Few words here, more to come latter,

I am a scientist involved in designing the data taking of nuclear physics experiment. One of the biggest digital recorder in the world. Therefore my music is analog :) Vinyls and magnetic tape.

I have some 10 000 vinyls (and counting) and enough magnetic tape to cross the atlantic.

I do not intend to sell my records (but if a friend is looking for something I own ... )

ReVoX and Denon 103 forever ...
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submitted Jean Ferrat - Mon Palais. 3 days ago
submitted Hugues Aufray - Céline . 3 days ago
submitted Aphrodite's Child - Rain And Tears. 3 days ago
submitted Anne Sylvestre - Les Nouvelles Fabulettes - Le Petit Sapin. 3 days ago
submitted Beethoven*, Serge Petitgirard - Sonate N° 8 En Do Mineur, Op. 13 "Pathétique". 4 days ago
submitted Les Frères Jacques - 4 - La Marie-Joseph. 4 days ago
submitted Marino Marini Et Son Quartette* - Dansons Joyeusement Vol. 5. 6 days ago
submitted Mardi Gras - Girl I've Got News For You / If I Can't Have You. 10 days ago
submitted J.S. Bach*, Marie-Claire Alain - Chorals. 10 days ago
submitted The Grease Band - Laughed At The Judge. 10 days ago
submitted Various - Les Bronchopeneumopathies Virales. 10 days ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Rondomycine Cycline Semi-Synthétique N°4. 10 days ago
submitted Fleetwood Mac - The Farmer's Daughter. 24 days ago
submitted The Who - The Seeker. 29 days ago
submitted Titi (2), Grosminet - Rondes Et Comptines. about 1 month ago
submitted France Gall - La Déclaration D'amour. about 1 month ago
submitted Félix Gray - Histoire D'Amour Raté . about 1 month ago
submitted Catherine Lara - Johan / Sous L'Escalier. about 1 month ago
submitted Alain Goraguer - J'irai Cracher Sur Vos Tombes - Bande Originale Du Film De Michel Gast. about 1 month ago
submitted Hikaru Hayashi - L'ile Nue. about 1 month ago
submitted Michele Torr* - Midnight Blue En Irlande. about 1 month ago
submitted Marian Anderson - Ave Maria . about 1 month ago
submitted Bernadette* - Bernadette. about 1 month ago
submitted Back In Time - El Condor Pasa. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Les Grands Moments De La Chanson Française Vol. 2. about 1 month ago
submitted Claude François - Le Mal Aimé. 2 months ago
submitted Sim (3) - J'Aime Pas Les Rhododendrons / Je Suis Heureux. 2 months ago
submitted Serge Reggiani - Ballade Pour Un Traitre . 2 months ago
submitted André Claveau - André Claveau Chante Charlie Chaplin . 2 months ago
submitted Eric Burdon And The Animals* - St. James Infirmary / Year Of The Guru. 3 months ago
submitted Gerry Reynolds Et Ses Texas Boys - Danses Du Far-West. 3 months ago
submitted Vincent Morgagni Et Son Orchestre Viennois* - Suite De Valses. 3 months ago
submitted Pascal Laval - Nous Deux. 3 months ago
submitted Sarcloret - Les Pulls De Ma Poule. 3 months ago
submitted Various - Cocktail-Party . 3 months ago
submitted Patrick Bousquet - C'Etait En Juin En Normandie. 3 months ago
submitted Michel Sardou - Enregistrements Originaux 1972-1973. 3 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Les Animaux Du Grand Nord. 3 months ago
submitted Die Alte Bayrische Kapelle - Die Alte Bayrische Kapelle . 3 months ago
submitted Hetty Koes Endang - Emut Bae. 4 months ago
submitted Ama Amiruddin, Tajuddin Nur - Bugis-Abadi Pop Melayu Vol 3 . 4 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Special Pop Mandarin. 4 months ago
submitted Happy Group* - The Best Of The Beatles. 4 months ago
submitted Les Haricots Rouges - Tout Va Tres Bien Madame la Marquise. 4 months ago
submitted Pierre Perret (2) - Toutes Comm' Ça !. 4 months ago
submitted Laurent Morain - Le Cœur Mafia. 4 months ago
submitted Sylvano (2) - Ô Julietta. 4 months ago
submitted Henri Salvador - Kissinger - Le Duc Tho . 4 months ago
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