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submitted Various - Fukuinn 02. 26 days ago
posted a comment on PRZ (2) - Wishmaker EP. 5 months ago
yes yes, quality electro from mr Perez, best ep to date from this gentleman
posted a review of Mikkel Betzer - Absorbation EP. 8 months ago
I guess Roza Terenzi haven't found this record yet as it's still cheap. Quality Trancey House on A2 by Pete Lazonby and another one on B1 by the infamous Jata
posted a comment on Micro Cosmic*, Daevid Alien* - Sacred Geometry II. 9 months ago
this album and others in the series are available digitally:
submitted Tadan - Dance Of Dualism. 12 months ago
posted a comment on LDS - Organic Computer Awareness. about 1 year ago
w o w . w o w . w o w
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submitted The Information Society - Who Is It. about 1 year ago
submitted Sansibar - Paradise Industrial Complex. about 1 year ago
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posted a comment on Various - Step Back Trax 004. over 2 years ago
A1 is an edit of "Alicia Myers - Thank You"
posted a comment on Chandanam - Whispers Of The Silent Colors. over 2 years ago
oho kokio čia gerumo, kodėl tik dabar susidūriau ... ?
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posted a comment on CN - More Obscure Research. over 2 years ago
couple of hidden treasures here . dig dig dig :)
posted a comment on Innov Gnawa - Toura Toura. over 2 years ago
sounds a bit like the master Majid Bekkas . . .
posted a comment on Alpha Tracks - Blau. over 3 years ago
B2 - Voyager of the seas . . . Ayayay !
posted a comment on Lee Burton - FH:12. over 3 years ago
' Roundimage ' is the one for me . . .
posted a comment on Janeret - JNRT888. over 3 years ago
I suggest to also check out this tune: Janeret - Skyward
posted a comment on Various - Doing It In Lagos (Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria). over 3 years ago
Listen to the feeling, to their sense of rhythm, hear the way they celebrate life..
posted a comment on Pelican Daughters - Fishbones And Wishbones. over 3 years ago
this album is an absolute treasure. buy on sight !
posted a comment on Watching Airplanes - Psyop. over 3 years ago
. . . f r e s h . . .
posted a comment on Michael O'Shea - Michael O'Shea. over 3 years ago
s p e c t a c u l a r
posted a comment on Ruxpin - Midnight Drive. over 3 years ago
o u t s t a n d i n g
added C. Young* - Daily's to their wantlist. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Scott Edward - Phlash. over 3 years ago
its the tech house people. they must be goin crazy about this
posted a comment on DMX Krew - Nu Romantix. over 3 years ago
r e p r e s s incoming . . .
posted a comment on CEM3340 - Perfect Stranger LP. over 3 years ago
If Aux 88 and Dynarec had a kid that would be CEM3340...
posted a comment on X.Y.R. - El Dorado. over 4 years ago
I only wish they had included " Rainforest " ...
posted a comment on Anthiliawaters - The Miles Without You. over 5 years ago
This is like Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café vol 2 - sweet!
posted a comment on Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat. over 5 years ago
Somewhere between Gigi Masin and Steve Reich . Beautiful .
posted a comment on Hiele* - Essential Oils. over 5 years ago
So much goodness in here! ... diverse, melodic, and unique.
posted a comment on Koova - Mars500 Project. over 6 years ago
B1 is insane!
posted a comment on Dope Dog - Keep House Unda'Ground. over 6 years ago
I guess you guys havent heard the Old Skool mix to rate it under 4 stars...
posted a comment on Area (3) - Amalgam EP. over 6 years ago
A2 is heaven
posted a comment on Harvey Sutherland - Brothers. over 6 years ago
B2 wow
posted a comment on Minilogue - Jakata. over 7 years ago
B !!!