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posted a comment on Ruff Sqwad - Unreleased Gems. 9 days ago
4 classic Ruff Sqwad gems from the pirate radio days finally being unleashed in 2020. People have been waiting a good 15 years for these to see light of day. Fan favourite "R U Double F" kicks things off nicely, "Darker" takes a evil turn, "Iron Man" ... See full review
posted a comment on Low Deep - The Take Over EP. 11 days ago
Killer EP. Deeper Flows was always my favourite on this one. Cheeky Violin and So Right Now are bangers as well. Low Deep on top form.
posted a comment on Marley Wills - Swing It Out. 12 days ago
Swinging 2 stepper with ragga-laced vocals from Marley.. heard the Original mix in the video and was hooked.. bought a copy, flipped it for the Loaded mix and the bassline is DUTTY.
posted a comment on Musical Mob - Pulse Y. 17 days ago
Apparently DJ Oddz made Pulse Y. Came from a good source. Dont hold me to it though.
posted a comment on Various - Magical Jukebox. 20 days ago
A1 and B1 are full length. A2 and B2 are blunt radio edits.
submitted Sophia George - Sing A Reggae Song For Christmas. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Loefah - Woman / Midnight. about 1 month ago
Probably why he is sellin em on the cheap. Fuck it.. about as close as I get to owning these.
posted a comment on Loefah - Woman / Midnight. about 1 month ago
Loefah just slapped both of these tracks on his Bandcamp. Paying £2 for WAVs >> Paying £190 for one slab of wax.
posted a comment on Vybz Kartel - Buy Out The War. about 1 month ago
I've got this.. one side is explicit. other side is radio edited. no version.
posted a comment on The Taxi Gang - Mission Impossible. about 1 month ago
Only managed to track this down after listening to a Heartless Crew Sidewinder set. One for the Crisp Biscuit fans. Labels are wrong way round on my version. Anyone else's copy like this?
posted a comment on Livin' Large Feat Colonel Abrams - Feel Free (Love Is What We Need) '97 Mixes. about 1 month ago
Bump and Hustle Mix comes in with some super duper bassline hoover power - personally the Phat Spam Mix is the one.
posted a comment on Sunship - City Life. about 1 month ago
Sunship on glowing form - and this was only 1997! All mixes offer different vibes for everyone - Original for the laydees, Soul Mix for those who like a more smoother groove, Bush Ranger Mix for the bassline posse and rounding off with a stripped back ... See full review
posted a comment on Beth Green Project - Don't Know Why / How We're Living. about 1 month ago
"Dont Know Why" I never knew the name of this one until recently. Remember hearing this on pirate radio as a kid. Gully 2 stepper with a ruff-as-fuck bassline. Snap this one up while it's still as cheap as a 6 wings meal.
posted a comment on Urban Players - You Don't Know. about 1 month ago
Vocals are actually by Brandy taken off her single "U Dont Know Me" > https://www.discogs.com/Brandy-U-Dont-Know-Me-Like-You-Used-To/master/57735
posted a comment on Beth Green & Smokey - Shine Your Light / The Things You Do. about 1 month ago
Hmm.. selling for £100... yet the most it's gone for is £8.
posted a comment on Various - The Sunday Klubb E.P. Vol II. about 1 month ago
Managed to pick this up for £3 while crate digging for some cheap DnB bits about 3 years ago.. probably a good find seeing as it hasn't gone for no cheaper than £20 on here and currently retailing at £50+
posted a comment on Dub Syndicate Productions - A Shock To The System E.P.. 2 months ago
Track B2 'See The Light' samples vocal from Voices 'Can You See The Light' > https://www.discogs.com/Voices-2-Sean-Grant-Can-U-See-The-Light-Thank-You-Father/release/144308
posted a comment on MLE (3) & Robin EE - Fleshy Pleasures E.P.. 2 months ago
Track B2 getting a repress on Dr Banana for anyone looking a copy
posted a comment on E-Merge* - I Need Your Lovin. 2 months ago
Kingsley O's dub always reminds me of the the 1st time I heard it off the Garage Nation mix CD.. then a fellow DJ played the Lab 79 dub and that's a hidden gem for the 4am crew cutting the mature shapes
posted a comment on Kalani Bob And Remegel* - The Cheese & Pickle EP. 2 months ago
Deep Breath and Dreaming Of Brie are the 2 standout tracks for me
posted a comment on Hammer Jaxx - Best Believe. 2 months ago
Got my hands on this recently after seeing 'Steepin' Dub' and 'U Got Me' both get spun on Insta.. had to come here and grab a copy. 'Best Believe' is NOT to be slept on either. Nicely rounded off with a downtempo hip hop vibe on 'Keep Steppin'. Quality ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Spinback* / DJ Gwange - Legendary Volume 2. 2 months ago
Weird how I managed to salvage this from a recycle bin (along with a couple other gems like Antonio's Hyperfunk) as a kid over 20 years ago. Gave it a good clean and put it up in storage. Dug it out a few years ago and the 'In Effect Remix' has grown on ... See full review
posted a comment on MK* Featuring Alana - Always. 2 months ago
Tracks B1 and B2 appear to have been cut in the wrong order to the tracklist. Side B is just a blank white label.
