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posted a review of Pavel Dovgal - Cassiopeia. over 7 years ago
Amazing album. Superb upon relisten. "Girango" is so reminiscent of Flylo's work on Los Angeles that it is tempting to just label it as a homage/tribute to him (the last track of the album is even named "LA"!), but it's so inventive and original in... See full review
posted a comment on Janelle Monáe - The Electric Lady. over 7 years ago
so much love. already excited for suites 6 & 7. hopefully an end in sight? can't wait for everything to come together in a beautiful climax.
posted a comment on Jo Def - Steps. over 7 years ago
someone add cassette edition, please. Thank you!
posted a comment on Cupp Cave - NVMB. over 8 years ago
Really great, my only complaint would be it's not long enough! I want to escape into Cupp Cave's world forever. Lifelong dream.
posted a review of Bataille Solaire - Documentaires. over 8 years ago
Amazing ride. This cassette is very much a journey, one of those timeless ones to remember for all the steps along the way rather than the ultimate conclusion. Defies expectations at every turn and really synthesizes something new and genre-full with... See full review
posted a comment on Pascäal - Fragile. over 8 years ago
love this one so much. perfect buy
posted a review of Octo Octa - Between Two Selves. over 8 years ago
Love this record. Definitely my favorite stuff from Octo Octa so far, everything about these tracks is excellent. Rarely in an album do I like every track enough to listen again, but this is one of the those albums! "His Kiss" is my favorite track at... See full review
posted a review of Vatican Shadow - It Stands To Conceal. over 8 years ago
Amazing, amazing release. Vatican Shadow's Fernow brings a whole lot of precision and raw talent to the table with this release. This guy's really prolific -- compilations are the most I can keep up with -- so it's refreshing that this 3xLP is so... See full review
posted a review of Squeaky Lobster - Killing Eleven. over 8 years ago
This is a really amazing listen and I'm kind of bummed, it seems to have been slept on by most of the music websites I think would rave about it. Regardless, this is definitely worth your time and money; it's an absolutely gorgeous collection of super... See full review
posted a review of Dubai / Ensemble Economique - Dubai / Ensemble Economique. over 8 years ago
This is a fabulous split. Both artists really bring it and leave it all on the table. If you're into this kind of music, or even something remotely similar genre-wise, definitely check it out!
posted a review of Davis (26) - Davis. over 8 years ago
I really enjoy this cassette. It's a lot of weird stuff but ultimately really really good. Love the B side too.
posted a review of Clearing - No Titles. over 8 years ago
Love this cassette. Lots of harmonious droning sounds that are always graceful, always rounded, and never harsh. This is a great listen, like a sunrise. Recommended!
submitted Ana & Ina - Analogue. over 8 years ago
submitted The Shade Brigade - Shade Brigade, The. over 8 years ago
submitted MatthewDavid - Culture Mystery. over 8 years ago
submitted The Pop Winds - Earth To Friend. over 8 years ago
submitted Sean Nicholas Savage - Flamingo. over 8 years ago
posted a review of Tonstartssbandht - Sinkhole Storm And Sandwich. over 8 years ago
Great cassette, love both sides individually and as a pair. Especially love the A-side, "Sinkhole Storm And Sandwich". I think there's something like electric mandolin on that one, very interesting listen with lots of twists and turns.
posted a review of Difference Clouds - Difference Clouds. over 8 years ago
One of my favorite cassettes of all time. This is next-level stuff. Every song is inspirationally amazing, I HIGHLY recommend this. This IS my favorite cassette ever.
posted a review of How To Dress Well - Total Loss. over 8 years ago
This album is an entirely different world on vinyl. Highly recommended; if you enjoyed the digital, you must hear the vinyl.
posted a review of 1991 (2) - High-Tech High-Life. over 9 years ago
This is some trippy magic. There's a sense of ethereal wonder encapsulated in every track on this LP, something beyond description but instantly recognizable. For lovers of tape distortion and the warm ferric hiss. To my L.A.-centric mind,... See full review
posted a review of Diamond Version - EP2. over 9 years ago
Lovely release from Diamond Version. 'EP2' is in the same spirit as 'EP1' but it's more aggressive, more wild, and more intense. Definitely one to play loud and proud.
posted a review of Kahn (5) - Dread / Late Night Blues. over 9 years ago
Absolutely INSANE release. Can't even begin to describe how amazing both tracks are. This release shakes things up on a fundamental level; it's taking bass music to unknown, thrilling territory. One of my favorite releases of the year! You must listen... See full review
posted a review of Moon Wiring Club - Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets. over 9 years ago
Lovely new album from MWC. A beautiful release as well, with a full color booklet furthering the mythology of MWC and its time-traveling releases. It's impossible really to pick any standout songs, not for lack of possibilities but because MWC... See full review
posted a review of Holy Other - With U. over 9 years ago
Beyond excellent EP. And Holy Other's first as well. It's simply astonishing the bredth and depth of emotion each track carries. There's ghosts hiding in each track. Altogether, a must-have.
posted a review of Holy Other - Held. over 9 years ago
Beautiful, haunting release. Every single track is worth listening to, which IMO is what makes a truly spectacular album. There's a ton of replay value as well; so many worlds to discover with subsequent listens. My personal favorite has to be... See full review
posted a comment on Holy Other - Held. over 9 years ago
I'm not having any on my version. Sorry!
