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posted a comment on Templeton Peck - Sweat. about 2 hours ago
my copy is completely blank with no labels either side. wonder who else has a copy like this. big tune though btw. think Mix 2 ended up being repressed on Plastik People.
posted a comment on Digital Mystikz & Loefah - Dubsession. 6 days ago
So Coki did 'Lost City' and 'Jah Fire'
Loefah did 'Horror Show'
Mala did '10 Dread Commandments'
All except B2 are on Bandcamp now
posted a comment on Nights (3) - Black Market Anthems Vol. 1. 7 days ago
Sick EP. Every tune on here slaps. "4 Minute Warning" and "Shaft" are my percy ingles. But every tune is a banger.
posted a comment on More Fire Crew - More Fire Crew C.V.. 7 days ago
Can someone at least fix the track listing eg Side A, B, C, D etc
posted a comment on Levi - Don't Give Up. 9 days ago
Any difference between the UVM Dub and the Ruff Dub? I've been trying to figure this out for time
posted a comment on Shanks & Bigfoot - Sing-A-Long. 13 days ago
All about the El-B dub on this for me.. deep, dark and moody.. the Wideboys mixes offer nice alternatives too - prefer their vocal offering compared to the original and their dub mix ain't bad either!
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posted a comment on Palm Pizazz - Palm Pizazz!. 19 days ago
Wonder what the audio quality is like considering its 3 tracks per side on a 7" vinyl at 33rpm..
posted a comment on Silkie - Panorama. 23 days ago
Making sure I got this after missing out on 'City Limits 2'. My percy ingles on here: 'Big 45', 'Strong and Stable', 'Pyrrhic Victory' and 'Did You Know'.. heavyweight tunes on heavyweight vinyl with glossy fold-out cover and bad boy artwork.
submitted Mos Camp - U R Nothin (C.O.P.Y.). about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Wiley Kat* - I Will Not Lose (Remix) / Snowkat. about 1 month ago
'I Will Not Lose' RMX was the one for me back then.. dont sleep on 'Snowkat' coz this one was way ahead of its time.
submitted Various - Kings Of The Seas. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Tubby - Tiger Style. about 1 month ago
"Tiger Style" what a sick tune... and the Footsie remix is sick too.. sick all round.
posted a comment on Tubz* & Footz* - It's War / Morbid. about 1 month ago
"Morbid" is nothing special? Its aged better than "Its War" imo
posted a comment on Pico (24) - Bumped In NY. about 1 month ago
Dont know what the A Side samples but the B Side definitely sounds like a re-edit of the New Jazzy Agenda mix of Hidden Agenda 'Story Of My Life'.. it's those organ chords.. could spot em a mile away
posted a comment on Deadly Dubz - Jazz / I Remember / Move On. 2 months ago
Side A for the 2 steppers... Side B for the 4x4 grooves... all about Side A for me.
posted a comment on Sanchez - Wild Sanchez. 2 months ago
How have I just noticed this is on the Mud Up Riddim. Mud. RIDDIM UP!
posted a review of El-B - Brixton 2 Croydon / City Life / Dusk Til Dawn / Streatham Bop. 2 months ago
Every tune on this EP is a banger. At 1st play it was all about Brixton 2 Croydon and Streatham Bop.. then City Life grew on me.. and Dusk Til Dawn channels that Stone Cold vibe.. sick EP. Grab while you can.
posted a comment on Virgo (8) - Monster / Resolution . 3 months ago
'MONSTA' samples Pharoahe Monch 'Simon Says' and 'RESOLUTION' samples Aaliyah 'We Need A Resolution'
posted a comment on Bill Tune - So Right / Playin Games. 4 months ago
2 big 4x4 vocal cuts from the boss man Sticky. There is a 2 step version of 'Playing Games' that was released on his 2007 album 'Sticky Situations' as well.
posted a comment on Fyrus - Jawz. 4 months ago
I remember a session in the early days where I played 'Operatic' and the needle skipped from the drop all the way to the break. That's how ridiculous the bass is.
posted a comment on DYNK - Vol 2. 4 months ago
I always preferred this version to the 187 version. The Booker T remix was nice. But this version is the one.
posted a comment on R.I.P. Productions - Nu Jams Vol 1. 4 months ago
'Deep In You' samples drum loop from Tori Amos 'Professional Widow' (Armand's mix) and vocals from Naked Music NYC 'I'll Take You To Love'
posted a comment on Caspa (3) & Rusko - Bread Get Bun / King George. 4 months ago
Bread Get Bun was the one. King George has aged better though.
