Caravan (12) - Riviera Ep sunshower

June 18, 2019
edited about 4 hours ago
Don't sleep on this folks. 'Croisette' is a major summer anthem you'll be hearing a lot this summer.
The whole EP is 'Ken Oath' style at his best.

Rupert Clervaux - After Masterpieces sunshower

June 13, 2019
Yeah, I'm gonna skip this one. The music is alright, but that whiny voice is beginning to irritate after a few listens.
Next Whites in line from Leif I'm definitely not gonna skip. A side sounds promising.

Moodymann - Sinner sunshower

June 12, 2019
Wow, this is really fantastic.
For me 'I'll Provide' is the 'weakest track', if you can call it a weak track.
The rest is straight deep/funk/house/soul perfection.
That slow burners on side D are really something else.

S.A.M. (5) - Prolific Trilogy 009.3 sunshower

June 4, 2019
Definitely the best in the Prolific Trilogy serie. The way 'Another Galaxy' builds is just phenomenal.

Inner City - Share My Life sunshower

May 22, 2019
edited 27 days ago
Still love those Chez D Trent Dub versions. One of their best.
This is a forgotten gem. 56 for sale from €1,50. Can't believe it. Give it a listen and grab a copy, you won't regret it!

Yagya - Sleepygirls sunshower

May 21, 2019
In the beginning it took a while to get used to this release, but in the end it turns out to be one my favorite Yagya albums.
So the repress, which is coming up, is much appreciated.

Don Laka - Stages Of Love sunshower

May 15, 2019
Great reissue, Prins Thomas made an edit with respect for the original version.
It's only an extended version, just like the good old 80's 12 inches had.
The sound quality is absolutely perfect, pressed very loud on very clean vinyl. The sound quality is also way better compared to the version on Hunee's All Night compilation.

Yagya - Stormur sunshower

May 7, 2019
edited about 1 month ago
OMG what a hypnotic trip!
A much harder style as we are used from Yagya, but still with that typical warm, finesse touch.
Great he does something else, and not try to copy Rigning over and over again. Which almost can't be beaten anyway.
That's what creative minds do, find new paths without losing themselves.

Rocco Siffredi (3) - Per Aspera Ad Astra sunshower

April 29, 2019
edited about 1 month ago
This is something different from Vakula, but again it's top quality stuff.
I like the sound of the 70's synth / 80's Italo without getting cheesy. A2 leans heavily on Depeche Mode / New Order.
But it's "CODE P' that's the standout track for me. Spacey synths are floating relaxed through the space on an eccentric spaceship which is illustrated very nice on the cover.

The Astral Walkers - Don't Fear The Sound sunshower

April 24, 2019
Very underrated record. This Full Expansion of 14 minutes is a masterpiece of deep organic house music.
It also could have been recorded in the late 90's by Ron Trent/USG. Timeless stuff.

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost sunshower

April 17, 2019
Simon says: 'this costs us 80 pounds to make, 'Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland' cost us a fortune.
I wonder what the price of that one's going to be.... It think it will cost us a fortune too.

Tribu (3) / Mori Ra* - Hiverned # 5 sunshower

April 11, 2019
edited 2 months ago
Always a special moment when you smell the scent of a new Hiverned release.
This one is another bulls eye in the series. 'Arbre Tonké' is the soundtrack for this summer.
But don't forget Mori Ra's excellent tribal edit.

New World Science - Osmos (Movements) sunshower

March 22, 2019
edited 2 months ago
The whole package is superb easy listening/ambient/jazz/new age/whatever music. But Movement 3 is soo, soooo good. Just listen, relax and forget about all the problems in the world and imagine it’s a beautiful place with no sorrows. Just for 9 minutes...

VC-118A - Inside sunshower

March 13, 2019
edited 3 months ago
Great album all the way. Keeps it perfectly balanced between cold electro and warm ambient atmospheres combined with powerful techno beats, but it always stays subtle and elegant.
This keeps growing with every listening.

Telephones - From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol. 1 sunshower

March 1, 2019
edited 3 months ago
This is indeed a great record! Whole B side is superb true house music.
When 'Hurricane' is played at the beginning of a club night, you know it's gonna be a great night.

log(m) & Laraaji - The Onrush Of Eternity sunshower

February 16, 2019
Very beautiful album. Especially the ambient tracks, with the fairytalish beauty ‘Sundog Suite’ as standout. The packaging and colored vinyl looks amazing. Sound quality is also superb. Must have!

Khotin - Beautiful You sunshower

February 7, 2019
This is getting a vinyl release on Ghostly International.
Also on white smoke vinyl...

Gas - Zauberberg sunshower

January 21, 2019
edited 4 months ago
I'm waiting for my copy, hoping for a great vinyl quality and that it's treated with more respect at the pressing plant than the Gas box...
To the comment below, I think this is not priced too high for 3 vinyls, only €24,90 at Kompakt.
And those 'pops' at side D are intended to be. You can can hear on the CD version and digital files.
Edit: I received my copy, and it looks and sounds perfect. No fingerprints or other issues.
Now waiting for the other GAS represses...

Shinichi Atobe - Heat sunshower

December 28, 2018
In all it’s simplicity it’s utterly effective and simply the best house album of 2018. That purple vinyl is the icing on the cake. Superb pressing too.

Overmono - Whities 019 sunshower

December 10, 2018
Just in time to end up high in this years end list. Together with Whities 011 these are my two favorite from the ever great whites catalogue.

Segue - Pacifica sunshower

November 27, 2018
Indeed a perfect pressing. Wish every vinyl was pressed like this 😊

Ashford & Simpson - Stay Free (Dimitri From Paris Remixes) sunshower

November 23, 2018
The release info of this 12" explains why this record costs 20 pounds: -- it uses the highest end tip-on heavy duty sleeves, and outer protective sleeves, (which are really thick, I can tell). It is pressed onto 100% virgin vinyl, (sounds amazing I can tell). These new mixes have been legitimately commissioned and will not be available digitally. This product cost 4 times as much to produce than your average Disco edit 12'' because Le Edits believe in quality first and foremost.-- So you pay for quality. The song is great and the edits are amazing. I'd rather spend 20 pounds for one great 12" than 10 for an average 'Nu disco edit'. If you want this, you better buy this now, because "No re-press guaranteed'. When it's sold out the price will even become higher.

The Living Room - Roomservice sunshower

November 18, 2018
This album got so much warmth and emotion.
Very underrated, or most people don't know the existence of this beauty.
It's Orlando Voorn at his very best. Listen to the track 'Roomservice', and you'll know what I mean.

Parkway Rhythm ft. Boyd Jarvis - Broad St. Pressure sunshower

October 30, 2018
edited 7 months ago
Pretty dope release indeed. Can use a little pitch up, but then you'll have a tribal deep house banger in a classic late 80's style. Timeless.

Neurotribe (2) - Life Recorder sunshower

October 1, 2018
edited 8 months ago
Not very impressed by this one, and it's actually the first Acting Press release I skipped.
Simple rhythms and it misses the tension of the first releases. Hopefully PRESS11 will be more exiting...