i collect and play mostly jungle, mainly late 93 - 95 but also into drum & bass and back to breakbeat hardcore. i love ragga-jungle though more than anything.

if you have any of my wants, are after any of my tunes and want to trade or just want to check / share info then please contact!

DO NOT MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR EBAY LINKS OR TO YOUR "FOR SALE" LISTINGS ON HERE! I'LL DO MY OWN FOOTWORK, AND IF I SEE IT AND ITS CHEAP ENOUGH IT'LL BE UP TO ME TO GRAB IT. messages are for trades and info only - feel free to ask me to part with stuff in my collection as i may be willing to sell but I DO NOT PAY RIP-OFF PRICES so don't bother asking.
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posted a review of Badman - War 4 94. over 8 years ago
i ended up buying the other copy of this plate and think it's a great remix. a bit more minimal than the regular mix and the breaks are a bit more cut up; sounds like something dj hype would do. also has the sample "bass for your face london" (by the one ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Champion Sound Jungle LP. over 8 years ago
This release is must-have for anyone into ragga jungle. The majority of the tunes would sell as singles and be worth good money, here they are all on one LP. In addition to that most of these tunes are exclusive to this LP, if you have a chance to pick ... See full review
posted a review of Shaggy - Boombastic (Jungle Mixes). over 8 years ago
Both of these jungle mixes were released along with the original dancehall versions on another 5 track vinyl release which seems a bit easier to come by than this 2 track with just the jungle remixes, it also has the dancehall mix of 'Gal Yu A Pepper' ... See full review