For All The Haters Who Are Upset I Have An Opinion And Thus Believe I Wasn't There In The Good Old Days, Unfortunately For You I Was Born In 1974, I Was A Raver In The Good Old Days And I DJ Too Using Vinyl...Thanks For Reading....Also A Big Thankyou To All The Dj's And Producers Not Forgetting All The Event Organisers And My Friends And The Ravers Back Then Who Made My Memories As Fond As They Are, They Were Good Times And The Music Is Timeless, We Were Truly Lucky To Be There, All Of Us.
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posted a comment on Lost - The Gonzo / Baz De Conga. about 14 hours ago
As i stated matey the sound from "The Gonzo" your link is in reference to "Baz De Congo"!! The Eerie sound at the start of "The Gonzo" i believe was taken from Cameo's "She's Strange" listen at the 18 second mark on "She's Strange" Cameo also Remixed ... See full review
posted a comment on Love Dove Jay - Awakening E.P.. about 15 hours ago
Ive Got An 8 Inch Cock And It Looks Big On The Soft Too..Beat That!!!!!
posted a comment on Cloud 9 - Back To Detroit EP. about 15 hours ago
This is (for those that are wondering) a nice sounding press.
posted a comment on Alex Reece. about 15 hours ago
Dunno but maybe Ron Wells does as Ron is releasing Electronic Experienced material through MPS.......I also heard Alex Reece took Ron Wells for a bit of money back in the day so maybe he's still in hiding!!
posted a comment on The Anthill Mob - Penelopes Theme. 1 day ago
That review had to have been typed after a few beers !!!
posted a comment on Phuture Assasins* - I Like Techno. 2 days ago
Love This Record, Remember It Well..1990 Was A Good Year...And I Don't Mean A Tyre..!!!!
posted a comment on Nitrous. 2 days ago
Matt Gray...Legend...Enjoy His Tunes Just As Much Today As I Did Back Then..Another Superb Producer.
posted a comment on Mystery Man / 1st Prodject - The Unreleased Prodjects. 2 days ago
Have you posted on the wrong Release page? A double pack was recently released and this as you can see was Released in 2010..
You seem to be ok paying alot of money for tunes too or ... See full review
posted a comment on Bizzy B + Peshay - 2 Dope E.P.. 2 days ago
Merder Style Always Reminds Me Of Ratty..Superb Timeless Twelve, Can't Say No More Than That.
posted a comment on A Touch Of Jazz - Respected Not Accepted / Taz. 3 days ago
Both sides of this record show an absolute next level of musicality that was never really bettered.....You need to get out more!!
posted a comment on Bass Construction - Dance With Power The Remixes. 6 days ago
Hell of a record...Bass Construction cheers for all the tunes...
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry. 6 days ago
And of course when you remaster them you loose that gritty sound, the sound you heard back then, the character is lost, admittedly some tunes back then sounded awful from a mastering viewpoint but very few were that way or that bad, leave the tunes alone ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Easygroove - The Technodredd 7 - Nice 'N Easy-ish Mix. 6 days ago
fulop94 your an absolute diamond mate, thankyou very much for that.
posted a comment on Jack Smooth. 6 days ago
The True Meaning of Pioneer..

A person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area....
Develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).....

Many people fall into those categories.....
posted a comment on Citizen Caned* - Set Me Free. 7 days ago
More people trying to rob the punters! Sort it out...!!
posted a comment on Nick Nicely. 7 days ago
This Chap Has Been Involved In Some Blinding Tunes Mate..
posted a comment on L.T.J. Bukem* - Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted. 10 days ago
"I Need A Girl In The Morning, I Need A Girl In The Evening Too"...Ratty And MC Mad P The Edge...(Enchanted)
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry. 10 days ago
Exactly Mark, although there are those that disagree with me and have totally missed the point that i have tried to get across! Look down, which you probably have already!!
posted a comment on Shaun Imrei - Dance With Me. 10 days ago
Got That Dave Charlesworth Vibe To It In Places, Shaun Imrei Was A Superb Producer..
posted a comment on Windy Milla. 12 days ago
Great Producer, So Many Tunes And So Many Styles, Definitely Not A One Trick Pony!! Cheers Nookie..
posted a comment on Cloud 9. 12 days ago
Great Producer, So Many Tunes And So Many Styles, Definitely Not A One Trick Pony!! Cheers Nookie..
posted a comment on Nookie. 12 days ago
Great Producer, So Many Tunes And So Many Styles, Definitely Not A One Trick Pony!! Cheers Nookie..
posted a comment on Eon - Inner Mind. 12 days ago
Music Like This From 1989-1990 Really Impressed On Me At That Time As Had Electro And Created Another Place I Could Go In My Head, The Thoughts And Feelings It Conjured Up Made Me Feel At Home, Part Of Something And It Just Got Better As It Progressed ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm Section (2) - Midsummer Madness EP. 13 days ago
Those Double Dipped ones were strong, really strong, like you say very dangerous and looking back they were..
posted a comment on Remarc - R.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup. 14 days ago
I won't disagree with you there matey, that much is true....
posted a comment on LFO - LFO. 14 days ago
My Ring Tone..Along With Some Other Corkers..Too Many Good Tracks From This Era And Onwards..We Were Spoiled!!!
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry. 14 days ago
What a load of rubbish you've just spouted, have you re read what you typed??
posted a comment on Rhythm Section (2) - Midsummer Madness EP. 14 days ago
As your picture illustrates..Purple Ohm..Done a Double Dipped one of them, maybe they called them Double Dipped because a Double Dip Purple Ohm was bigger than a standard trip or Purple Ohm so therefore more acid to consume!!...They were one of the most ... See full review
posted a comment on Justice & Mercy - Concrete Jungle EP. 14 days ago
Seriously Good EP With Fake Lobsters Being A Favourite, Love That Tune Just As Much Today As I Did Back Then..
posted a comment on Rhythm Section (2) - Midsummer Madness EP. 14 days ago
Peoples Faces Used To Melt when I Took Those Pink And Orange UV'S..!!!
posted a comment on T.M.R. Inc - Untitled. 14 days ago
Top Buzz Were Also Big Players Of The A Side..
posted a comment on Cloud Nine* - Blacka' Shade Of Dub. 14 days ago
My Copy Of This Has The A Side Label On The B Side Of The Record Too..
posted a comment on Desired State - Desired State EP. 14 days ago
Personal Favourite Of Mine Too, Never Tire Of Hearing It, You've Knocked The Nail On The Head..
posted a comment on DJ Face - Face EP. 18 days ago
Somebody Has To Do A Repress, This Really Is Deserving, It's Dj Face For Christ Sake....!!!
posted a comment on Psychotropic - Hypnosis. 18 days ago
The Man Like The Dj Clarkee, Your Right What You Say And The Whole Twelve Really Is A Pearler, Those Tunes Did And Still Do Really Mean Something, Psychotropic Produced Some Right Blinders..
posted a comment on Congress - 40 Miles / Better Grooves. 18 days ago
Going Out To The Mental Raver, To The Mental Raver!!
posted a comment on Various - Unreleased Vol 1. 18 days ago
Spot On Tunes On This Release But Only The Rich Will Be Able To Afford It....
posted a comment on DJ Remould / New Age (2) - Loco Angel / Viv Sez. 19 days ago
Thats What Im Saying, He Never Played At That Event trebor74 Which Is Why I Find The Comments Made By Certain People On YouTube Funny....Somebodies Fibbing!!
posted a comment on Code Of Practice - Can We Change The Future Remixes. 26 days ago
Can We Change The Future (Sounds Of Life Remix) samples an episode of Star Trek-The Original Series where Kirk, Spock and McCoy end up as human lab rats for powerful alien experiments.
posted a comment on Essence Of Aura - The Pure Essence EP. about 1 month ago
Ratty Ratty Ratty...The staple of many a set for the Dj Ratty, Hard and Dark as you like which can be expected from EOA
posted a comment on DJ Crystl - The Dark Crystl. about 1 month ago
I don't suppose Dj Crystl gives a hoot really, he'd have been paid already and everybody else will just have to turn the Trim/Gain up or purchase an Original copy and forget about the V.I.P......Shame really as any future releases will be treated with ... See full review
posted a comment on Timebase Feat. Kromozone - Unity / Fireball. about 1 month ago
Yep they really really were..Commercial Garbage Makers and so on..
posted a comment on Lost - The Gonzo / Baz De Conga. about 1 month ago
I wonder if they got that Eerie sound in "The Gonzo" from Cameo's "Shes Strange" take a listen because i say they did!!!
posted a comment on Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life. about 1 month ago
Come Into My Mouth Ive Got So Much Love To Show You...As sung by Nick Morrell...!!!! Hello Nick!!
posted a comment on Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Genius Rap. about 1 month ago
Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" samples Genius Rap...I hope all were paid well?
posted a comment on DJ Crystl. about 1 month ago
One of my mates won a Graffiti Competition back in the day and his artwork is out of this world, very talented and it's hard to believe a human being can draw and spray in such detail.
posted a comment on Tribal Rhythm - I Won't Stop (Acieed!). 2 months ago
Remember it well, Frankie Bones stuff stands out a mile, Cheers Frankie very much for the tunes.
submitted Force Mass Motion - Chase EP. 2 months ago
submitted Easygroove* - Easygroove The Technodredd. over 2 years ago
submitted Struggle - Style & Fashion. over 4 years ago