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posted a comment on UBQ Project - When I Fell In Love (2002 Rmx). over 7 years ago
some tracks are better left in their 90's feelin'
posted a review of Chez Damier. over 10 years ago
Chez Damier, one of Chicago's finest deep house techy artists. Not one of the most productive of his kind, but nevertheless, and more important Chez kept on releasing pure deep house music. I first came across his work in 1992 and bought I never knew ... See full review
posted a review of Bobby Konders - House Rhythms. over 10 years ago
In 1990, Mr. Konders, all-round reggae and house producer released a landmark in the realm of house music. "House Rhythms" is not just a stop-over in time, but a timeless masterpiece.

While digging in the crates and finding more releases from back ... See full review
posted a review of Lovebirds - In The Shadows. over 11 years ago
Sebastian is keeping it deep and keeps on composing better tracks over time. With BPM decreasing the power and intensity of the music does not fade away. Especially "Avlium" is a very deep and emotional song with a steady bassline, but great ... See full review
posted a review of Kirby & Damien Bailey (Special Interest)* Featuring Elise Taylor - Like That EP. over 11 years ago
And then all of sudden there were tears that could not be stopped. Less is more must have been the thought off these artists. A piano and some tribal drums start off these lovely track. I am talking here about the "Rework" version on this 12''.

It ... See full review
posted a review of Phantasia - Inner Light. over 11 years ago
Youngster (16), listening to Fun House Radio, in Rotterdam the Netherland. Falling in love with house music and listens every night. One record clearly stands out and he decides to buy the holy Technics SL 1200's.

Next, jumps on the bike and goed to ... See full review
posted a review of Joi Cardwell - Trouble (The Remixes). over 11 years ago
WOW, this double pack contains a diverse number of remixes, so whatever is your thing it is included. My personal favorite is
the dubby version remixed by "Joe T. Vanelli". This is such a beautiful song and floor filler with devastating power. ... See full review
posted a review of Vincenzo. over 11 years ago
"Vincenzo" is without a doubt an all-round producer and deejay. It is impossible to label him within one of the many house genres. Therefore it is best to compare him with a cameleon. "Vincenzo" is able to adopt many styles with ease and is able to ... See full review
posted a review of Derrick White - Soul 2 Let Go. over 12 years ago
What happens when the deep house maestros join forces? Well ... a number of things, but most importantly they give birth to one of the best deep house records ever. Killer beats, superb string, fine work on the bass and lovely vocals.

One of the many ... See full review
posted a review of The Aphex Twin* - Digeridoo. over 12 years ago
Spooky ... mysterious ... insane. Australia's vintage instrument forms the basis for this haunting track. Dark & obscure, but great material for parties as they used to be thrown in the 90's.

The digeridoo is accompanied by a breakbeat kind of hi-hat ... See full review
posted a review of Sven Van Hees - Synesthesia. over 12 years ago
Do you want to rediscover your love for an artist who is already serving our daily dance cocktails for more than 15 years. First as being a part of Wonka etc (some of these records are timeless and pearls).

But now I am totally blown of my feet. Sven ... See full review
posted a review of Inner City - Praise. over 12 years ago
Well ... this album is great and has some songs with great vocals. Moreover, "Inner City" deals with social issues. Chapeau. But, why buy this one. The pearl of this album by far is "United". The track starts of with some great strings and vocals and ... See full review
posted a review of Cajmere - Come. over 12 years ago
With your eyes closed you can wonder about the artist of this record. Being a big fan of Cajmere since the beginning of the 90's this one is again dancefloor material. Authentic "Cajmere" sounds with crazy synths, fading percussions and dreamy vocals. ... See full review
posted a review of Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit. over 12 years ago
This release has reached superdisco status in the world of house. Why? I really don't know. This record is cheesy and ventilates the sound which the house community fiercely denied during the millennium change.
posted a review of Phantasia - Violet Skies. over 12 years ago
"Violet skies" is the follow-up of the much acclaimed "Inner Light". Although I also prefer "Inner Light" I have to say that this song also is very dreamy and spacey. It lifts you up and perfectly drops you down towards the end of the song.

