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posted a comment on Cat Power - Wanderer. 2 months ago
More crackly garbage from Rainbo, avoid like the plague. Sad to hear about Domino ignoring complaints.
posted a comment on Gas - Narkopop. 8 months ago
That's why I'm questioning this 24-bit entry. Does it exist or not?
posted a comment on Otis Redding - Love Man. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Gas - Narkopop. about 1 year ago
I was told by KOMPAKT that no 24-bit files were made available for sale. Is someone able to verify this?
posted a comment on Agnes Obel - Stretch Your Eyes (Quiet Village Remix). about 1 year ago
Will there be a US distributor for this 12" release?
posted a comment on The Higher Intelligence Agency - Freefloater. about 1 year ago
Have you heard A Positive Life - Synaesthetic, Global Communication - 76:14 and Pete Namlook - Air I & II?
posted a comment on Higher Intelligence Agency* - The Speedlearn EP. over 2 years ago
Don't forget the obvious Captain Beefheart sample on "Solid Motion." From "Well" on Trout Mask Replica.
posted a comment on Panda Bear - Tomboy. over 7 years ago
My info comes straight from Paw Tracks. Explain to me how Amazon shipped clear vinyl if it's only for Record Store Day?
posted a comment on Panda Bear - Tomboy. over 7 years ago
I think that you have it reversed. Info on Insound is incorrect. First 1000=clear vinyl.
posted a comment on Cake Like - Goodbye, So What. over 8 years ago
Pretty decent album in the Breeders/Elastica vein. Is that Deputy Trudy Wiegel on the cover? Yes it is!
posted a comment on The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Experimental Remixes. over 8 years ago
Not a big Moby fan but that remix of Greyhound is tops!
posted a comment on Old School Professors Of Funk* - Old School Street Jams. over 8 years ago
Beware...these are cover versions. I was conned into buying Vol. 2 which I thought was a compilation of the original tracks. Their cover of "Brass Monkey" has to be heard to be believed!
posted a comment on Various - Top Of The Stax - Twenty Greatest Hits. over 8 years ago
I own over 8000 cds and this one really stands can see straight through it! It's by far the most transparent cd I own.
posted a comment on Pearl Jam - Ten. over 8 years ago
It's called dynamics. You're SUPPOSED to be able to crank a well mastered album to get the full effect. You must be used to the shitty trend of hot mastered discs with absolutely no life or dynamics.
posted a comment on Sea Hags - Sea Hags. over 8 years ago
This is a pretty great sleaze/dirt rock album. Mike Clink was coming off Appetite For Destruction so there were high hopes for this record and band...heroin's a bitch.
posted a comment on The Subjectivist League - The Subjectivist League. over 8 years ago
Pretty funny Jerky Boys calls.
posted a comment on Cornershop - Wog. over 8 years ago
Pick this up for the little known Freaky Chakra Acid DJ Mix.
posted a comment on Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious. over 9 years ago
Waveform unknown??? Wow...really?