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posted a review of The Cinematic Orchestra - Motion. over 12 years ago
A pity this album is labeled "Future Jazz", because it's not about the future at all. And a pity it's released on Ninja Tune, cause people might fend it off as "just another boring trip-hop album".
The Cinematic Orchestra actually didn't get any better ... See full review
posted a review of R.R. Habarc - Organizmusok+Hat Táj. over 12 years ago
Extremely minimalistic dark droning. At times very loud, at times very quiet. A pity these releases were so limited. They are almost impossible to get hold of if you live outside Hungary.
posted a review of Seamonster¹ - A; 04:23 - B; 02:02. over 12 years ago
There's a funny story about this record. According to Joachim Nordwall (the manager of iDEAL Recordings) he one day got a phone call from a strange postrock-band from southern Sweden, claiming they have already pressed 300 copies of a 7" record which ... See full review
posted a review of Seamonster¹ - Eplektriknastr. over 12 years ago
Eplektriknastr was a huge leap forward for the Seamonsters, who used to play slow, dreamy postrock. But still, this is one of the finest records ever released in Sweden, with a weird mix of styles ranging from experimental guitar noise with dubby ... See full review
posted a review of Gravity - A Paroxysm Of Excellence. over 13 years ago
A highly underrated 12" from PMS plan, this rare record was discovered by the world when DJ Krush included "Back To The Essence" in his Code4109 mix CD. There is a rumour that Gravity is a Swedish hiphop producer from Gothenburg otherwise known as DJ ... See full review