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Marcel Fengler - Fokus
submitted Marcel Fengler - Fokus. over 11 years ago
Timewave - War
posted a review of Timewave - War. over 11 years ago
It took me a few listens to get into this album. My first impressions was that it is a little bit generic; all atmospheric reverb and no real substance. In a way, I still think this is partially true, but I've come to recognise that War is as... See full review
Solar Fields - Random Friday
posted a review of Solar Fields - Random Friday. over 12 years ago
Principally, Solar Fields is an ambient producer. His first attempt at beat-based progressive trance was 2007's EarthShine LP; an stunning effort which is classed by many as one of the best '00s trance albums, alongside things like Son Kite's... See full review
Mistique Music
posted a review of Mistique Music. over 13 years ago
Mistique has been a huge relief since it opened in 2009. There are very few other labels (Panda Recordings, Silk Digital) pushing quality progressive trance and house so hard. They've successfully broken names like Timewave, Kay-D and Canadian... See full review
Timewave - Solar System
posted a review of Timewave - Solar System. over 13 years ago
Absolutely sublime album, and no surprise that it was Mistique who delivered it. This release is epic, in the right way. With long track durations and supreme command of harmony, Timewave lays his sprawling, grand ideas on a canvas of deep, driving... See full review
Zen Mechanics - Holy Cities
posted a review of Zen Mechanics - Holy Cities. over 13 years ago
This album is a brilliant example of what the genre of full-on psy-trance should sound like. Like most other releases in the field, it has plenty of fat, pumping basslines. However, it's the other aspects that make it stand out. For example, the... See full review
posted a comment on Anjunabeats. over 14 years ago
All of the reviews posted regarding this label are complete rubbish when read by anyone who's listened to trance for more than a few years. However, this one is the worst, so I'll pick on it.

Firstly, there is nothing "ground-breaking" about... See full review
Various - Welcome To Wonderland
posted a review of Various - Welcome To Wonderland. over 14 years ago
This interesting DVD covers the Australian scene known as 'doofing'. 'Doof' parties are named after the onomatopoeic word for a beat, and are attended by 'doofers'.

The parties are always held outdoors in the bush, sometimes legally, sometimes... See full review
Little Big Bee - Waterman
posted a review of Little Big Bee - Waterman. over 14 years ago
This release can be summed up in one word: sublime. The concept of deep house/techno done with live instruments is pulled off spectacularly. The riffs are catchy, the interplay of elements superb and the vocals always tasteful. Every track on here is... See full review
Amon Tobin - Bricolage
posted a review of Amon Tobin - Bricolage. over 14 years ago
Upon listening to this the first few times, I wasn't impressed. It sounded like a jumble of sounds - a live improvisation session, and not a particularly good one at that.

Around my third listen it began to come alive, and I realised just how wrong... See full review
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - The Presidents Of The United States Of America
posted a review of The Presidents Of The United States Of America - The Presidents Of The United States Of America. over 14 years ago
This album is as good as it is stupid. There is not a single 'serious' track to be found, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Though they never showed much knack for playing their instruments particularly skillfully, The Presidents were good at... See full review
Steve Angello - Acid / Euro
posted a review of Steve Angello - Acid / Euro. over 14 years ago
What a shame that such a stunning A-side is let down by everything else.

While these days Eric Prydz is well-known for his ability to loop small musical sections for a seemingly infinite amount of time backed by very little else, this track was... See full review
Solar Fields - EarthShine
posted a review of Solar Fields - EarthShine. over 14 years ago
There’s an epidemic plaguing the electronic music world – a wave of producers who know how to work computers yet have no musical talent. If you can lay down a kick, clap and hi-hat, you’ve got the basis for a track, then all it takes is a couple of... See full review
Cirez D - Knockout
posted a review of Cirez D - Knockout. over 14 years ago
When this was released it was HUGE. The A side was being hammered everywhere - commercial house nights, progressive gigs and techno events.

