I'm 40 years old. Got a big head and little ears. I collect house, ambient, IDM, piano anthems, Italian house, "nice" techno and more. I got into the scene in 1997, got turntables in 1999, then started goofing off on college radio. During the Discogs V2 years I was also a very active moderator. Much has happened since then, but in summary it's safe to say I'm not cooler than you.

Besides music, I also like soft hooded sweatshirts, tea, tomatoes, crossword puzzles, the word "whilst", and parking at the very very very tops of parking garages. I am also a cancer survivor, cat dad, and trail ultrarunner.

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Zuwe - SH40
submitted Zuwe - SH40. 2 months ago
Pub - Do You Ever Regret Pantomime?
submitted Pub - Do You Ever Regret Pantomime?. 11 months ago
Julien Jabre - Time EP
posted a review of Julien Jabre - Time EP. about 1 year ago
Ever since hearing "That Day" as the opening track on an old Pete Moss mixtape, I hunted it down and kept it glued in my bag ever since. Great shuffle and wonderful moody keys on this track make it something really special to me. Some kind of X factor... See full review
Skydiver - Cloudchase
posted a review of Skydiver - Cloudchase. about 1 year ago
Hit the B-side of this for a very nice bubbling chill-out cut, very much in the steady and soothing progression of a classic Tangerine Dream album like Ricochet, but with some extra zip and stutter in the rhythm section, as befits early 90's trance.... See full review
Milieu - Phosphene Weather
posted a review of Milieu - Phosphene Weather. about 1 year ago
For a blissed-out, heat-hazed drone experience that's not too slim and not too overdone, head straight for this LP. An ambient favorite of mine that I come back to often. Simple, sweet, and very serene. The A1 track is my favorite, colored with shades... See full review
Holden* - A Break In The Clouds
posted a review of Holden* - A Break In The Clouds. about 1 year ago
Still holds up great so many years later as a hair-raising piece of thrumming, clacking, skittering, syncopated progressive madness. Even though I'd owned and played it for a few months, one of my favorite clubbing moments was hearing this on a giant... See full review
Nova Nova - Basic
posted a review of Nova Nova - Basic. about 1 year ago
I love it when a three- or four-tracker has great variety on it... the B-side has the lilting drum'n'bass of "Elisa" and a thumping techy workout with airy scattered chords and stutters in "Song of L". The A-side track is the prize here, a swimmy... See full review
Jeff Greinke - Other Weather
submitted Jeff Greinke - Other Weather. about 1 year ago
Kosh (7) - Null 212
posted a review of Kosh (7) - Null 212 . about 1 year ago
An absolute trip of an EP, covering four diverse moods succinctly in four wicked tracks. "Null 212" is such a fun propulsive track with a break in the middle to die for. Pressed at 45, so suitable for wrong-speed playback trickery too. Electro is only... See full review
Pauline Anna Strom - Angel Tears In Sunlight
posted a review of Pauline Anna Strom - Angel Tears In Sunlight. about 1 year ago
The textures on Pauline Anna Strom's Plot Zero and Spectre LP's from the mid-80's were unique, simmering away in very dusty and liminal moods. Now over thirty years later she flips the script with this joyful and immersive LP. The cover absolutely... See full review
Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektroniikkaa
posted a review of Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektroniikkaa. about 1 year ago
Van Bellen brings forth a really cool remix in his typical style, with cyclical chugging percussion and gently undulating curtains of melody. Super fun and extra long breakdown towards the end after which you slam right back into the warm thrumming... See full review
LA Synthesis - The Beacon / CMI Wave Sequence
posted a review of LA Synthesis - The Beacon / CMI Wave Sequence. about 1 year ago
Can’t believe I’m the first to drop a comment on this stunner from these amazing 90’s producers. Two warm, huggable, danceable, super-detailed Detroit/electro cuts with straight kick drums and wittering little fx details zooming off into the corners... See full review
Ebi - Zen
posted a review of Ebi - Zen. about 1 year ago
One of my absolute favorite albums from my favorite musical year of 1994. Like a lot of techno of the time, the sound and percussion palette is pretty raw and pretty similar throughout, but what a mastery of rhythm, spaciousness, composition and... See full review
John Daly - Solitaire / Back It Up
posted a review of John Daly - Solitaire / Back It Up. about 1 year ago
Wrong-speed banger alert on this bargain bin find. Take both sides down from 45 to 33 for some 95 bpm syrupy sweet chill-out room cuts. Especially on the B-side track, the melodies shiver with a cold movie soundtrack sheen and the percussion crunches... See full review
Bart Hawkins - 21 Pulse Eclipse
submitted Bart Hawkins - 21 Pulse Eclipse. about 1 year ago
DJ Lostboi & Torus (4) - The Flash
posted a review of DJ Lostboi & Torus (4) - The Flash. about 1 year ago
My favorite musical surprise of 2020... an awesome half hour of serene aquatic ambient to get lost in. The Lostboi tracks are emotionally punchy but simply composed, breathing in and out with generous amounts of reverb. Torus starts with "Enter The... See full review
The Ministry Of Inside Things - Trilogy
submitted The Ministry Of Inside Things - Trilogy. over 5 years ago
Offthesky* & Pleq - A Thousand Fields
submitted Offthesky* & Pleq - A Thousand Fields. over 7 years ago
David Morley - Sanctum
submitted David Morley - Sanctum. over 8 years ago
Chuck Van Zyl - Rituals
submitted Chuck Van Zyl - Rituals. over 8 years ago
Various - Kowli Records 001
submitted Various - Kowli Records 001. over 8 years ago
Uun - Locked EP
submitted Uun - Locked EP. over 8 years ago
Outputmessage - Asteroids
submitted Outputmessage - Asteroids. over 8 years ago
Beth Orton - Mystery
submitted Beth Orton - Mystery. over 9 years ago
Keith Berry - Towards The Blue Peninsula
submitted Keith Berry - Towards The Blue Peninsula. over 9 years ago
Various - Skipper Tracks 2
submitted Various - Skipper Tracks 2. over 9 years ago
Techno Bro - Running Bro
submitted Techno Bro - Running Bro. over 9 years ago
Eluder - Through Horizon
submitted Eluder - Through Horizon. over 9 years ago
Tstewart* - Living Exponentially
posted a review of Tstewart* - Living Exponentially. over 10 years ago
Here's a fantastically mellow album that brings forth many of Merck's best and most inimitable qualities in 50 tight minutes: unexpected flavors, tight production details, and artwork which perfectly and cosmically matches up with what you're about to... See full review
Jacob London - Casual Bingo
posted a review of Jacob London - Casual Bingo. over 14 years ago
Something of an anthem in the DJ circles in which I moved during my college years, and damn well it should be. These two goofy guys, makers of goofy chopped-and-diced house with goofy track names, really hit the bullseye here. Go right for the A-side:... See full review
Jason Sloan - Hymns For The Afterlife
posted a review of Jason Sloan - Hymns For The Afterlife. over 15 years ago
On the other end of the spectrum from the pulse and whoosh of classic Berlin-school music, there is ambient music that creates a lively space with a very limited palette, and this album hits the nail right on the head. Fans of Stars of the Lid,... See full review
Off And Gone - Everest
posted a review of Off And Gone - Everest. over 15 years ago
This looks like yet another 90's album that slipped under the radar and into the bargain bin - but why? It's a medley of pristine, head-spinning techno-trance that would give Orbital, Fluke, or Freaky Chakra a run for their money. Nimbly programmed... See full review
Friction & Spice - Remix LP
posted a review of Friction & Spice - Remix LP. over 15 years ago
Two stellar tracks on this record, from a label that featured lots of great breaks tracks with trancey, ravey overtones. There's a bit of a look ahead to DJ Friction's future records as Voyager with the remix of "You Make Me Feel So Good", a dark and... See full review
Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories
posted a review of Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories. over 15 years ago
After so many long listens and late-night ruminations, this album still holds sounds to be uncovered and speaks of trips not yet taken. The full dynamic range is covered, from earthquakes and cityscapes to verdant dancefloor jams and humming drones,... See full review
Kwook - Unidentified Feathered Object
posted a review of Kwook - Unidentified Feathered Object. over 15 years ago
I just can't get enough of this album - an hour of weird, richly-spun, gossamer ambient tuneage from Australia. This guy makes emotional tracks with generous heaps of melody and wonderful swaying beats. But this is gentle, breezy stuff, as if you... See full review
Various - Made On Earth Sampler
posted a review of Various - Made On Earth Sampler. over 15 years ago
This record was a happy accident - I bought it for one track only to fall in love with another. I played the Devilfish remix a lot in '99 when I was playing fluffy trance with a dollop of the hard stuff on top. It was typical jackhammering... See full review
Laika - Sounds Of The Satellites
posted a review of Laika - Sounds Of The Satellites. over 15 years ago
It's tempting to file this band away as just another cheap Stereolab imitation, but that won't do. Laika blends together bits of shoegaze, blues, jazz, dub, and indie rock and drizzles them over rhythms with loungey swagger and odd time signatures.... See full review
Protogonos - Strange Geographie
posted a review of Protogonos - Strange Geographie. over 16 years ago
This disc is buried back in the early catalogue of the DiN label, so it may not be familiar to many. That's too bad, because this is a stirring and imginative ambient trip in the style of vintage FAX. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the FAX classic... See full review
James Johnson - San Francisco
posted a review of James Johnson - San Francisco. over 16 years ago
Another installation in the strange and highly minimal Cube series, this one featuring a beat... of sorts. After pressing play, you hear a some gauzy synth plinks and washes rise up, and then... BOOM. Are your upstairs neighbors moving furniture? Or... See full review
Out Hud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.
