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posted a review of Jane And Jilly* - Honey. over 4 years ago
A generic housy (à la Macho Gang) cover of Boney M. - Sunny, which in turn was a disco version of Bobby Hebb - Sunny / Bread's A-side. Unlike Boney M.'s Farian the Farina-Crivellente team gave its predecessors no credit whatsoever; just filched the tune, slapped some... See full review
posted a review of Imhan - One Million. over 4 years ago
A solid production somewhat spoiled by the shrill vocals on the chorus. Maybe it's just me but I have low tolerance for singers who push past their ability. Lower the key by two-three tones and it could have been a good middle-of-the-road track.
posted a comment on Psychic Interface - Tribal Stomp (Cherokee Nation) / Dancin' In The Night. over 4 years ago
[quote=mjb] There's also a third melody in there which has to be copied from somewhere. It's short and comes at the end of the Modern Talking melody, about halfway through the song, before the Baltimora melody starts up again. Anyone recognize it?... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Various - The World Of Italo Dance. over 7 years ago
An excellent introduction to the world of Italo-disco, this compilation is superior to most of the later offerings by both ZYX (up to and including the most recent "I Love ZYX" series) and Blanco y Negro (the "I Love Disco Diamonds" series). The... See full review
posted a review of Various - NRJ Hits - Volume 2. over 7 years ago
An exceptionally strong compilation, with not a single filler. It opens with what is probably a-ha's best song, its dark and menacing lyrics hinting at something more than a quarrel between two lovers. The end of the album version (when the bass and... See full review
posted a review of Latin Summer - Waste My Time. over 7 years ago
Latin Summer was a short-lived pop duo, comprised of Anne Sophie Lasko from Sweden and Malou Beauvoir of Haitian background and produced by Malou's brother Pierre, who also did some production for the New York punk band Ramones.
"Waste My Time" was... See full review
submitted Latin Summer - Waste My Time. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Various - Maxi Mega Mix Vol. I. over 7 years ago
This mix has two distinct parts. The first half is the British brand of Hi-NRG commonly known at the time as Eurobeat (not to be confused with the Italian style of the same name which is the direct descendant of Italo-disco and is marketed almost... See full review