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posted a comment on Ulla* - Tumbling Towards A Wall. 1 day ago
got a copy a couple of weeks back, i don't hear any of this surface noise/crackling people are referring to. the problem is almost always your turntable, make sure you actually set it up properly
posted a review of Priori (2) - SCN EP. 8 days ago
insanely deep record..
SCN 2 recalling deep, focused Detroit-esque minimalism to tantalizing effect with that pulsing chord.
SCN 3 on an icy dub house joint, it's been a while since i've heard pads that sound this vast, contrasts beautifully with the ... See full review
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posted a review of SW. - LP. 17 days ago
rare and inventive tracks from SW. - a great logical continuation of the vibe cultivated on the first LP.
whereas the first one was very much organic in feel this second salvo works on a slightly more explorative vein with a nice mixture of fast and slow ... See full review
posted a review of M500* & 3MB - Jazz Is The Teacher. 17 days ago
same feeling echoed here - all about 'cosmic courier' here - driving acid with warmth and soul, really fun to mix with, goes well with solid four to the floor house but you'll need to pitch it down. fans of this record should check M5 (2) - Celestial Highways which samples ... See full review
posted a review of Global Electronic Network - Time Square. 17 days ago
glad to see this finally available again - essential long form techno artifacts. love the center label artwork on this one, i feel like it illustrates the feeling of the music perfectly. bit crackly here and there but that's vinyl for you! i'm just glad ... See full review
posted a review of The 4th Wave - Touched. 17 days ago
stunning record, a perfect slice of techno soul from the uk via detroit.
'touched' is lovely but it's the b-side tracks that steal the show. 'ethereal' is just that, moody with a deep basslines and distant gliding strings. 'electroluv' is simply ... See full review
posted a review of Claude Young - Nocturnal. 17 days ago
among claude young's best - focused and precise. 'i am nothing' - the perfect exercise in minimalism and restraint with interesting panning hats dancing around the stereo space. 'concentration factor' is absolutely huge, illegal techno bomb. massive ... See full review
posted a review of Pavilion (5) - Optimist. 17 days ago
two dancefloor bombs and a cascading ambient texture. the brilliance 'greenspirit' is in the offbeat, sparse at first but love how the bassline and hihats fill in the space. 'optimist' is really fun, reminds me of the grain records, really focused and ... See full review
posted a review of Lil' Louis & The World - Club Lonely. 17 days ago
head straight for 'Birds & Trees (Remix)' - slapping loopy garage house joint with climbing strings and insistent piano stabs. watch out in the mix as it does drift a little bit. goes without saying everyone needs a copy of 'club lonely' too.
posted a review of ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ - W​.​S.. 17 days ago
killer electronix from 1/3 of Folder. russia providing some of the richest and most interesting music in the ambient/techno sphere at the moment. varied sounds here with beautiful textures to be found throughout reminiscing for me the wide open ... See full review
posted a review of D.K. (10) - Live At The Edge. 17 days ago
gorgeous and heartfelt works here, lovely floating and unhurried sound to be had - channelling the balmy, balearic sort of vibes of his past releases making for some beautiful deep listening.
posted a review of INTe*ra - Aqueduct. 17 days ago
killer collection of tracks - love that it's not all about the kick drums here.
wide open sighing pads on '697' make for a nice start to the record. '463' & '548' are killer, the former a beautiful paean of sunrise pads and FX with a tense bassline, the ... See full review
posted a review of 3.11 - Illuminate. 17 days ago
beautiful collection of ambient tracks with hints of rhythm and texture with a warm feeling. gaseous clouds echoing in places the works of tetsu inoue, heavenly music corporation et al - hotly recommended if you can track it down.
posted a review of Priori (2) - On A Nimbus. 17 days ago
absolutely incredible album showing the depth and breadth of Priori's repertoire as a producer.
there's a common trope that dance music doesn't work in an album format, and most of the time i would be inclined to agree, but this record is an exception. ... See full review
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posted a review of Ambiant Otaku - Ambiant Otaku. about 1 month ago
quite possibly the finest album ever made.
