5 - total bomb
4 - less good but still good
3 - average
2 - unmemorable
1 - actively unpleasant
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submitted T. Rex - T. Rex. 15 days ago
posted a comment on Virgilius' - Perfect Harmony. about 1 month ago
As George said in the release edit notes, not really Italo, but still an interesting Italian disco cut with a good bass line and some interesting synths. It's 100pct instrumental. Side A has two separated bands of approximately equivalent length and a ... See full review
posted a comment on Romero (3) - Funny Face. about 1 month ago
Decent cover of Sparks; B side has some great synthwork, A is a bit more conventional new wave-ish.
posted a comment on Regina (3) - Mira Me. 3 months ago
Reissues are a different product for a different market than originals. it's great that the youngsters have these records to buy and beat up on DJ turntables while selling off their "dirty, worn-out" copies to interested collectors.
posted a comment on Jaz (12) - I Played Sports. 3 months ago
Categorical Imperative is an edit of Massimo Barsotti - Right Or Wrong: https://www.discogs.com/Massimo-Barsotti-Right-Or-Wrong/release/539780
submitted Rockie Robbins - I've Got Your Number. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Ray Cooper (2) - Breakdown. 4 months ago
This Italian record was also sold in Germany with a sticker on the back cover over the Many catalog number indicating TELDEC LC 3706 / 6.20389 AE
submitted Chuck Brooks - Baa Baa Black Sheep / I've Got To Get Myself Together. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Trilogy (2) - Not Love. 5 months ago
My theory is that this is an earlier press than the other black label version with "PRODUCTIONS" under the Discotto logo, based on the non-PRODUCTIONS label being used on more earlier '82/'83 releases, and the PRODUCTIONS label being used on later '83 ... See full review
submitted Trilogy (2) - Not Love. 5 months ago
submitted Angelo Andriani - Lontano Di Te / Marina. 5 months ago
submitted Sandy Jackens - Love Is Not A Rose / Disco Doll. 5 months ago
submitted Vendetta (7) - If You Want My Love. 7 months ago
submitted Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita. 7 months ago
submitted Irma Thomas - He's My Guy. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Shirley Ross (2) - If You Leave Me Now. 7 months ago
B-side on my copy is not an instrumental but rather a different (better, IMO) vocal mix. Also my copy has no engraved runout information whatsoever.
submitted Benjamin Loren - Manie Tout. 7 months ago
posted a comment on G. Race - On Fire. 8 months ago
Sometime between Oct. 2 and Dec 12th 2018 this seems to have sold out.
posted a comment on Various - Full Time Show Summer. 9 months ago
Anyone got the VHS of this? Give me a shout!
posted a comment on Lara Saint Paul - I Feel So Nice. 9 months ago
IMO you have to slow this one down somewhere around 10pct.
posted a comment on Gil Gabriel - Your Love. 9 months ago
Space mix is pretty interesting; too bad it's not gratuitously extended like this sentence.
submitted Dianne Brooks - Walkin' On My Mind. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Firefly (2) - Your Door?. 9 months ago
Billie Jean x D-Train "You're The One For Me". Sangy is missed.
posted a comment on Den Harrow - Bad Boy. 9 months ago
Copping a little bit of Raf's "Self Control" here but it's still a good guilty pleasure.
posted a comment on Tango (2) - Computerized Love. 9 months ago
Sounds like ELO, the "Time" album. I like that album okay, but...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Thomas T. (2) - Loving Again. 9 months ago
Taking an Italo classic and updating it...more challenging than it sounds I guess.
posted a comment on Hysteric - Summer in Cairo EP. 9 months ago
A1 is a (great) edit of Growing Beats - Sahara
posted a comment on Love Club (3) - Hot Summer Nights. 9 months ago
Five stars is not enough. Total bomb on 7 or 12.
posted a comment on Sophie - Same. 9 months ago
The cover looks like someone threw it together on their Amiga in about half an hour. Perfect.
posted a comment on Bolero - Lonely Days / Back To Back. 9 months ago
B side is amazing, as is the cover. Really wonder what Zani was thinking putting Lonely Days on the topside.
posted a comment on Anthony's Games - Let's Go (We'll Run Away). 9 months ago
KC & The Sunshine Band called, they want their hook back.
posted a comment on Webo - Shaking Lovers. 9 months ago
I can't get enough of this one. The synth-bass is massive and the vocals work well, especially the background ones. The rest of the very layered arrangement also works quite well. Recommended!
posted a comment on Ryan Paris - Paris On My Mind. 9 months ago
Surprising amount of Kraftwerk and electro feel in this one considering how poppy it is.
posted a comment on Diana Est - Le Louvre. 10 months ago
Had the Ricordi 7" for years on this. The vocals (which, no disrespect to Ms. Est, are not the best part of the song) were very forward. Enter the Ricordi 12" - a lot more balanced mix, not as mid-rangy, plus more left/right information. Huge ... See full review
posted a comment on Clock On 5 - Theme From Furyo. 10 months ago
Hot take: better at 45RPM, despite it not being what nature intended.
posted a comment on Anthony's Games - Sunshine Love. 10 months ago
The way this track builds over the course of its structure is great. I love the last cycle through especially with the heavy synth-bass. Todesco!
posted a comment on Roberto Onofri* and Dee Jay Program Band - Let's Go Out. 10 months ago
One of the few Italo records rescued by the vox. The instrumental, at least for me, doesn't work, and the topside really only does for the first 3 minutes. But wow, what a great 3 minutes.
posted a comment on Page 2 - Beat The Clock = Contra Reloj / Cocktail. 10 months ago
Another Mauro Malavasi pop-Italo classic. Guy really knew how to rescue a crap song with good rhythm and fills.
posted a comment on O'Gar - Playback Fantasy. 10 months ago
New Wave-ish Italo which is more dark than you'd expect from the cover and title. Eccellente
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Moments - The Station. 10 months ago
Another Studio G bomb that needs reissuing. Fits in right next to "Get The Night."
posted a comment on Mirage (25) - Change Your Life. 10 months ago
The bass line! The rest of the song could work better, but who cares?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Mac Jr. - Elephant Song. 10 months ago
Great track, could use a reissue. Prices on the original 12" are creeping up and incredibly it was only pressed once!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on M & G - When I Let You Down. 10 months ago
If there is a more massive intro out there, let me know.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Klapto - Mister Game. 10 months ago
You want the Durium edition of this record, the Teldec is either poorly transferred or poorly mastered.
posted a comment on Ken Laszlo - Tonight. 10 months ago
Easy for today's European or North American collectors to concentrate on Italo that's aged into hipsterdom, and ignore the far more typical dance floor fillers from circa 1985-1986. What Italo meant back then and what it means now are both great, of ... See full review