PAYPAL under no circumstances accepted - please do not order anything if you will insist on it!!
No Paypal accepted but I can make a direct link to pay by creditcard
on the Saferpay server.
Music fanatic since I was 10 (Beatles, Bee Gees, Abba) - later listening mainly to Alternative (DM, Cure, The Sound, Radiohead) - for clubbing I discovered techno, trance, minimal since the very beginning of this movement. Joined the very first Streetparade in Zurich and visited all the afterhours clubs.
I'm a DJ - and have as architect a concept for a new 'perfect' danceclub
I list here only special editions- I have beside them many 1000 Lps and Cds which are no problem to get in every online shop.
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submitted Crowded House - Performance- Live in LA. about 1 year ago