posted a comment on Thelma Houston - All Of That. 2 months ago
i find the same thing with my copy re: Grant Nelson's Nasty Dub - inconsistent tempo - bugger to mix with - a shame as its a naughty dub! probably one you just have to quick mix or drop in / out of.
posted a comment on The East Side Groovers - D-Soul / La La La / Good Grooves. 3 months ago
Good Grooves (the Sweat tune) takes the vocal from this > https://www.discogs.com/Wanda-Dee-To-The-Bone/release/325117

tracklist side only has 1 tune and flipside has 2.. so d-soul and la la la are a1 and a2 if im right
posted a comment on ƆƐI3C* - The Pulse / China Cup. 3 months ago
i like The Pulse. but China Cup does it for me. at 45 or 33.
posted a comment on Juiceman* / Zed Bias - Chemistry. 3 months ago
Track on Side B 'Take you There' samples vocal from this: https://www.discogs.com/Soul-Funky-Lets-Get-Down/release/835703
posted a comment on D. Dastardley & P. Perfect* - Tear It Up E.P.. 3 months ago
Track AA2 "Party Time" does use the acapella of Class Action "Weekend"
posted a comment on Kromestar & N-Type - Nu Era Dub / Mutants. 3 months ago
is this just a white label release or is there actual artwork and cover for this?
submitted Spooky (2) - Gun Piper (Devils Mix) / Super Sunday. 4 months ago
submitted Kromestar - Spirits. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Old Skool Garage Cuts Vol 2. 5 months ago
same release as this: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Untitled/release/1861158 with the letters in the catalog number swapped round
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. 5 months ago
Same release as this with just the 2 letters in the catalog number swapped round: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Old-Skool-Garage-Cuts-Vol-2/release/8539971
posted a comment on Sy.Walker* Featuring The Control Phreak* & Steve Lee (2) - The Mixed Emagination E.P. 6 months ago
AA2 'Heartbrake' samples the vocal from this release here: https://www.discogs.com/Class-Action-Featuring-Chris-Wiltshire-Weekend/release/5015025
submitted Spooky Bizzle* - Haunted Joyride (Version Excursion). 6 months ago
submitted Spooky Bizzle* - Haunted Joyride. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Warren Clarke - Sounds Of The Street. 6 months ago
Ride is the best tune on here.. wonder when this one will start going for silly money being rinsed by some top tier DJ
posted a comment on The Dream Team* - The Dream Team Theme. 6 months ago
was this an official double pack? never saw it sold this way back in the day..
posted a comment on Novelist (2) - Novelist Guy. 8 months ago
1 for sale for £1500.. at least for that price u better be donating all of that money to UNICEF
posted a comment on J Da Flex & El-B - When I Fall In Love. 8 months ago
So im guessing J Da Flex was responsible for the Vocal mix and El-B was responsible for the dub mix. Good thing i got my 2 copies.
posted a comment on Roxy (5) vs. El-B - Gritty. 9 months ago
Ain't that Blair Witch by Blaze? Should be up here somewhere
posted a comment on Dangerous Liaison - The Five Alive E.P.. 9 months ago
Hold It High. Toot Toot. Smoove.

3 reasons alone that you NEED this DANGEROUS E.P.
posted a comment on Various - DRBAGAIN03. 10 months ago
£90 quid.. £100 quid.. seriously? for a 10 inch press. have a word.
posted a comment on D. Dastardley & P. Perfect* - The Beats And Breaks E.P.. 10 months ago
Side B Track 1 ('Keep Trying') samples vocal from Donna Giles 'And Im Telling You (I'm Not Going)' > https://www.discogs.com/Donna-Giles-And-Im-Telling-You-Im-Not-Going/release/74183
posted a comment on G.O.D. - Limited Five. 10 months ago
Side B Track 2 (Black Side) partially samples vocal from Todd Terry Project's "Weekend" > https://www.discogs.com/Todd-Terry-Project-Weekend/release/44631
submitted Spooky (2) - Ghost House Dubz V6. 10 months ago
posted a comment on M&S Feat Jay Ella Ruth* - Keep On (Tuff Jam Remixes). 10 months ago
Currently u can get this with the Steve Gurley mix on the Public Demand double pack for £6... yet the sharks are over here charging minimum £25 for just the Tuff Jam mixes? All because one person splashed £75 quid. Smh.
posted a comment on Spooky (2) - Ghost House Dubz V4. 11 months ago
XE2 VIP has been repressed with the Capo Lee vocal on Ghost House Dubz V6.. up for pre-order now on White Peach, Red Eye, Unearthed and Horizons Music
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago