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Bam Bam - Where's Your Child?
posted a comment on Bam Bam - Where's Your Child?. over 4 years ago
Sorry you're sad, but the "suck mix" is an illegal and unauthorized version not created by Chris Westbrook. That "unofficial version" was released on a BOOTLEG on Desire Records.

I am a bit lost here. Are all those 1988... See full review
posted a comment on CHBB - CH-BB. over 6 years ago
It's really not that hard to put it into a historical context to come to the conclusion that this is not meant in a racist way. I wouldn't be so quick to just wave it away as simple irony though - sarcasm, maybe, but it goes a little further than just... See full review
Wax (4)
posted a comment on Wax (4). over 6 years ago
Seeing how more than easily over 2000 people have most of each release and the same amount of people wanting them, "underground house music, not for the masses" wouldn't be exactly my words here... underground for the massess, now that'll be more like it.
MC R.A.W. - We Who Are Oppressed
posted a comment on MC R.A.W. - We Who Are Oppressed. over 6 years ago
It's actually Louis Farrakhan praising Muammar Gadaffi. My guess would be they lifted the sample from Front 242 - Funkahdafi.
Various - The Hardcore Champions
posted a review of Various - The Hardcore Champions. over 6 years ago
If there's only one Hardcore compilation I could keep, it'll be this one.
It feels like a spiritual successor to the Slave to the Rave compilations and indeed, like those two, this one was compiled by Inferno Bros. as well. Such is the high amount of... See full review
Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
posted a comment on Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. over 6 years ago
Also sampled all over the hardcore techno and dutch gabba in the 90s, most notoriously maybe in Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ. And of course, "Bass! How low can you go?" is almost as well known as NWA's "You are now about to witness the strength of... See full review
Bluttaufe - Schwarze Dornen
submitted Bluttaufe - Schwarze Dornen. over 6 years ago
Bluttaufe - Dem Untergang Verpflichtet
submitted Bluttaufe - Dem Untergang Verpflichtet. over 6 years ago
Kotai + Mo - Silencer
posted a comment on Kotai + Mo - Silencer. over 7 years ago
So I bought this 4 years ago on Discogs for €2.50. Record wasn't known or in demand back then and I just stumbled upon it by accident. Now I know vinyl prices got perverted and sharks are having a party on here, but it still eludes me: did anything... See full review
Needle Sharing - My Kind Came First
posted a review of Needle Sharing - My Kind Came First. over 7 years ago
Nicolas Chevreux, April 26, 2001, from

"It would be an euphemism to say that 'My kind came first' is a good album. In the midst of the current attraction of drum'n'bass and industrial, this CD will stay as a landmark and an... See full review
M|O|O|N* - The Remixes
submitted M|O|O|N* - The Remixes. over 11 years ago
Lost Sector - Midnight Journey EP
posted a review of Lost Sector - Midnight Journey EP. over 11 years ago
I don't know if the other releases on this label hold the quality one can find here, but if they do, then here is another overlooked acid and electro label from the mid 90s.

Midnight starts us off with a bold four to the floor kick clocking in at... See full review
Ancient Methods - Second Method
posted a comment on Ancient Methods - Second Method. over 11 years ago
A1 contains a sample from P·A·L's Gelöbnis to be found on the Signum album, namely the young female voice saying 'Achtung' repeatedly. While it could be picked from the orignal source that P·A·L used, the reverb is there as well so my guess is this is... See full review
submitted Tobias Schmidt - Lo-Fi Soul. over 11 years ago
The Cure - Bestival Live 2011
posted a comment on The Cure - Bestival Live 2011. over 11 years ago
Yeah well, those people that don't understand and find it offensive usually are left-wing politicians.
submitted Various - Chapter Fifteen: Armed Force EP. over 11 years ago
Imminent Starvation - Nord
posted a comment on Imminent Starvation - Nord. over 11 years ago
No offense, but especially when looking back I would state it the other way around. Now I like PAL and don't think he belongs into that row, but come on, Noisex and Hypnoskull more demanding than Imminent. No way. Not in complexity, creativity or variety.
Nacho Patrol - Futuristic Abeba
posted a comment on Nacho Patrol - Futuristic Abeba. over 11 years ago
On a side note, this was mostly done using the Yamaha RM1X Groovebox.
Space DJz - Lights
posted a review of Space DJz - Lights. over 11 years ago
A2 got my attention. Granted, there is no steady beat but enough rhythm going on with crunched percussion over that aggressive bassline and occasional filter chirps. The sonic boom this one creates is huge. Mix it up with some spare industrialized... See full review
Adam X - Sensory Deprivation
submitted Adam X - Sensory Deprivation. over 11 years ago
Nitzer Ebb - Shame (Mayday Mix) / Join In The Chant (Knarz Is Machine)
posted a review of Nitzer Ebb - Shame (Mayday Mix) / Join In The Chant (Knarz Is Machine). over 11 years ago
Derrick May's remix of "Shame" is probably the finest Nitzer Ebb remix there is. In my eyes, it is also superior to the original version. It's more raw and aggressive with less song structure in it and the odd time structure here and there. Perfect... See full review
Delko - Slumhouse
posted a review of Delko - Slumhouse. over 11 years ago
The main track starts off with a driving bassline and bursts of white noise while the kick takes comfort in the mid range era. Once the claps are in, it sounds like something that could have been released on Len Fakis Figures imprint. It's an engaging... See full review
Juanjo Mur - Traitor
posted a review of Juanjo Mur - Traitor. over 11 years ago
Hands down, I bought this record because the man is dead. Not only that, dying while rocking the turntables is something else.
I had no idea what it sounded like and it was cheap to boot, so there were three good reasons to purchase it.
Judging by his... See full review
DJ P.M.C.* - Mental Groove E.P.
posted a review of DJ P.M.C.* - Mental Groove E.P.. over 12 years ago
Good versatile three tracker that can easily be picked up for a ridiculous amount of cash. I've paid less than 1€ and would have easily paid five times more.

On the A side that is actually entitled as B1 we have "Mental Groove". While not actually... See full review
DJ P.M.C.* - Mental Groove E.P.
posted a review of DJ P.M.C.* - Mental Groove E.P.. over 12 years ago
Good versatile three tracker that can easily be picked up for a ridiculous amount of cash. I've paid less than 1€ and would have easily paid five times more.

On the A side that is actually entitled as B1 we have "Mental Groove". While not actually... See full review
Seeker - Manifestation
posted a review of Seeker - Manifestation. over 12 years ago
I've never digged that deep into Oliver Ho's discography but over the time quite a few of his releases have found its way to me, though this is probably the most uncommon I've heard so far. Three timeless and deep techno tracks on this one.
A1 takes... See full review
Various - Thunderdome IX (The Revenge Of The Mummy)
posted a review of Various - Thunderdome IX (The Revenge Of The Mummy). over 13 years ago
Take some 15 gabber and hardcore producers, a lot of happy pills, a collection of the world's most awful and oldest collection of hits, put all of this in a basement, lock the door and collect the music this setting creates some days later. This is... See full review
Various - Chapter Fifteen: Armed Force EP
posted a review of Various - Chapter Fifteen: Armed Force EP. over 13 years ago
DJ Boss opens up with a short sharp shock that sets the tone of this EP: offbeat, dark, repetitive. A track that starts and stops all the time yet never breaks down with some bass stabs lurking around. Not a lot of development here, but a massive tool... See full review
MNX Recordings
posted a review of MNX Recordings. over 13 years ago
MNX seems to be more like a matter of taste rather than being a matter of style. Releases here range from techno to classic electro, hints of rhythmic noise and even some breaks and hip hop beats. No constant style here and not being compatible to... See full review
Go Hiyama - Same Vector EP
posted a review of Go Hiyama - Same Vector EP. over 14 years ago
A2, Servant, is actually quite beautiful. While the beats are hard and pounding, a dreamy and melancholic melody floats atop of it. The only other hard techno producer being able to pull this off without sounding cheesy is probably Takaaki Itoh, and... See full review
The Hacker - Traces
posted a review of The Hacker - Traces. over 14 years ago
Not including the original version was a big mistake here. While the Oxia remix is quite ok, it suffers from an all too simple DJ friendly build up and bad use of the vocal, even filtering it. Totally kills the magic and makes it an expendable track.... See full review
The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always
posted a review of The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always. over 14 years ago
I hate to say it, but The Sisters Of Mercy's debut album will always remain their best one to me. It suffers a bit from underproducing, but then, all their other albums suffer from overproducing and the sheer amount of bombast thrown in your face. I... See full review
Anthony Rother - Popkiller
posted a review of Anthony Rother - Popkiller. over 14 years ago
I don't know, punk made with synthesizers may refer to early DAF albums but certainly not to this one. I must admit I'm no fan of Mr. Rother although he manages to score a hit with me from time to time and I've got to admit he knows his stuff, but... See full review
Wolfsheim - Hamburg Rom Wolfsheim
posted a review of Wolfsheim - Hamburg Rom Wolfsheim. over 14 years ago
One could argue that live albums from electronic groups are pointless and most of the time, that is correct. And then there's Wolfsheim who don't even move on stage let alone say anything to the audience between songs except the song titles. However,... See full review
Kareem - Caspian Gold ep
posted a review of Kareem - Caspian Gold ep. over 15 years ago
To say this is dark would be an understatement. What comes here disguised as offbeat techno is the evil lurking in your subconscious, and it's growing with every track on this release.
Not hard hitting, instead layered with drones and atmospheres and... See full review
Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk
posted a review of Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk. over 15 years ago
Brutal, hard and most of it all unholy fast, the only compromise taken here in terms of Black Metal may well be the sound. Thanks to Peter Tägtgren skills as a producer it has a distinct drive and tightness while keeping its edge and being well aware... See full review
She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge
posted a review of She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge. over 16 years ago
Not outstanding and easily forgot in five years (in fact I forgot about it one year after and now while revisiting, it can't catch me the slightest like it did the first 20 plays or so), but fun while it lasted. Surely the influences are obvious and... See full review
