Collecting cheap 45rpm 7" vinyl with an Agit Disco bias. Organising the Agit Disco dispersal phase. Looking for venues to host a confluence of (local) selectors of audio recordings that have had a political effect in their lives. e.g. example
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posted a comment on Zara Music Records. over 4 years ago
I have a 7"demo with Spartacus R 'Expectation' on one side and King Kong 'Toot Toot' on the other. 1983
posted a comment on Pavement - Stuff Up The Cracks. over 5 years ago
I have just got the 7" vinyl single listed above as 'Free single with Crooked Rain' (tracks 14/15), It is Big Cat label 7861 Abb56 fs,(No mention of Crooked Rain on label) track 15 is actually 'Jam Kids'. It is a plain white card cover.
posted a comment on Crackousrockanroll - Back Home / Barrelhouse Cam In Vietnam. over 5 years ago
One sided record. A local Blackpool issue ...
posted a comment on Criminal Element Orchestra - Put The Needle To The Record. over 5 years ago
Under-rated producer of the era
posted a comment on Martin Stephenson & The Daintees* - Left Us To Burn. over 5 years ago
The B side of the 7" I have has a second track on the B side 'Eyot' as in other versions
posted a comment on Ruddy Thomas - Dem A Fight I. over 5 years ago
Why is this almost solely instrumental track called 'Dem A Fight I'? approx date?
posted a comment on Tippa Irie - Heartbeat. over 5 years ago
repeat cannot delete
submitted Bobby Dean - More And More. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on KC Flightt - Planet E. over 5 years ago
My copy has 'PROMO COPY ONLY - NOT FOR SALE' and B side is Hip Hop Mix (edited version) presumably for radio play...
posted a comment on Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry Hits. over 5 years ago
Someone rated this record as a 2 which is ridiculous because it has four of his best songs on it...
posted a comment on Jackie Brown - Miss Hard To Get. over 5 years ago
My copy has the B side as 'A Victory Dub'. The label has a bluish tinge compared with the photo above
posted a comment on Cynthia Richards / Dingles Brothers* - Foolish Fool / I Don't Care. over 5 years ago
I have a single on the same label with Dingles (sic) Brothers 'I don't Care' on one side and 'John Public' by The Dynmites (sic) on the other side
posted a comment on Scrapper Blackwell - Longtime Blues. over 5 years ago
Back cover says 'Scrapper is 65 years old' so I guess you can work out the approx date. He was born in 1903 (wikipedia) so release date c 1962.
posted a comment on Marlene Dietrich - Marlene. over 5 years ago
I have exactly the same record and cover but a UK 1962 release 7EG 8844 (not 7EGO)
posted a review of Lonnie Donegan And His Group* - My Old Man's A Dustman. over 5 years ago
This song is strongly related to British musical traditions. It is also a 'vulgar' song which takes delight in the most lowly of work. Sung in front of the HRH Queen Elisabeth at a televised Royal Variety performance it it shocked and delighted me... See full review
posted a comment on The Who - My Generation. over 5 years ago
The implication, to working class youth at least, was that when he stammered: "F..F...F... fade away!" what he would really say is "FFFuck off" which is what most of us wanted to say a lot of time. Even more amazing to hear it on TV.
posted a comment on Tippa Irie - Heartbeat. over 5 years ago
This was a subversive record because on the B side of this syrupy pop of Heartbeat is a heavy dub agit disco track Live as One. I've rated this side 4 stars.
posted a comment on Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue. over 5 years ago
Took a while to find this - mine has not got a solid centre
posted a comment on Sinéad O'Connor - Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home. over 5 years ago
The back cover made to look as if stained with blood. To Commemorate Nahaman Carmona Lopez, a Guatemalan street child attacked by police and died 14 March 1990.
posted a comment on The Durham Ox Singers - Revolution #9. over 5 years ago
This is really experimental music but made by a group of friends in the Durham Ox pub in Leicester.
It is an artwork piece.
posted a comment on Kalin Twins - When / Three O'Clock Thrill. over 5 years ago
This was a sensation amongst (London) youth at the time of its release because it had a chorus of "Oh yeh Do you wanna bunk-up?" which at the time was the rudest thing we'd every heard on a hit record. Perhaps the record execs just didn't know what... See full review
posted a comment on Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes. over 5 years ago
Record label has portrait of Lenin on 'a' side and Reagan on 'b' side! A Cold war classic?
posted a comment on The Lovely Eggs - Magic Onion. over 5 years ago
The whole thing is an artwork and collectors item - fantastic.
posted a comment on Denis Nolan / Mad Professor - Living In The City / False Curl Girl Dub. over 5 years ago
False Curl Girl Dub Mad Professor 1997 from the album series Black Liberation 1994 - 1997 vol 4 Under the Spell of Dub
posted a comment on Sizzla - We Are The People. over 5 years ago
I'm not sure of the release date is correct
There is no date on the record
submitted Sizzla - We Are The People. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - More R&B From S&B. over 5 years ago
I have one with release date of 1958
posted a comment on Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway. over 5 years ago
Back of sleeve news pic of George Ince and "FREE GEORGE INCE CAMPAIGN"
posted a comment on The Crowd (2) - You'll Never Walk Alone. over 5 years ago
cover blurb "In aid of the BRADFORD CITY Disaster Fund"
posted a comment on Pluto Shervington - Ram Goat Liver. over 5 years ago
Along with DAT these are "paradoxical stories of poverty disguised as comedy tunes". Much loved performer.
posted a comment on Pooka - City Sick EP. over 5 years ago
Pooka could be magic to hear live, as I did several times at Andy Allan's acoustic Easycome club in Stuart Arms in Peckham Rye. Whimsical and sensitive, with creative dynamics and interesting lyrics.
posted a comment on Aswad - Beauty's Only Skin Deep. over 5 years ago
cover of the Temptations song. For reggae fans 'pop tripe'. Nice photo of them on the picture cover though.