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posted a comment on Second Nature (2) - Second Nature. 27 days ago
In my opinion this is one of the best ambient album. 15 min and longer tracks are listened so harmoniously that they don't let you bored.
Synthetic Forest - the most memorable track, maybe because it is the first on the album. Maybe because this is ... See full review
posted a comment on Jozef Van Wissem / SQÜRL - Only Lovers Left Alive. about 1 month ago
I saw two copies and both with different pictures on the inner sleeves. Anybody can answer - each copy released with different inner sleeves?
submitted Bobby Hackett With Ted Easton's Jazzband* - Live in New Orleans. about 1 month ago
submitted Джимми Лансфорд И Его Оркестр* - Ритм - Наше Дело. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Various - MODEified II - Music From The Masses. about 1 month ago
Years ago i've downloaded this album from official source, but track 2 is broken. Can somebody help me and share this track: Rafi Kharman - World In My Eyes (8-bit Remix)?
submitted Various - 24 Grands Succès Du Tango Et Du Paso Doble. 2 months ago
submitted Булат Окуджава - Новые Песни. 2 months ago
submitted Little Richard - 16 Original Hits. 2 months ago
submitted Бенни Гудмен* - Что Может Сделать Лунный Свет. 2 months ago
submitted Элла Фитцджеральд* - Танцы В Савойе. 2 months ago
submitted Chuck Berry - St. Louis To Liverpool. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Remixes 81···04. 2 months ago
it seems that there was available Depeche Mode - Remixes 81···04 - Rare Tracks
Discogs want three words more
submitted Машина Времени - Десять Лет Спустя. 2 months ago
submitted Smokie - Bright Lights & Back Alleys. 3 months ago
submitted Space - Magic Fly. 3 months ago
submitted Веселые Ребята* - Дискоклуб (2). 3 months ago
submitted Синяя Птица - Моя Любовь Жива. 3 months ago
submitted Ариэль - Каждый День Твой = Every Day Is Yours. 3 months ago
submitted Сябры - Шумите, Березы. 3 months ago
submitted Группа Стаса Намина - Гимн Солнцу. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Never Say Die!. 4 months ago
Just checked selling history and found note "Original Anniversary issue - this was from a record reviewers collection - it has the original press release literature and glossy prom photo."
It would be nice if someone add the photos.
posted a comment on Genesis - 1969-1977. 4 months ago
If someone interest, i have part 1 on factory pressed CD (not CDr) for trade. PM me...
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Aphex Twin. 4 months ago
If someone interest in this one, i have one for trade. PM me.
posted a comment on Thighpaulsandra - I, Thighpaulsandra. 5 months ago
"In memory of Bertie Lewis and Eric Taylor"
Who knows, who is it?
submitted Amycanbe - Mountain Whales. 5 months ago
submitted Mushroom Music - Feel The Shroom. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr. - Visitors. 7 months ago
The label on the page said the same also
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
submitted Dinosaur Jnr* - No Freak Scene. 7 months ago
submitted С. Михалков* / Л. Лягут* - Три Поросёнка / Музыкальный Магазинчик. 8 months ago
submitted Гертруда Юхина - Песня О Тебе / Над Кронштадтом Туман. 8 months ago
submitted Various - Сигнальная Серия Пластинок 1990 (4). 8 months ago
submitted Оркестр Под Упр. Олега Лундстрема* - Благодарю / Нет, Скажешь Ты. 8 months ago
submitted Инна Кашежева, Владимир Рубашевский - Волшебная Семерка. 8 months ago
submitted Ф. Шапиро* и М. Пляцковский* - Как Попугай Лори Стал Разноцветным. 8 months ago
submitted Г. Андерсен* - Гадкий Утенок. 8 months ago
submitted В. Ливанов*, Ю. Энтин* - Бременские Музыканты. 8 months ago
submitted Ю. Олеша* - Три Толстяка. 8 months ago
submitted The Beatles - A Taste Of Honey. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Front 242 - Principles / Body To Body. 9 months ago
This single was released by Front 242 as duo - Daniel B & Dirk. Other members have joined the band little bit later.
submitted Алексей Любимов* - Английские Вирджиналисты XVI – XVII Веков. 9 months ago
submitted Алла Пугачева И Рецитал - Как Тревожен Этот Путь (1). 10 months ago
submitted Depeche Mode - Mysterious Mixes. 11 months ago
submitted Various - Если Метель.... 11 months ago
submitted Ю. Яковлев* - Лев Ушел Из Дома. 11 months ago
submitted Александр Градский - Ностальгия. 11 months ago
submitted Александр Градский = Alexander Gradsky* - Русские Песни = Russian Songs. 11 months ago
submitted Валерий Леонтьев - Муза. 11 months ago
submitted Kosinus & Slutkey vs Mukhomorov & Hmara - Lollipop 2. 11 months ago
submitted DJ Romeo (4) - Natural Session. 11 months ago