Welcome to Stevie's 45s and More! We're a small record selling operation in Louisville, Kentucky with access to a lot of quality 45s. This is because we are supplied by a decades-long master collector of 7" 45s who knows vinyl backwards, forwards and sideways. The grade you see posted with each record comes from his precise eye and ear.
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ASK ANY QUESTION OR REQUEST ANY PIC — We will happily reply within 24 hours.
(Let's avoid order snafus - please ask questions before ordering)

We humbly request this of all our customers: If for any reason you feel you cannot leave us positive feedback, please contact us — Give us a chance to handle whatever issue you may have and satisfy you!

The bottom line: We want you to be happy with your purchase!

Vinyl Record Grading Notes (Updated September 26, 2014 - Revised point #4)

We grade visually at a minimum (i.e., most grades have play sound taken into account). Our records are reviewed by two sets of eyes, including our master grader's, before they are put up for sale.

While we follow the Goldmine system closely, here are a few caveats buyers should be aware of:
1. To us, the Media Condition setting is mainly about the vinyl's play surface, not the label.* If the label has serious issues, that will be reflected in Media Condition. However, we won't lower a NM/VG+ grade due to a clean inventory sticker or mild label wear, as we think that doesn't make much sense. We describe labels as best we can in the listing comments so that buyers can make the most informed purchase decision.
2. Given #1, we try our best to grade conservatively, especially with regards to "Near Mint", which is only applied to records with an immaculate play surface and great sound quality. Many of our VG+ records for sale may be regarded as Near Mint by many collectors.
3. The vast majority of our G+ listings are more like VG-.
4. If you need to see a pic of any record before you place an order, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

*Discogs provides a separate field for Sleeve Condition, but not one for Label Condition. We agree with Goldmine standards, but Discogs doesn't provide a way for us to separately grade the play surface and the label.

Payments (Updated June 2, 2015 - Copyedits)

For all customers, we accept PayPal. For all U.S. domestic customers, we accept cashier's checks and money orders (read more below).

With PayPal, you can pay directly with PayPal funds, use a credit/debit card, or issue an eCheck. When an eCheck is used, the time of payment re: handling for shipping is considered to be when the eCheck clears.

If you intend to pay by cashier's check or money order, please inform us with a message on the order page. Money orders must be issued by USPS or Western Union only!

Invoices must be paid within 7 days of the order, unless you have contacted us and we agree to a longer period. If no payment is received or no payment arrangements are made within 7 days of the order, the order will be canceled, and any payments made after the cancellation will be refunded.

Ordinarily we will not contact you to remind you to pay for your purchase.

Shipping / Packaging (Updated March 18, 2015 - Minor update)

Shipping price information is shown in each sale listing.

We package and ship our 45s to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition. We maintain a 100% unbroken record (heh) of shipping records without any damage whatsoever. We use the very sturdy standard box record mailers as a rule, and only reuse such mailers (one time only) if they are in great shape (it's how we keep shipping prices down). We also place each record in a plastic sleeve, and add at least two layers of stiffeners and at least one layer of bubble wrap to every package. Last, we affix a sticker to the outside reading "Fragile - Heat Sensitive Contents - Do Not Leave in Direct Sunlight!!".

We take all reasonable precautions to prevent any potential warping or damage from outside elements before entering the postal stream. Vinyl is delicate and we treat it as if we were purchasing it ourselves!

We ship only on weekdays (Monday through Friday, postal holidays excluded), and consider these days as "business days" in terms of handling. Our handling period is two (2) business days, and this period starts at the beginning of the next business day following your payment (not when the item is sold). So, for instance, if you make a payment on Thursday at 11:00 AM (Eastern U.S.), your items may not be shipped until Monday afternoon at the latest. Note: If you pay using PayPal eCheck, we consider the time of payment to be the moment the eCheck clears.

Returns / Refunds (Updated June 2, 2015 - Copyedits)

First of all, we STRIVE to ensure the accuracy and delivery of our shipments, so that any need for a return and/or refund will hopefully never exist. We try hard to get it right the first time!

We sell only used as-is items, but we'll be happy to consider returns/refunds under the following circumstances:
1. Wrong item shipped: Full refund, including shipping. No return is necessary, but we may require a sufficient description of what you received before the refund is issued.
2. Physical damage from shipment: Full refund, including shipping. No return is necessary, but we may require photographic evidence of both the packaging and damaged item(s) sent to us by e-mail before the refund is issued.
3. Item not received*: If a reasonable period of time has passed (one month for international shipments), we will assist the buyer within reason in locating/receiving their item(s). We will provide proof of postage. The buyer will also be expected to assist within reason (e.g., contacting their post office), especially in cases of international shipments. Once all reasonable efforts are exhausted, we will provide a full refund, including shipping.
4. Defect(s) we have failed to disclose: Partial or full refund, depending on circumstances. We may require a return before the refund is issued. Refunds may or may not cover initial shipping costs, but shipping costs for any returns will always be covered.
5. Item doesn't otherwise reasonably fit the description (e.g., grading) in the listing: Same as #4.

*In the case of shipments bounced back to us because the buyer didn't accept delivery, or the buyer didn't pick up their item(s) at their postal facility for any reason (whether appropriately notified or not), or the buyer refuses to pay customs-related charges, AND if the contents arrive back to us unopened and in the same condition in which we shipped them, we will refund only the purchase subtotal (before shipping) for the contents. No exceptions. If in this case the buyer requests a reshipment of the item(s) instead of the refund, they must pay the full shipping price again.

Miscellaneous Notes (Updated December 4, 2013 - Clarifications)

We don't grade plain or company (non-picture) sleeves. We also don't guarantee these kind of sleeves to be like new or immaculate. They sometimes will have some or lots of writing on them, minor tears/fraying or scotch tape applied. But they are always in usable condition otherwise. What you get is a "luck of the draw" determined by how the record was stored in our inventory.

Our records are reasonably clean to begin with, so we do not normally do a thorough cleaning of our records before shipment. Any light dust/dirt/fingerprints you may find on the vinyl's play surface is usually easily removed and does not affect play.
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