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Olan Mill - Pine
posted a review of Olan Mill - Pine. 30 days ago
Probably the best output by the duo and that's saying something given how eminently listenable their other stuff is, Pine will always have a special place in my heart.
Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight
posted a review of Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight. about 1 month ago
5/5 just because i remembered this album name out of nowhere today after more than a decade possibly.
Forest Management - Isolated Moments
posted a review of Forest Management - Isolated Moments. 8 months ago
decent find for a genre that so rarely escapes its melancholic shadow, this is a slightly textured sound that comes off as lazy without sounding pastoral. fans of Olan Mill, A Winged Victory..., Celer are bound to enjoy!
Holiday - Holiday
posted a review of Holiday - Holiday. 10 months ago
one of the most sublime records i have had the pleasure of listening to over the years. quintessential "power-pop", done to perfection.
The Hang Ups* - So We Go
posted a comment on The Hang Ups* - So We Go. over 3 years ago
i concur, i've got some decent memories tied to this one.