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posted a comment on The Beach Drifta - The Beach Drifta. over 2 years ago
Nina Simone deep house bootleg
posted a comment on Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco. over 2 years ago
Based on a Lio "Comix Discomix" sample.
posted a comment on Paul Johnson - She's So Smooth. over 2 years ago
Funny to see that PJ records on Dance Mania worths around $50 and this one, 100% Dance Mania style, can be bought for only 3 bucks!
posted a comment on D.J. Pierre* - Blazing Inferno / Fire Drill. over 2 years ago
I remember people saying that, when this record came out, it was remixes of Robert Armani's tracks.
It's not, but you can unserstand why. It's very close to Ambulance or Fire Alarm, even the production is more chicagoesque than their other productions ... See full review
posted a comment on Erobique - Erobique Invades Space. over 2 years ago
A punkish remix of I.F. classic. Not sure about its dancefloor power, but still a nice record. Both version are classy.
posted a comment on Savas Pascalidis - Space Affair. over 2 years ago
The test release got writen on the label: "be smart and sell in 5 years as the mega suave collector's item" and is numbered Gigolo 27558.
Anyway, "Love Makes You Crazy" is a cover of instrumental version of Mike Butt's.... "Love Makes You Crazy"!
The ... See full review
posted a comment on LTD - Flying. over 2 years ago
Duran Duran "Wild Boys" music with unidentified lyrics. Works pretty well!
posted a comment on The Knowledge - As (Until The Day). over 3 years ago
House version of Stevie Wonder classic.
My preference goes to the dub mix and its tracky-Chicagoesque construction.
posted a comment on Boule Noire - Aimer D'Amour. over 3 years ago
No instumental here, both side are the same.
posted a review of Diskonauts Featuring Tanya Henderson* - Feel The Love (Don't Stop The Music). over 3 years ago
Like most of "gospel" releases on Afterhours, this one is clearly underestimated.
Tanya voice is surprising, rasping and nasal at the same time!
The music (basicly a rip of Thomas bangalter - Club Soda) gives this record its raw and crispy garage touch ... See full review
submitted Costantino "Mixmaster" Padovano - Latin Session Part 2. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Lama - Love On The Rocks (Remix). over 11 years ago
This electro disco classic is actually a english cover of another classic : "Il Veliero" by... Lucio Battisti. The Lama version is actually more electroish and 80's than the original one that was produces in the 70's, and is pretty similar to another ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Whereishere. over 11 years ago
I really love this LP, I think it was innovative & it will remain one of the fresher procuction of the electro 2nd wave. I'm just wondering why Dj Sid, such a respected producer, did this swindle : "My Melody" is an old space disco track by Dee Jackson, ... See full review
posted a review of Sonic - Even When It Rains (Stars Our Destination LP Sampler). over 11 years ago
A_side is based on a sample of Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity. Actually it's quite stange to have a breakbeat version of this well known bassline, but it works, even for 4*4 head like me. Not because production is good (it's not really) but ... See full review
posted a review of 3.2.6. - Just Like Heaven. over 12 years ago
Certainly one of the rare Dance Mania ep that sounds like a Detroit record ! It reminds me of early Transmat / Derrick May works, but with the freaky Chi' touch !
posted a review of Steve Poindexter - EP. over 12 years ago
This ep worths it only for the great pressing of the original version of "Short Circuit". We should all thank ACV for that! The 2 mixes on a-side are not bad, but really not in the spirit of Mr Poindexter tracky acid tunes. The PJ mix of WTMF is very ... See full review
posted a review of Tim Taylor / Andy Slate - Nite Daddy / Jungle People. over 13 years ago
Well, I won't be libelous, but I always find strange that an "official" release, published on well-known label, could be so close to originals tracks (here : Soulful Dynamics - "Jungle People" & Katmandu "Break") without even mentionning it. Mr I.F. is ... See full review
posted a review of Bob Sinclar. over 13 years ago
For me this guy is a crook. Here's the story that has been related in french sprecialized press few years ago : Formally known as Dj Chris the French Kiss, he asked to some other "french touch" guys to make tracks for the concept "Bob Sinclar". After the ... See full review
posted a review of Stathis L* - Spaceman. over 13 years ago
This record is based on "1st Man In Space" by "The All Seeing I". While the Electronica mix is a pure party starter that keeps the 80 electropop feeling of the original sample, the "Lost Children Mix" is a tribal-tech house dubbed track, perfect after 6 ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Sneak - Magnetic Illusions. over 13 years ago
Sneakbotnik is based on a sample from Alexander Robotnik "Problemes D'Amour". The slight use of extra kick and drums done by Mr Sneak could drive the crowd to total madness after 5 am !
posted a review of Various - Sounds Of Chicago. over 13 years ago
This compilation is really representative of the evolution of Chicago house in these year. You still have the classic 909 tracky rhythms - Dance Mania style - but combined with disco samples (Indeep "last night..." for Gant Garrard "Ya Gotta Getta Up", ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Hell* vs. Richard Bartz - Take A Shot / Break The Rulez. over 13 years ago
Classic ! Hell's "Break The Rulez" is a pure dancefloor tool, Bartz's "Take a shot" is an early (and hard hitting) dubby tech-house monster. Now our days you could heard this kind of music averywhere (specially after 5 am...) but back in 1997 it was ... See full review
posted a review of Mr. Lovelace & Mrs. Kalif - Pick-Up Girls. over 13 years ago
"Stop" contains samples from .... "Stop" by BWH. Actually, It's almost a remix/bootleg of this huge electro-disco classic, theu just added a heavyer kick and some filters during the break.
posted a review of Velvet Mafia - Stomp. over 13 years ago
That's strange that this record did not get bigger success : It was playlisted by lots of big buzzin names like Toga & co when it came out.
