A LOT of the used items that I am selling are probably in better condition then how I am rating the items. I err on the side of caution when grading used items and most of the used items that are being sold are not as graded as high as should be. I'd rather you the buyer is happy that you got a deal then argue with buyers about what how good of quality a particular item is. I strive to list ALL significant defects that I notice when listing the item for each item, so if there are NO listed defects and it's labeled Very Good Plus it's could very well be closer to Near Mint in condition. VG media condition for vinyl generally means that each side of the vinyl has more than ten scratch marks with minor pops.

ALL used titles are "Cleaned up" unless otherwise stated. What this means is that dust sleeves / cases are replaced, ALL non sealed items are placed in a plastic sleeve before being shipped to you and an attempt was made to clean the media if the media is dirty.

Concerning used cd's: I think that any cd that plays / rips without skipping is really in VG+/VG/G+ media condition. Cd's with skips are P for media, Cd's withOUT skips are VG+/VG/G+. CD's do NOT have hiss, pops, buzz and other forms of audio distortion (like vinyl, cassettes and other formats) so I think the G/F media ratings for CD's are redundant. However, do keep in mind that cd's that are listed as VG/G+ could very well stutter / pause while playing but you should be able to rip those cd's. I do not normally list cd's with a lot of scratches unless its rare(r), please do keep in mind that a G+ media ranking for a CD in my store means that it has a LOT of scratches.

Concerning download cards with used vinyl titles - if you are hoping that a used vinyl title has the download card please do ask before ordering so that I can check if the download card is present. Unfortunately MOST used vinyl titles usually do NOT have the download card and even if record has the download card, chances are VERY good the code does NOT work anymore since it has already been used.

If you have any questions about whether or not an insert is present; what is the region for the DVD that is for sale; whether or not the cd has the special jewel case - ie specific questions about special features of an item PLEASE do ask in advance for clarification from me about your question for that item.

Please note: USED titles that have a NM listing for Media and / or Sleeve are items that I have on consignment that I am selling for the owner. Also keep in mind that these titles DO have a higher price.

The M/M, M/NM and M/VG+ titles are titles available through Stickfigure Distribution.

In regards to new vinyl releases I don't think it is proper to list a LOT of new vinyl titles as M/M due to the fact that a LOT of vinyl releases are not shrinkwrapped so as a result the cover does suffer some wear from shipping to Stickfigure. If it's stated that it is still sealed then it's probably M/M but even w/ sealed vinyl covers can still have creases, minor scuff marks and damaged corners from shipping to Stickfigure. However, with that being stated MOST of the titles marked M/NM you would probably consider to be M/M.

For CD titles, new items that are marked M/NM, M/VG+ were NOT sent to Stickfigure in shrinkwrap OR those cd titles are digipacks/cardboard sleeves/other packaging. Unfortunately it is difficult to keep CD titles that are NOT packaged in jewel cases in M/M condition when shipping to another location. It is easy for the packaging for CD's titles not packaged in jewel cases to suffer bent corners etc. etc. when shipping to Stickfigure.

I do NOT send photos for low value items. If it is less than $15 please do NOT bother about asking for photos of the item.

I do NOT accept offers for items that you are NOT allowed to place offers for through Discogs. THIS is NON negotiable. Buyers who refuse to ACCEPT this policy will be BLOCKED. And here is some food for thought, if I was willing to accept offers on items I would raise my prices 25-50%. Sellers who accept offers for items are already charging more than they want. You are not "getting ahead" by trying to convince sellers to lower their prices.

Stickfigure does sell other merchandise (T-shirts, patches and more) right here: https://stickfigurerecordings.bandcamp.com/merch

STORES - I DO sell direct wholesale, please do get in touch about wholesale rates for New titles

Located in the Atlanta, Georgia area AND have used music you want to sell to Stickfigure? If so, please contact me through Discogs.

Setting orders to Payment Received is a manual process in that I have to make certain that I received payment through Paypal first before I can set the order to Payment Received. I understand that you want to know if payment was received or not, but unless Paypal tells you I did not receive payment or you sent the payment to the wrong email address I will have received payment via Paypal.

And finally, orders ship on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with the exceptions of days that the US Postal Service is closed for a holiday.
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