Same goes for these small reissue ones. It looks they are case by case and so must they be reviewed, in my opinion.
posted a comment on Brujeria - Matando Güeros. 6 months ago
Because he is an american obviously. War on drugs is an official policy. Its results however is something we as west world have to hide under the carpet and do not depict in arts. Mexicans can live with this...
posted a comment on Jay Dee - Fuck The Police. 6 months ago
If "the views expressed in this recording are solely of the artist", fuck the label Up Above along with the police :)
posted a comment on Adolescents - Adolescents. 6 months ago
I got one 2018 copy, brand new, without brutus on matrix. Submitter better post a pic of this “blueish”. Else new entry to follow for this 2018 pressing. Very nice copy btw
posted a comment on Charlie Mingus* - Mingus Moods. 6 months ago
All you selling a Mint copy or new, I suppose you sell and suggest you change to release Charlie Mingus* - Mingus Moods !
posted a comment on Charlie Mingus* - Mingus Moods. 6 months ago
is this the replica sold broadly nowadays ? Sound quality? Any review? Trip was a label, so if it is unauthorised or not, is a legal discussion, but as it is defunct for decades, the copies floating around are definitely replicas.