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submitted Unknown Gender - Girls Have Rhythm. 20 days ago
posted a comment on Coil - Пособие Для Начинающих: Глас Сéребра . about 1 month ago
When I saw the high price and concise design on the feelee web site, I was a little confused. But as hard fan i purchased both volumes and now, holding the sleeves in my hands and listening the record, I feel that everything is done very ... See full review
submitted Квартет Большого Театра* = Bolshoi String Quartet*, Л.Бетховен* = L.Beethoven*, С.Барбер* = S.Barber*, Д.Шостакович* = D.Shostakovich* - Л.Бетховен, С.Барбер, Д.Шостакович = L.Beethoven, S.Barber, D.Shostakovich. about 1 month ago
submitted Shirley Bassey - Shirley Bassey Belts The Best!. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Acoustic Guitar Orchestra - Odyssee. about 1 month ago
Very good acoustic folk work from one-album project which collaborated of musicians from different eras, countries and musical styles. One of them is Franz De Byl from 1970's german kraut and folk scene.
posted a review of Positive Noise - Heart Of Darkness. about 1 month ago
Amazing! Powerful drums and bass sounds closer to post-punk, but nearly histerical vocals and sax make their sound brighter than Joy Division and other similar bands. Overall the album less darker and more avantgarde than mostly post-punk albums in the ... See full review
submitted Male Choir Of Zion Patriarchal Cathedral , Regent Nodar Kiknadze - A Georgian Congregational Song = Грузинские Церковные Песнопения. 2 months ago
submitted გლახო ზახაროვი* = Глахо Захаров - Грузинские Народные Песни. 2 months ago
submitted Лусинэ Закарян = Lusine Zakaryan* - Armenian Folk Songs = Армянские Народные Песни. 2 months ago
submitted Государственный Ансамбль Гусанской И Народной Песни Армении* - Государственный Ансамбль Гусанской И Народной Песни Армении. 2 months ago
posted a comment on In The Nursery - Counterpoint. 3 months ago
Thank you for your reply. Probably some copies really have pressing defects on A3.
Anyone else?
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon. 3 months ago
Yes, this is black vinyl version. Probably you bought bootleg
submitted Kim Wilde - Love Blonde. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Yate - Beautiful People. 3 months ago
"both sides plays inside out" - what does it mean?
posted a comment on Van Kaye + Ignit* - A Slight Delay. 4 months ago
Sounds like Edward Ka-Spel vocal on A4. But he is not credited anywhere.
Anybody know something more about it?
posted a comment on Metasplice - Vertia / Tiled Eights. 4 months ago
Side A is nicely played at 45 rpm and it sounds similar to Somatic Responses of 90's. Fast hardcore beats with industrial noises lead to insanity.
posted a comment on Morphosis (2) - The TEPCO Report. 4 months ago
Absolutely agree with previous reviewer. Postatomicpoetry is one of the best track ever. Old kraut synths with industrial techno rhytms on ambient ground sounds very trippy, but my words is nothing, you should listen it!

PS who knows about drum sounds ... See full review
posted a comment on Jozef Van Wissem / SQÜRL - Only Lovers Left Alive. 4 months ago
Many thanks jujujuljoebov!
This is great album - i need to say this because discogs want more words in one message)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
submitted Smokie - Ансамбль "Смоуки". 5 months ago
submitted Мэйвуд* - Мир Изменился. 5 months ago
submitted Алан Парсонс Проджект* - The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Click Click - Bent Massive. 5 months ago
Only today I known this group and heard this album for the first time. And for me it was a little surprise, as I assumed it would be some dull attempt in pop EBM style to catch up with the Front 242 and other similar groups. But when i play the record I ... See full review
posted a comment on In The Nursery - Counterpoint. 5 months ago
My copy skip on track A3 but vinyl looks fine in this section, no scratches or other defects. And it sounds more like locked groove, no clicks or pops, just sound repeats smoothly as if it should be so.
What this? Bad pressing?
Anyone have the same ... See full review
submitted Laibach - 3. Oktober - Geburt Einer Nation. 6 months ago
submitted Paulie Shankwank / Zawinul Corpse - Split K7. 6 months ago
submitted Talk Talk - The Party's Over. 6 months ago
submitted Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder. 6 months ago
submitted Тяжелый День - Тяжелый День. 7 months ago
submitted Магнит - День Гнева. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Блюз В России '92. 7 months ago
Anyone knows what the last track means?
"Автомобиль Зим (Завод Им. Молотова) 0.00" it is specified on cover but not specified on labels. No band found with this title. Actually this is USSR car factory but for some reason listed in the tracklist as #20 ... See full review
submitted А. Вивальди*, Феликс Айо*, Роберто Микелуччи*, Камерный Оркестр «I Musici»* - Двенадцать Концертов, Соч. 3 "L'estro Armonico" / Двенадцать Концертов, Соч. 4 "La Stravaganza". 8 months ago
submitted Людвиг Ван Бетховен* - Мировая Классика. 8 months ago
submitted Ludwig van Beethoven - Gewandhausorchester Leipzig , Dirigent: Franz Konwitschny - Ouvertueren. 8 months ago
submitted Johannes Brahms, Oskar Michallik, Streichquartett der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin - Quintett H-moll Für Klarinette, 2 Violinen, Viola Und Violoncello Op. 115. 8 months ago
submitted Various - Али-Баба И Сорок Разбойников. 8 months ago
submitted No Artist - Rostov Chimes = Ростовские Звоны. 8 months ago
submitted А. Платонов* - Чудесный Мальчик. 8 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. 8 months ago
submitted Various - Ленин, Ленинградцы, Ленинград. 8 months ago
submitted Various - О Песня Звонкая / Мир Без Тебя / Отойди, Не Гляди. 8 months ago
submitted С. В. Рахманинов* - Искусство Рахманинова. 9 months ago
submitted Фридерик Шопен*, Михаил Воскресенский* - Ноктюрны. 9 months ago
submitted П. Чайковский* - Лебединое озеро. 9 months ago
submitted The The - Gravitate To Me. 9 months ago
submitted Various - Крылатые Качели (Песни Из Телефильма «Приключения Электроника»). 9 months ago
submitted Ф. Зальтен* - Бемби (Лесная Сказка). 9 months ago
posted a comment on Coil - Astral Disaster Sessions Un/Finished Musics. 9 months ago
My copy is little bit noisy. Not the worst sound quality but and not the best at all.
submitted Александр Кнайфель*, Вадим Левин - Глупая Лошадь. 9 months ago