Axel Bartsch & Asem Shama - Drumfiles 3.0
posted a review of Axel Bartsch & Asem Shama - Drumfiles 3.0. over 17 years ago
Nice driving release with tribal percussions and a definite retro charme. The a-side features housy vocals in the break and while this is all good and surprisingly fitting, when the beat comes back it might go slightly over the top, reminding me a bit... See full review
Faze Action - In The Trees (Carl Craig Remix, Original Mix)
posted a review of Faze Action - In The Trees (Carl Craig Remix, Original Mix). over 17 years ago
What's strange about this is how much In The Trees resembles Rob D's Clubbed To Death, at least the strings and the way it's building up. The latter is even more remarkable with the C2 remix and it's even more odd concerning that Clubbed To Death has... See full review
Various - Europa Power Electron Industries
posted a review of Various - Europa Power Electron Industries. over 17 years ago
It's great to see that this style gets some serious vinyl releases, I always thought that it would go well in any harder techno set. I'm a bit disappointed about the choice of tracks though, because all of them were played to death in German goth... See full review
Metope - Libertango / Parallel To You
posted a review of Metope - Libertango / Parallel To You. over 17 years ago
Yeah, definitely a classic one, even today. You just can't name which side is better as they are both excellent. Somewhat minimal, it's got all that you need, great timeless melodies as well as pushing beats, plus a dirty aesthetic that is unique to... See full review
Nitzer Ebb - Body Rework Remixes
posted a review of Nitzer Ebb - Body Rework Remixes. over 17 years ago
Regarding the collaboration of Fixmer/McCarthy and the other remixes that came out this century, it was quite clear what would happen. It was about time that Nitzer Ebb gets the credit they deserve when it comes to techno.
Dubfire did great work both... See full review
Spetsnaz - Grand Design
posted a review of Spetsnaz - Grand Design. over 17 years ago
When I was listening to this and left the room for a second, I found myself coming back asking me what unknown Nitzer Ebb track that may be. So Spetsnaz really do sound a lot like Nitzer Ebb, although they can't reach the anger and violence Nitzer Ebb... See full review
Back In Black (2)
posted a review of Back In Black (2). over 17 years ago
I've never seen those Technopolis releases anywhere, but they are quite nice. A really interesting collection of tracks and artists from the early synth-pop, ebm and industrial era while (mostly) avoiding the classics you can find on every other... See full review
Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme
posted a review of Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme. over 18 years ago
Crockett's Theme could well be one of the most emotional pieces of (electronic) music I've ever heard. Shame on me it only came on to me via the GTA: Vice City soundtrack, but hey, I was born in 1982 so this may be not my own fault alone. Have yet to... See full review
Dive - Behind The Sun
posted a review of Dive - Behind The Sun. over 18 years ago
Yes, it's different than his previous releases. And though I love his older works, the sound could have become a bit worn out 5 years later, leaving people to bitch about Dive standing still. This is some nice development we see here and in my opinion... See full review
Suicide Commando - Mindstrip
posted a review of Suicide Commando - Mindstrip. over 19 years ago
Every now and then, I give it a shot and have a good time with it. One might argue that some tracks like Hellraiser or Love Breeds Suicide have been played to death in the clubs, but anyway those still retain some of my Suicide Commando's favorites.... See full review
Suicide Commando - Axis Of Evil
posted a review of Suicide Commando - Axis Of Evil. over 19 years ago
Things start off well enough with the opening track. Nothing too original and quite repetitive, but still a catchy track and despite the duration surprisingly not too long. The change that Van Roy's previous album Mindstrip has marked has continued,... See full review
Deine Lakaien - Live In Concert 2002
posted a review of Deine Lakaien - Live In Concert 2002. over 19 years ago
I've been to the 2nd part of the White Lies Tour and being a long time fan of Deine Lakaien, my expectations were extremly high, though I didn't like the White Lies Album too much compared to some earlier works. Anyway, my expectations for the concert... See full review
Needle Sharing - Switching To Channel Inferno
posted a review of Needle Sharing - Switching To Channel Inferno. over 20 years ago
Less distorted but happier than his previous releases, albeit some tracks are a bit too slow.
The interludes are quite nice and surprisingly didn't get on my nerves after a while but really support the theme of the album if you want to call it a... See full review