'Knockout' is a very unique track consisting of electro-house stutters and starts, plenty of scratching and... See full review
posted a review of Alphazone. over 15 years ago
Alphazone are one of the greatest hard trance acts of all time I think. Perhaps their only weakness was a certain sameness between tracks, but then again, hard trance has never been the most creative or diverse genre. However, to me, the Alphazone... See full review
Fitalic - Shanghai Road
posted a review of Fitalic - Shanghai Road. over 15 years ago
This album was my first experience with Fitalic.

The album is fairly bog-standard big room progressive house, but each track is interesting enough to make this release stand up as a whole. The formula is pretty simple: open with a kick drum, add a... See full review
Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo
posted a review of Bomfunk MC's - In Stereo. over 15 years ago
This release has had surprising longevity for me.

Like everyone else, I bought the album after getting hooked on the catchy tune 'Freestyler', which was all over the radio and television at the time. The rest of the album follows in similar... See full review
LTJ Bukem - FabricLive 46
posted a review of LTJ Bukem - FabricLive 46. over 15 years ago
I've tried quite a few times to get into drum 'n' bass with little success. However, upon listening to this CD I was finally swayed and began to understand what people see in the genre.

Each track on this CD is a layered gem, tying jazzy and dubby... See full review
Suntree - Inside
posted a review of Suntree - Inside. over 15 years ago
I was a little bit disappointed with this one.

Initially, it seemed a worthwhile album, but after a few listens I began to grow tired of it. The melodies are reasonably complex, the percussion nice and the production overall well-polished, but for... See full review
Mirco de Govia - Iconic Path
posted a review of Mirco de Govia - Iconic Path. over 15 years ago
This a beautiful album which shows how good trance can be without resorting to taking influences from other genres. 2007-2009 have seen many producers going elsewhere for inspiration, sick of the old formulaic uplifting sound. De Govia, however, is a... See full review
Bart Van Wissen - A Better Way / One Reason
posted a review of Bart Van Wissen - A Better Way / One Reason. over 15 years ago
What a release!

The A side is very nice in itself; it's a beautiful piece of melodic prog employing a slightly funky bassline and a rather trancey melody.

The B side is the real deal though. Faintly tribal, faintly trancey, very deep. It's... See full review
Filo And Peri* Feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem
posted a review of Filo And Peri* Feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem. over 15 years ago
Horrible, just horrible.

This song is the culmination of a decade's worth of development in the world of trance. It represents everything awful that the genre has ever produced.

Hands-in-the-air breakdown...Check.
Heart-tugging, poorly sung... See full review
Tomic (2) - My Number One
posted a review of Tomic (2) - My Number One. over 15 years ago
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Though this is Wagner's debut album, his experience is extremely apparent. Each track is highly polished with a clear train of thought that belies the intelligent production behind it. Repetition is used to... See full review
Sucker DJ's - Lotta Lovin'
posted a review of Sucker DJ's - Lotta Lovin'. over 15 years ago
The A Side of this record is bland and uninteresting, but the B Side is a euphoric, instantly recognisable smash-hit with a killer bassline and beautiful build-up.

Like most Paradise Soul productions, it ties reedy strings with clean, raspy... See full review
posted a review of Paradise Soul. over 15 years ago
A true partnership is worth more than the sum of its parts, and for me, this has never been more evident than with Paradise Soul.

While both Mike and Stretch were decent but uninspiring producers in their own right, their combined talents were... See full review
HOM-Mega Productions
posted a review of HOM-Mega Productions. over 15 years ago
HOM-Mega is very hit and miss. Out of Israel, they tend to focus on the newer "full-on" sound despised by many psy aficionados who prefer the older "Goa" sound.

While full-on psy-trance is brilliant if done properly, HOM-Mega misses the mark far,... See full review
Nano Records
posted a review of Nano Records. over 15 years ago
Quite simply put: this is one of the best psy-trance labels going around.