a peerless masterpiece of the ambient genre, beamed from a different space and time.
added ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ - W​.​S. to their collection. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Let's Call It A Day. about 1 month ago
echoing the other reviews here, it's a beautiful and timeless masterpiece, the perfect aural companion for intimate headphone listening... gently percolating and warm music, with a human touch. everything feels perfectly arranged. essential!
added Folder (8) - New Path to their collection. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Feedback - I'm For Real. about 1 month ago
sublime and deep trancey techno of the highest order - hard hitting yet soft, think spiralling acid lines and achingly beautiful synth tones but driven by amazing drum programming - hallmarks of simon hartley's production nous. for me however, the stars ... See full review
posted a comment on The Primitive Painter - The Primitive Painter. about 1 month ago
absolutely essential album, simply over the moon this is getting reissued - truly a lost chillout classic
posted a comment on Biosphere - Substrata. about 1 month ago
it samples some speech from Twin Peaks s2ep1, from the scene where Major Briggs explains a vision to his son, Bobby.
posted a review of Feedback - Element EP. about 1 month ago
a deeply beautiful record, head straight for 'golden' and 'rainfall' - my favorites on this one.
'golden' for a bleepy journey with a driving bassline and dramatic distant strings, while 'rainfall' heads more in the direction of an emotional pad driven ... See full review
posted a review of Mammo (2) - Relics EP. 2 months ago
flown under the radar a bit this one. fantastic and varied EP, a1 has a feeling of the sort of heavy slower low end sounds you might hear out of bristol, while a2 is a beautiful gliding detroit-esque cut. b1 for a nice fast chord driven cut with this ... See full review
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posted a review of Money Morning - Corporate Karma. 4 months ago
love this record so much, probably my favourite acting press. would love to hear more tracks from these people!
posted a review of Shiver (5) - Vacuümniser. 4 months ago
wicked bang-the-box sprawling futuristic techno from holland. killer center label artwork too, mental psychedelic mondrian vibes.
posted a review of Hashman Deejay, Divided Reality - The Track (Hashman Deejay Mixes). 4 months ago
blunted hiphop vibes in the zone of The Speedknotz b/w tumbling, cascading dnb/junglist odysseys, worth seeking out
posted a review of Dust-e-1 - The Cool Dust EP. 4 months ago
lush downtempo record, perfect for those warm up moments, reminds me of some of the old source / reflective records in some parts.
'pure dawn' for beautiful rhythmic kosmiche ambient, 'hutchin' for a slower breaksy journey, 'the pink tree' a gliding, ... See full review
posted a review of ERP* - FR 014X. 4 months ago
just incredible - 'Vox Automation', 'Perfume Persuasion', 'Alsoran' and 'Irma' are my favourites here, gorgeous cuts of soaring, sweeping late night moods - essential
posted a review of Jump Source - JS02. 4 months ago
super deep pulsating dub techno cut on the A1, worth the price of admission alone
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posted a comment on A.M.S & Dogworld! - Theory 001. 5 months ago
stupidly good record. inhabits that cool zone between techno and house. something for everyone - slick agile club cuts and space ambient abstractions. KILLER!
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posted a review of Yagya - Rhythm Of Snow. 6 months ago
beautiful record - dreamlike tones, enveloping washes of pads and barely-there feather light drums in places to push things along, gently. this collection of tracks is something akin to walking through gentle snow with a light breeze that ebbs and flows.
posted a review of Ron Obvious (2) - Evidence Of. 6 months ago
superb record, my favourite of 2019.
a-side 'evidence of' is a killer, moody cut of forward, stepping deep tech house. big fan of the ~10 min runtime, plenty of time to mix in and out and layer it. b-side 'second light' is a beautiful sunrise-vibe slice ... See full review
posted a comment on Winsome (4) - Untitled. 6 months ago
looks like a repress is coming in 2020..
winsome tweeted this info earlier today.
keep them eyes peeled!
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