posted a review of Cédric Stevens - The Syncopated Elevators Legacy. over 9 years ago
Not a fan of each and every track, but damn "Siam Electric Skyline" is amazing. It's everything this tangle of genres does best. Basically all the remixes are fantastic as well (maybe even more so than the source material, in my opinion), but I... See full review
posted a review of Eleh - The Weight Of Accumulation. over 9 years ago
To date of this review, this is my favorite record. Period. I have a bunch of other Eleh as well, along with Oneohtrix Point Never, Suzanne Ciani, Leyland Kirby, Aphex Twin, you name it, I have it! And still this is my favorite record ever. Please... See full review
posted a review of Groundislava - Feel Me. over 9 years ago
This album is such a HUGE step up from the already wonderful debut album, Groundislava. There's hardly one song on this release that I wouldn't listen to multiple times. Everything on this album is worth your time. And the vinyl--holy, the vinyl--take... See full review
posted a review of S-Type - Billboard. over 9 years ago
Really amazing first release. Not perfect by any means, but the level of production as well as the variety and skill across each track promises great things for the future. Vinyl is well worth it!
posted a review of Ingenting Kollektiva - Fragments Of Night. over 9 years ago
It's impossible to find these kind of soundscapes from any other artist. Take it from me, do yourself a favor: buy this release.
posted a review of Oneohtrix Point Never / Rene Hell - Music For Reliquary House / In 1980 I Was A Blue Square. over 9 years ago
This is a challenging release. OPN's side contains awesome sounds, but lacks the spiritual melodic focus that characterizes most of his other releases. At times, it can be downright disturbing, manipulating coquettish vocals and snippets until they... See full review
posted a review of Matt Carlson - All Moments. over 9 years ago
Very excellent release. Basically every track is an excellent use of your time and worth the listen. Just beyond words, listen for yourself and transcend reality.
posted a review of Ssaliva - Sync Thrills. over 9 years ago
Ssaliva is a huge enigma; I'm sure anyone with any of his releases can attest to that. Sync Thrills comes as no surprise, then, in that it offers strange sound-landscapes that seem to have bounced around multiple solar systems before coming back to... See full review
posted a review of Bitchin' Bajas* - Vibraquatic. over 9 years ago
Very awesome sounds. Despite only housing three tracks, there's a distinct journey across the entire LP that really ties everything together. Definitely recommend this one.
posted a review of Lunar Miasma - Managing The Dream. over 9 years ago
Had this cassette for a while but never got around to listening to it until two months later. Man, was I missing out. In just one listen Managing The Dream became one of my favorite cassettes in my entire collection! Every track is perfectly filled... See full review
posted a review of múm - Early Birds: A Compilation Of Early Recordings, Rare Music And Forgotten Songs From 1998 - 2000 Or Thereabouts.. over 9 years ago
Really enjoyable album. I was a little jaded with Mum after Sing Along because it really was unlistenable for me. So, I got this record with some trepidation, but ultimately I'm extremely and totally happy I made the purchase. It's a really great... See full review
posted a review of Various - Duets. over 9 years ago
One of my most prized cassettes. There's not a lot of continuity between the multitude of different artists, but wow are there some spectacular gems on this compilation. Personally I love Century Plants and Blood On Tape's respective contributions but... See full review
posted a review of John Tejada - The Predicting Machine. over 9 years ago
Really amazing record. Stablilizer is a peach, one of those Tejada tracks that leaves you gasping for air until it's finished. Definitely recommend this entire release, it's essential on vinyl!
posted a review of Old Apparatus - Realise. over 9 years ago
Probably my favorite in the series (so far). Starting off with a bang, Old Apparatus takes the listener on an enveloping journey full of textures abrasively melodic and a smattering of cultural influences. Everything feels polished and extremely... See full review
posted a review of N.Racker - Flock Toxicant. over 9 years ago
"Flock Toxicant", the track from which this record takes its name, is about as brilliant as anything ever released by the fabulous Pre-Cert. Do NOT miss this release; though it's by a new name on the label's roster, it's a formidable release that... See full review
posted a review of David Orphan - Songs For Hannah Henley. over 9 years ago
Weird, odd, and genuinely frightening, this is an excellent release. It plays almost like a soundtrack for a decrepit, black-and-white film recovered from the ruins. Countryside witch-philia with new-age sophistication. Big ups.
posted a review of Dead-Cert Home Entertainment. over 9 years ago
Dead-Cert is a fabulously well-crafted label. Expect great things from this label, but have no expectations.
posted a review of Suzanne Ciani - Voices Of Packaged Souls. over 9 years ago
Utterly strange release, but definitely worth your time if you're into this kind of thing. Try playing at 33 1/3 RPM for a different sound, different intoxication.
posted a review of Demdike Stare - Elemental Part Three: Rose. over 9 years ago
So beautiful. Perfect use of locked groove on "Falling Off The Edge". Just blown away by this record. A must for anyone into this kind of music.
posted a review of Blue Daisy X Unknown Shapes - Bedtime Stories E.P.. over 9 years ago
This is a great record. I love the entire B side, and A3, but all tracks are worth your time. Check it!
posted a review of Blue Daisy X Unknown Shapes - Bedtime Stories E.P.. over 9 years ago
This is a great record. I love the entire B side, and A3, but all tracks are worth your time. Check it!
posted a review of John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Our Gigantic Mistake. over 9 years ago
This is a collection of tracks that blows you away from the first few moments it begins to play. I can't even begin to describe the mental euphoria "Our Gigantic Mistake" produces in its delightful synths. This is one that is FOR SURE worth the vinyl... See full review
added Anworth Kirk - Shacklecross‏ to their collection. over 9 years ago