I've collecting vinyl (mostly hip hop, electronic, dance-related)since 1979.
I'm now in the process of sifting through my collection and putting them up on the site to sell - most of which will be as a little as 20 pence

Feel free to email any questions about the records I have for sale, I'm also willing to do trades!
Please do not contact me asking to mp3 tracks! Cheers.

Most of my collection is open to offers, even if i haven't had a chance to put it up on the site yet! email me a offer if you see something you like!

I also make music, on my netlabel Deskjob Recordings, of the eclectic variety, from electronica to beats, breaks and house. Please visit my site, where all the releases are available for free download.
I also do a Purple Radio 8-10 gmt a month http://www.purple-radio.co.uk/

Please visit my blog for my information and downloads



All of my records are in very good condition, I note a lot of sellers state that theirs are mint (but remember mint means brand new).

Shipping info:

£3.50 for the first record and £0.50 per item thereafter
£1.50 for the first 7 or cd and £1 per item thereafter

£7.00 for the first record and £1.50 per item thereafter
£4.00 for the first 7 or cd and £1 per item thereafter

£10 for the first record and £3 for each 12 thereafter
£6 for the first 7 or cd and £2 thereafter

Doubles count as two records.

email any questions to me at tatman303@gmail.com
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Released as a cd and as a glorious double lp. Dark, strange and all roundly original, most of the tracks stll hold their own, even a decade or so later. In terms of the cover, if anyone knows where to get a pine effect turntable contact us pronto.
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