Even if production is not perfect, you got here 2 nice dj tools : original version is an electro filler, ... See full review
posted a review of F.U.S.E., Further Underground Sound Experiments* - Substance Abuse. over 13 years ago
In my opinion, "Sunstance Abuse" is an answer to Joey Beltram's "Energy Flash". The 2 tracks have very similar basslines, but instead of Ecstasy, the big voice says Overdose in Hawtin track. And after that, you got a kind of acidic requiem with angel ... See full review
posted a review of Michael Forshaw - The Last Starfighter EP. over 13 years ago
The legend says that Michael Forshaw did this one completly drunk. Quite possible when you ear the result !
posted a review of DJ Frenchbloke And Son* - Haggis Trax. over 13 years ago
Lots of very funny mash-uo and electro reworks of mainstream hits. My preferit ones are "Ja Ja, Nein Nein" (a sadomaso version of Britney's "Baby One More time") and "Gabba Surviva" (heavy metal / gabber version of Destiny's Child "Survivor").
posted a review of Rick Garcia / Morpheous - Natural Phreek / Hard Core Mutha Fucka. over 13 years ago
Rick Garcia's tracks sample Machine "There but for the grace of God go I".
posted a review of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message. over 13 years ago
On the back of the sleave you got the lyrics in english and .... in french !!! Very funny !!!
posted a review of Phuture - Acid Tracks. over 13 years ago
This kind of sound were used way before : even in some late 70's Pink Floyd records !!! Let's just say that the powerfull way to use it as the central sound and the denomination "acid" clearly came from this record. Another point is that this record has ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Dexter - Da "Chili Fingers" EP. over 13 years ago
B.T.F.W contains a lot of well known Chi'acid samples, included the Armani's Ambulance bassline, but played backwards !!!!
posted a review of Dance Mania. over 13 years ago
The legend says that all of these guys were just having fun doing low-fi tracks in their basements with 909. Then it became hot in Europe for Armani. Most of the first time producers have been amazed to learn that DM was cult in europe, and pissed of ... See full review
posted a review of Armando Presents Robert Armani - Armani Trax. over 13 years ago
Armani gave a tape with these tracks to Armando, who gave it to Barney. Firstly he thought that it was an Armando's production and decided to sign it. This story explains why you got "Armando presents Robert Armani" on the record, which is stange because ... See full review
posted a review of Paul Johnson - The Music In Me. over 13 years ago
"The Music In Me" is a rework of "Muzik Man" by Robert Armani. Both original and PJ's version are fantastic classic floor burners !!!
posted a review of Kitbuilders - In The Year 2525. over 14 years ago
"In The Year 2525" is a cover of Zager & Evans famous hit from the 60's. This track has been linked to synth-pop for long : a previous cover of this tune was the first record of Visage in the late 70's !
posted a review of Silicone Soul - Right On 4 Tha Darkness EP. over 14 years ago
Uses sample of "Right On for The Darkness" by Curtis Mayfield. The terrific violins are the outro of Mayfield Track. Nice work all the way ! "Right on Right On" is the same track with some bongo on it, and "Right on !" got extra vocals. For me the ... See full review
posted a review of Jammin Gerald - Factory Trax. over 14 years ago
G1 uses the same weird Bassline than "Body Heat" by Steve Poindexter on his Muzique record release "Phase II".
posted a review of Kiko - Monique. over 14 years ago
One of the first "second wave" electroclash french record, by a friend of The Hacker. This one became a hit at the end of 2002, more than one year after its release.
posted a review of Derrick May - Mix-Up Vol. 5. over 14 years ago
When this mix was released years ago, Derrick told in interviews that he was already pissed of because he knew that a lot of people would analyse and criticize this mix. He just underline that this was no demo or lesson but just his way to share his ... See full review
posted a review of D.J. Funk* - Street Traxx III. over 14 years ago
Contains sample from "Chicago - Street Player", the same than used by Kenny Dope/Bucketheads for "the Bomb"
posted a review of Ural 13 Diktators - Total Destruction. over 14 years ago
Name of the game samples "Savage - Only You"
posted a review of Herman Orphey - Falling Down. over 14 years ago
Crappyest drawing ever seen on the flip side !! But have been done by a 3 years old child !!
posted a review of Olav Basoski - Opium Scumbagz EP. over 14 years ago
Trompette sample from "Princesita" by Elvis Crespo
posted a review of Pilly P. & Stacy Kidd - Doin Thangs Vol. 3. over 14 years ago
"is it all" contains samples from the disco classic "Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face". The track is excellent, typical tracky work by PJ, especially if you like his "2 men on wax" productions !
posted a review of Parris Mitchell - Life In The Underground. over 14 years ago
"Follow Me Ghetto" is an acid and ghetto style cover of the big classic "Follow Me" by Aly Us. Quite fun, effect on the crowd guaranteed !
posted a review of K.Kool - Trick Tracks. over 14 years ago
Old school acid ghetto houz' similar to some Armando's releases. Don't forget the crappy tipical Trax sound....
posted a review of Maru & Comix - Popperschwein. over 14 years ago
contains sample from 80's italo-disco band "Gazebo"
posted a review of Beroshima - This Could Be Love. over 14 years ago
When playing this one, you could be sure to be asked "Where did you find this Depeche Mode ? never heard before !".
posted a review of Subculture - My Way. over 14 years ago
the "friendly dub" includes the same gimmick sample than Simply Red "Sunrise" ! (tididudut !)
posted a review of Various - The Chicago Allstar EP. over 14 years ago
Skitzo tracks is a nice and strange bootleg of classic "all over my face", with a big reverse intro ! weird !