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posted a comment on Kira Kira (2) - Bright Force. 4 months ago
Fantastic release from Fujii and co. Had read that the recording environment wasn't optimal for the release, but the CD sounds fine to me.
posted a comment on Eluvium - False Readings On. about 1 year ago
I normally always buy black vinyl over coloured. But in this case am glad I ordered the marbled light grey edition. Excellent, quiet, flat, and great sounding record on 2 slabs of vinyl.
posted a comment on Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball. over 2 years ago
Ordered the vinyl version too.
This has topped my " damn I wish it was on vinyl" list for years.
posted a review of Calexico - Road Atlas 1998-2011. over 2 years ago
I purchased this vinyl box just after it was released. It is superb, the pressings are quiet, flat ,and clean, the sound is excellent.
The booklet is wonderful too. It remains my favourite vinyl box set, and worth every cent I paid.
posted a comment on Ed Kuepper - Lost Cities. over 2 years ago
I have this one too, signed by Ed and his wife on the inside sleeves.
posted a comment on Bob Dylan - Desire. over 3 years ago
Disagree with the last poster. This is a great 70's Dylan album, would have been perfect if Hurricane wasn't on it.
Even so, great tunes,Dylan is in fine voice, and having Emmylou Harris along for a few of the tracks was a master stroke.
The violin work ... See full review
posted a comment on Johnny Cash - American Recordings. over 4 years ago
Thanks jasonlars. I just checked my version, and it appears I have the bootleg. Funnily enough I am quite happy with the sound of it and will keep. :)
posted a comment on Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat. over 4 years ago
I have the same copy RCA APL1 6012, and it's certainly not a gatefold cover. I think it's an error on Discogs part???