Once ... See full review
posted a review of Lovebirds - Lovebirds / The Limit. over 12 years ago
"Sebastian Dörings" finest moments can be found on the B-side of this record. "The limit" is by far one of the best deep house records of the beginning of this century. Loud beats with sound strings that are even more beautiful than the ones in ... See full review
posted a review of Hott 22 - Before I Let You In / 8th Wonder. over 13 years ago
"Hott22" does it again with this b-side "8th wonder". Mr. Negro playes this tune regularly and makes the crowd go insane. A dreamy release that guides you straight to the floor. The song builds up in a great way and the repeating synths get it over the ... See full review
posted a review of Richard Earnshaw - People Are People. over 13 years ago
The UK`s Richard Earnshaw formerly of the Fusion Groove Orchestra. "People are People" sees him on the solo tip with a Rhodes and guitar led nugget. Smooth production, dope chords, jazzy guitar, and a catchy backing vocal hook make this track special. ... See full review
posted a review of Richard Earnshaw - Joyride. over 13 years ago
Richard Earnshaw comes with his follow-up to last years "People Are People". If you liked that you will LOVE Joyride...dope chords and simple vocal hook with a signature Richard rhodes solo. Class production all the way...with a nice dub on the flip as ... See full review
posted a review of Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love. over 13 years ago
This release of "Pete Heller" is without a doubt my all time favourite release. Why? It is a song that directs you towards the dancefloor, provides clubby sounds and has a dreamy sound. A floor filler pur sang.

"Big Love" is one of the greatest house ... See full review
posted a review of Polygon Window - Quoth. over 13 years ago
"Quoth" is truly a smashing track with a loud bass and percussions and sounds derived from the London Underground. It is being said that Richard D. James went into the field with his sound recorder and was fascinated by the sounds trains make.

If you ... See full review
posted a review of The Aphex Twin* - Digeridoo. over 13 years ago
Do you know the feeling just before take-off? You don't really feel comfortably, but a few moments later you're airborn. A pleasant feeling emerges and you start to enjoy the ride.

"Didgeridoo" does this with me every time I hear this record. This ... See full review
posted a review of Joe Smooth Inc.* Featuring Anthony Thomas - The Promised Land. over 13 years ago
How classic can you go? Do you remember the first time you fell in love? In 1987 I was 11 years old and when I heard this record I knew instantly for sure "I am in love with house music".

Now almost 20 years later this record has not lost any of its ... See full review
posted a review of Barbarella - Barbarella. over 13 years ago
There are few deejay's/artists who are willing to give two or three songs away in one. "Sven Vaths" "Barbarella" is an example of those records where the artist(s) was not modest and gave all he got.

Barbella is divided in three sections. Section 1 ... See full review
posted a review of Maurice Joshua Featuring Chantay Savage - I Gotta Hold On U. over 13 years ago
One of the fine moments during the very productive & diverse year 1992. Maurice Joshua's "I gotta hold on u" is one of the best deep house records of this year. With amazing vocals (sha-na-bam-bam dee doo dam) and even more by chantal savage, who sings ... See full review
posted a review of Mambana - No Reason. over 13 years ago
Produced by Mambana and mixed by Sweden`s finest export Axwell. Perfect Summer vibes, an energetic but soulful production highlight this highly infectious song with the sweet vocals of Isabel Fructuoso. Make no mistake... this one is massive.

Dreamy, ... See full review
posted a review of Deep Swing Presents Jazz Transit - Steppin' Out. over 13 years ago
Steppin Out is 13 minutes of timeless jazzy house vibes from heaven ! L.A.`s Deep Swing crew out do themselves with something extra special just for you.

Phat live bass, silky smooth Rhodes, cool tenor sax and some sweet flute runs all meld together ... See full review
posted a review of Urban Blues Project Presents Michael Procter - Deliver Me (2003 Remixes). over 13 years ago
In 1995 this record was released and it didn't het the attention it deserved.

Now in 2003 this classic is remixed by Joey Negro, Hardsoul & Jask. With plenty of mixes to choose from to fit any situation. A classic just made even more ... See full review
posted a review of Hardsoul - La Pasion De Gozar. over 13 years ago
This track is nothing short of Anthem status. It`s still dropped at every party worth having. The brothers, Roog and Greg, hailing from the Netherlands, known to the world as Hardsoul definately get it on latin style. This piano driven, sexy vocal laden ... See full review
posted a review of Mambana - No Reason (Part 2). over 13 years ago
Part 2 of Mambana`s "No Reason" gets some remix props by Estonia`s legendary DJ Meri and the Jazz-N-Groove boys. Smoothe as cream, Meri takes this feel good song goes deeper with fresh new chords and bassline while the JNG`s step up and rock the prime ... See full review
posted a review of Kaskade - Safe. over 13 years ago
Salted Music returns with this stylish timeless track that will delight all those lucky enough to find themselves in possession of this soul music gem.

This is pure listening pleasure for those with an appetite for real soul music.

This how we ... See full review
posted a review of The Dance Kings - Climb The Walls. over 13 years ago
Quiet simple release on this pioneer label. House masters such as "Lil' Louis", "Robert Armani" and "DJ Pierre" have put their faith in "Dance Mania".

The repeating vocals and simple tunes and beats make this release still enjoyable. Why? The vocals ... See full review