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Meng Syndicate - Artificial Fantasy
posted a review of Meng Syndicate - Artificial Fantasy. 12 months ago
All tracks made on a stock Amiga 500. All were supposed to be remade in Peter-Slaghuis studio on Pro equipment but only Artificial Fantasy was finished in time, so they said "fuck it" and just recorded the rest straight from the Amiga!
Jumping Jack Frost -
posted a review of Jumping Jack Frost - "Live" Vol 1. about 1 year ago
Missing track between A8 and A9 is Chaos & Julia Set - Fear the Future:
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Second Phase - Mentasm
posted a comment on Second Phase - Mentasm. over 8 years ago
The sampler in question is the Casio FZ-1. The filter has very audible stepping when modulated. All credit to these guys using it their advantage!
Rotor - Here Comes The Weatherman
posted a comment on Rotor - Here Comes The Weatherman. over 9 years ago
Well apparently it was made in 1990. Found this comment he made on an Amiga music forum:

"Rotor - [various] (Chill Records/Uproar Records)
Including the only commercial release for a track of mine made using Linel's SoundFX in 1990 (but released in... See full review