posted a review of Out Hud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.. over 16 years ago
While I'm pretty sure that the whole "disco-punk" thing has passed by me at light speed, I can safely say that this disc is a classic. What we have here is a wicked marriage of acid house tweaks and thumps, buzzing guitars, and lots of fun wibbly... See full review
Elements Of Life - Molecular Dreams
posted a review of Elements Of Life - Molecular Dreams. over 16 years ago
A pretty sweet dollar-bin find here that skips around from stomping house to twiddly soundscapes without sounding forced. With a handful of short ambient pieces scattered throughout, the main focus here is on sprawling house tracks like "Dark... See full review
Robert Rich - Trances / Drones
posted a review of Robert Rich - Trances / Drones. over 17 years ago
Ocean waves, tribal instruments, slow glissando guitar, thin and ghostly melodies, walls of feedback, little twirly sounds... these ingredients have been lamely tossed together on many wack-ass "chill-out" albums over the years. Not the case on... See full review
Sun Electric - 30.7.94 Live
posted a review of Sun Electric - 30.7.94 Live. over 17 years ago
A seriously mesmerizing combination of ambient techno, warm basslines, and classic spacemusic sequencer work. The B-side goes through three distinct movements, all underpinned by the same fuzzy, cycling bassline. A kick drum breaks out partway... See full review
T Tauri - Joy To The World
posted a review of T Tauri - Joy To The World. over 17 years ago
Criminally ignored record here! The title track is a long-time favorite of mine - fantastic churning bassline from start to finish, lots of dubbed-out echo, and plenty of dreamy flourishes on top (is that a theremin I hear?). The two A-side versions... See full review
posted a review of Orbital. over 18 years ago
Orbital will be hugely missed! From the day I first took a gamble on their Brown Album in 1997, I was simply enthralled, and I've really never been able to find any other music that can make me feel the same way. As I got to know electronic music more... See full review
Jori Hulkkonen - We Are Invisible
posted a review of Jori Hulkkonen - We Are Invisible. over 18 years ago
Worth owning for the A-side alone - a gorgeous quirky house track with intertwining piano, flute and guitar. It takes a few minutes to get going, so it's nice for a long, drawn-out mix over a deeper, dubbier song. Once the bassline kicks in, though,... See full review
Woob - Woob 1194
posted a review of Woob - Woob 1194. over 18 years ago
Believe the hype. This album is over ten years old, and it still puts modern-day "chill-out" music to shame. Back in the day, I was a young teenager listening to New Age and World Music, and I feel like there's bits and pieces of everything I've heard... See full review
Menace - Reap What You Sow
posted a review of Menace - Reap What You Sow. over 18 years ago
Just when I really thought the whole "progressive" thing could go somewhere interesting, this record came along at the end of 2000. Maybe I'm being unfair, but I watched everyone jump on this record and hammer it, and I didn't get it at all. Growly... See full review
Ultramarine - Every Man And Woman Is A Star
posted a review of Ultramarine - Every Man And Woman Is A Star. over 18 years ago
It took a few listens to get past the quirkiness of it all, but this is fantastic, flavorful, and really heartfelt music. Something like pop meets folk meets reggae meets squibbly early 90's house, all mixed together with a touch that seems... See full review
Ulrich Schnauss
posted a review of Ulrich Schnauss. over 18 years ago
Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Ulrich's first live performance in the USA. Most of the 200 people couldn't make sense of it - too murky for dancing, too crisp for shoegazing. But those people who did were lost in the music, eyes closed and... See full review