Run by brothers Gareth and Regan Tacon with friend Anselm Guise since 2003, the label has focussed on quality rather than quantity, hosting some of the most influential and... See full review
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Skydive From Venus
posted a review of Detroit Grand Pubahs - Skydive From Venus. over 15 years ago
Tthe A side is a strange blend of styles, fusing ethereal, almost Kraftwerk like strings, with echoing drum hits at long intervals, and slow piano chords reminiscent of Vangelis. Overall the track would have an extremely vintage feel if it weren't for... See full review
Sébastien Léger - Pluton / Saturn
posted a review of Sébastien Léger - Pluton / Saturn. over 15 years ago
Like all artists eventually seem to do these days, Sebastien Leger has started his own label, aptly named "Mistakes Music". Perhaps the proliferation of small, personalised labels is what has seen the market flooded with crap in the past few years.... See full review
Silicone Soul - Bad Machines
posted a review of Silicone Soul - Bad Machines. over 15 years ago
The A side, "Bad Machines" opens with a British fellow talking about a factory that occasionally produces "Bad Machines" before an uncharacteristically hard bass line takes over. At first I thought Silicone Soul had at last given in to the cheap... See full review
Oliver Moldan - Black Souls
posted a review of Oliver Moldan - Black Souls. over 15 years ago
"Black Souls" is a wonderfully dark, yet distinctly euphoric piece of progressive house. The whole piece is underscored by a heavy, late 90's style primitive kick drum, which gives it beautiful charm.

Upon first listen, I originally thought I was... See full review
Dave DK - Lights And Colours
posted a review of Dave DK - Lights And Colours. over 15 years ago
I was impressed with a few releases from this producer a couple of years back in "Spin That Wheel" and "Rave Your Mind", which produced the excellent tune "Crush The Bits". Thus the mention of this new album pricked up my ears.

Though unmixed, this... See full review
Booka Shade - Planetary / City Tales
posted a review of Booka Shade - Planetary / City Tales. over 15 years ago
Opening with some very von Stroke-ish whistling, Booka's strong sense of rhythm is immediately apparent in the A Side, with a lighter tech-house kick being followed by some vaguely African sounding blippy noises not unlike those in Eric Prydz'... See full review
Gel Abril - Your Face Is A Mess Remixes
posted a review of Gel Abril - Your Face Is A Mess Remixes. over 15 years ago
First up is swiss maestro Deetron, with an epic ten minute take that blends his trademark strong percussion with smooth pads and subtle builds. Backed by a punchy mid-range kicker with vague hints of female harmonising, strong progression keeps the... See full review
Booka Shade - Charlotte
posted a review of Booka Shade - Charlotte. over 15 years ago
The first track on the release is simply labelled "remix", leading me to believe the new album will contain the original mix. This tune sounds like a leftover from "Movements", an album I have enjoyed many times over. It has the same smooth bass line,... See full review
Digicult - Out Of This World
posted a review of Digicult - Out Of This World. over 15 years ago
The first thing that struck me about the release was the artwork; fantastic! The image above doesn't quite do it justice. Inside the cover is no different, with a clever sketch of an audio waveform clearly saying "Out Of This World".

The title is... See full review
Various - Buzzin' Fly - 5 Golden Years In The Wilderness
posted a review of Various - Buzzin' Fly - 5 Golden Years In The Wilderness. over 15 years ago
This release is a fine example of Watt's sensibilities; it's an eclectic mix of upbeat house, scattered with beautiful melodies, delightful vocals and pure passion. Plenty of Watt's own work can be heard, such as "A Stronger Man", "Pop A Cap In Yo'... See full review
Nifra - Ready
posted a review of Nifra - Ready. over 15 years ago
The original is bland; exactly the kind of trance I despise Markus Shulz for playing and releasing. Nicely melodic, but with little energy and groove to back it up. The percussion is extremely weak, leaving the track feeling very "floaty", rather than... See full review
posted a review of PTX - Color Your Ears. over 15 years ago
This album follows the typical Israeli psy sound; full on and pumping. What it lacks it subtlety and depth, it makes up for with sheer brute force, pummeling listeners for a solid 60 minutes, letting up only for the final track, "Alufa", a melodic... See full review
Basic (4) - Theory Of Hype
posted a review of Basic (4) - Theory Of Hype. over 15 years ago
This album is full-on psy-trance at its complete and utter worst.