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posted a comment on Corporation - Vol 2. 4 months ago
Weird to see this one going up in price. Got this way back in the day for £2 down Wired for Sound. White label both sides. Side B is the one though.
posted a comment on Various - Old Skool Gemz. 4 months ago
Not a bad bootleg. The Anthill Mob mix of Rhythm Alive probably the best one on here. 'Feelin Lonely' and 'Feel Your Soul' aint bad cuts either.
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. 4 months ago
Working Happily 'Better Things' is the best tune on this for me.
posted a comment on Various - Old Skool EP. 4 months ago
One of the better white label bootlegs I have in my collection. The Tori Amos one may need a touch on the volume though.
posted a comment on Various - Classic Garage Volume 2. 4 months ago
These are quite pitched up recordings of these classic garage tracks.. TJ Cases 'Dusk Til Dawn' is almost pushing near to 140bpm at 0 pitch. Anthill Mob 'Burning' is probably the only one that's closest to its normal speed.
posted a comment on Various - Must Haves Vol. 3. 4 months ago
Out of my little collection of these unofficial white label garage bootlegs, this is probably one of the better ones. Steve Gurley mix of 'Things Are Never' is the favourite with Dem 2 mix of Tina Moore a close 2nd.
posted a comment on Various - Back 2 Skool Volume Two. 4 months ago
Dug this one out recently and it's not a great bootleg. All tracks sound like they were recorded underwater off some dusty belt drive with a 2p on an unbrushed needle.
posted a comment on Todd Edwards - The God E.P.. 4 months ago
Beware as 'Tomorrow' cuts off abruptly and '1000 Years' does sound a bit flat, but 'Love Me Tonight' sounds decent and 'The Praise' is a goodie too - shame my copy is cracked but its only a bootleg.
posted a comment on Various - Must Haves Vol. 4. 4 months ago
Not a bad bootleg to have handy. Melody and Who's The Bad Man sound alright.
posted a comment on Various - London's Most Wanted Vol. 2. 4 months ago
Good tunes.. crap pressing. Good thing I got most of these tunes.
posted a comment on Ordinary People Featuring Jude Mansi - I'm Missing. 4 months ago
in a 4x4 mood? spin the 'Vocal Dubz For Clubz' mix.. feeling 2 steppy? flip it for the '2 Stepz To Heaven' mix.. the A Side was the one when i 1st got this but the 2 step mix has really become the favourite for me now.
posted a comment on Ordinary People - Keep Your Love / Milton Blues. 4 months ago
gotta thank Jason Kaye / Social Circles and the Public Demand crew for plucking Steve Gurley out of the jungle scene and into the garage scene.
posted a comment on Mount Rushmore - The Vibe (That's Flowing). 4 months ago
I swear i've heard the vocal being sampled in a jungle tune somewhere...
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posted a comment on Hard House Banton - Siren EP. 5 months ago
Siren was the big one.. then Reign became just as big.. The Music was getting heavy rotation too.. one of the strongest funky releases to come out from that era.
posted a comment on Various - Catch Old Skool E.P.. 5 months ago
my copy has blank white label both sides and no NYC sticker
posted a comment on Ago (9) - Backlash EP. 5 months ago
'Backlash' is the winner on this but dont sleep on 'Opium Riddim'.. a deep lickle rockers.
posted a comment on Versa (2) - Dub Of Existence. 5 months ago
agree with 'htphinney' here.. A side doing more for me on this one but 2 nice dubbers
posted a comment on Versa (2) - Rainfall In Dub. 5 months ago
VersA at his absolute best with these 2 dubby swampers on a sweet little 10"
posted a comment on Andrea Mendez - Bring Me Love. 5 months ago
Got this from HTFR a while ago.. side A plays at 45 and B at 33.. it might just be my copy but the 'Eventual Dub' on this does 'jump' so could be a pressing fault?
posted a comment on Precious (2) - Stand Up. 5 months ago
All about the Can 7 dub mix on this one.
submitted Andrea Mendez - Bring Me Love. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Pipe Smokers Vol 1. 6 months ago
Mix 1 sounds like a vocal mix with Mix 2 (B1) being the dub mix and Mix 3 (B2) almost being the same as Mix 2 but with more horns. Samples the vocal from Beats International "Dub Be Good To Me".
posted a comment on Anthill Mob presents Area 52 - Sex U All / Mad Money / Cocaine. 6 months ago
Currently selling for £100.. damn. Count yourself lucky if you own this one. Great work by Will Dobson with what sounds like a little help engineering-wise from Chris Mack and Anthill Mob. Sex U All.. Mad Money.. Cocaine.. all killer, no filler.... See full review
posted a comment on Fuze - 3 Tracker. 6 months ago
Side A is the real gem here. A proper choppy 2 stepper with more swing than a jazz band. Side B is alright.. DMX vocals get used well in the 1st track then get dropped out for a instrumental version on the 2nd track. Side A is the one though.