Cheesy vocals and MCing, screechy, over the top melodies, guitars - this has the lot. Perhaps the only redeeming factor found here is the chunky bass lines, but even they are... See full review
Liquid Soul (3) - Love In Stereo
posted a review of Liquid Soul (3) - Love In Stereo. over 15 years ago
This is a very nice album characterised by deep, entrancing bass lines, gorgeous melodies and a scattering of cleverly used effects. On the negative side, the tracks are all quite similar to one another, but the complexity of melodies stops things... See full review
Domestic - Art Making Machine
posted a review of Domestic - Art Making Machine. over 15 years ago
This is perhaps the best album I know of in any genre.

Psychedelic and Goa aficionados are often scornful of the “full-on” genre, due to the shallow, one dimensional approach that many producers pursue, and an abundance of vocoded vocals, guitars,... See full review
Burn In Noise - Passing Clouds
posted a review of Burn In Noise - Passing Clouds. over 15 years ago
This is an excellent album.

It would be very easy to pass this off as "just another full-on album", which, in some ways, it is. "Passing Clouds" is characterised by dominating basslines, drug-oriented vocal samples and sparse melodies, but the... See full review
Various - Godskitchen Australia
posted a review of Various - Godskitchen Australia. over 16 years ago
The second CD is not too bad, but it's just a copy of an earlier-released Anjunabeats CD.

However, the first CD is rubbish; I've been using it as a coaster for the past year or so. The track selection is ok, it's just that the mixing and flow are... See full review
Beef Wellington - Feel Fantabulous
posted a review of Beef Wellington - Feel Fantabulous. over 16 years ago
I stumbled onto this only recently after finding Fila Brazilia's remix of "Sightly Elevated" and deciding to check out the original.

Very cool album - party music indeed.

Funk, Jazz, House and Hip-Hop are all embodied in some form or another... See full review
Shlomi Aber - State Of No One
posted a review of Shlomi Aber - State Of No One. over 16 years ago
After some of Shlomi's amazing early works such as "Bagpipe", I was a little disappointed by this album.

It seems a little bit like he's trying to be "minimal" just for the sake of it. Rather than coming off as "a small set of noises creating an... See full review
Rui Da Silva - Lixuneanos
posted a review of Rui Da Silva - Lixuneanos. over 16 years ago
Although it's a little stupid, I like the vocal sample used in the breakdown - quite cheeky.

The track itself is a nice little tech-house number which bases itself on long-term effects that slowly morph in and out of verses over time, with subtle... See full review
Röyksopp - What Else Is There?
posted a review of Röyksopp - What Else Is There?. over 16 years ago
The whole point of a remix is to make something new of a track - to perhaps improve it, or perhaps make it worse, in some people's eyes.

Hence why neither of these remixes retain the original's vibe, yet are both brilliant tracks in their own... See full review
Rex The Dog - Circulate
posted a review of Rex The Dog - Circulate. over 16 years ago
The A side, Circulate, begins with a completely "old school" drum loop like those in the late 80's, the kind that instantly makes you think "ergh, drum machine, with limited samples too". However that distinctive Rex charm follows not far behind with... See full review
Luke Walker - Alias / Streak
posted a review of Luke Walker - Alias / Streak. over 16 years ago
This is an amazing release, both sides have been championed by many big DJs, yet never seemed to receive much hype or popularity.

"Alias" is a STOMPER. Slamming guitar hits underscored by a shaker in very unique percussive arrangement. The kick is... See full review