I'm of those rare Russian folks, who prefer buying great music in original (only originals listed in my collection). However, I usually listen to mp3 at first.

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1000schoen* - Vein
posted a review of 1000schoen* - Vein. 7 months ago
Track 3-3 "United Equilizer" samples "Ultramarine" from Michael Brook's "Cobalt Blue" album.
Source Records (2)
posted a comment on Source Records (2). about 1 year ago
Mostly top-notch electronica, pretty much unlike everything else you've listened to. Don't be misled by cheap CD prices, as well as obscurity surrounding these releases. This is the case of an excellent label, which has got overlooked. If you are a... See full review
Fax +49-69/450464
posted a comment on Fax +49-69/450464. over 3 years ago
PW 54 was planned to be "Sultan-Murad" (Namlook/Burhan Öcal).
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
Johannes Heil - 20.000 Leagues Under The Skin
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - 20.000 Leagues Under The Skin. over 6 years ago
Not aware yet of his other works, but this one sounds solid and uplifting. Excellent rhythm and textures production +++

P.S. The original track order is a mess. For better consistency try the following track order: 1, 5, 9, 7, 10, 4, 2, 8, 3, 6.
The Martian - Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer
posted a comment on The Martian - Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer. over 7 years ago
Cosmic Movement uses the beginning from track Sequential by Pete Namlook & DJ Criss.
Валерий Панков - Хиты из мультиков
submitted Валерий Панков - Хиты из мультиков. over 8 years ago
Naoki Kenji - Denshi Ongaku
posted a comment on Naoki Kenji - Denshi Ongaku. over 8 years ago
Absolutely perfect downtempo music for relaxation after a hard working day. No unnecessary sounds, just pure harmony with atmospheric evening mood.
Lux - Northern Lights
posted a review of Lux - Northern Lights. over 8 years ago
Steve Miller and James Bright, a duo of two talented electronic producers, released a seriously good chill-out album. "Northern Lights" comprises eleven well-crafted tracks that easily fit for putting a listener's mind at ease while remaining active... See full review
Celer - Without Retrospect, The Morning
posted a comment on Celer - Without Retrospect, The Morning. over 8 years ago
My apologies. The similarity seemed too close to me. Thank you for your beautiful music.
Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun (Special 2014 Remastered Edition)
posted a comment on Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun (Special 2014 Remastered Edition). over 9 years ago
Is this already the second remastering or is it just a 2004 Japanese remastered version (BFLWCD72) has been re-issued?
Celer - Without Retrospect, The Morning
posted a comment on Celer - Without Retrospect, The Morning. over 9 years ago
Track "Holdings Of Electronic Lifts" is a blurred version of track "Lotus" from Masters Of Psychedelic Ambiance - MU = ム (credits to Atom Heart & Tetsu Inoue).
D.Fresh* - Tell Me What You Feel
posted a comment on D.Fresh* - Tell Me What You Feel. over 9 years ago
One of the killer Eurodance tunes out there.
Def.con / The Private Lightning Six / Patrick Pulsinger - Morse
posted a comment on Def.con / The Private Lightning Six / Patrick Pulsinger - Morse. over 9 years ago
The sound treatment is reminiscent to Instinct Ambient series.
Fresh Moods - Swerve
posted a comment on Fresh Moods - Swerve. over 10 years ago
Fresh Moods' output is only known as some downtempo stuff released by Elektrolux, but it deserves more attention because it has a hidden personal feeling dressed in high-quality synthetic sound textures. Of his four albums Swerve is the finest example... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
Cartouche - Touch The Sky
posted a comment on Cartouche - Touch The Sky. over 10 years ago
The chord progression and the lead melody are different. These two songs just sound similar.
Urgent C* - Wish You Were Here
posted a comment on Urgent C* - Wish You Were Here. over 10 years ago
Secede - Tryshasla
posted a comment on Secede - Tryshasla. over 10 years ago
It is kind of pointless to express your opinion on an album that you don't get into. For example, I don't understand the hype over Bvdub's albums that you wrote you like, but this hype doesn't make me want to write long reviews about how I don't get... See full review
GOL* - Soma Holiday
posted a review of GOL* - Soma Holiday. over 11 years ago
I had mixed feelings after listening to this single. On the one hand there is GOL's original sound production, but on the other hand - and that is sad - the music here just doesn't sound mysterious. The two versions of Soma Holiday are of experimental... See full review
Anthera - Good Time Tonight
posted a comment on Anthera - Good Time Tonight. over 11 years ago
Man, you're just right!
Pub - Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? +Live
posted a comment on Pub - Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? +Live. over 12 years ago
This Japanese version has a remastered sound compared to the original album.
Pub - Summer
posted a comment on Pub - Summer. over 12 years ago
This Japanese version is just a different pressing of the CD. No sound enhancement was made.
Norman Feller - Frameless Structure
posted a review of Norman Feller - Frameless Structure. over 12 years ago
Downtempo grooves, layered pads with melodies, vocal fillers and small auxiliary samples. This is all what Frameless Structure is about. What makes this album brilliant is the sound treatment. Every track here is (framelessly) structured like a clock... See full review
Aloof Proof - Expo Two - Piano Text
posted a review of Aloof Proof - Expo Two - Piano Text. over 12 years ago
Aloof Proof's "Piano Text" is an album that requires certain attitude in order to get a full effect from listening to it. This attitude, as I see it, is to compare listening to this album to reading a serious romantic novel. Before knowing this, I... See full review
Aloof Proof - Piano Text
posted a comment on Aloof Proof - Piano Text. over 12 years ago
The tracks on this reissue are shorter than on the original. Their long endings were cut.
posted a comment on Mandalay. over 13 years ago
Mandalay is one of the finest trip-hop bands ever existed, though they defined their genre as "ambient pop". Their music continues to speak to listeners' hearts with its sheer beauty. It's amazing how Saul Freeman managed to put each unique sample... See full review
Keith Berry - The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish
posted a review of Keith Berry - The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish. over 13 years ago
Keith Berry states that his music contains the spirit of Eastern philosophies, poetry and other sources of deep knowledge. After listening "The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish" it may seem quite true. This is definitely more than another deep and... See full review
Sean Washburn - Wave Mantra
posted a review of Sean Washburn - Wave Mantra. over 13 years ago
"Wave Mantra" could become a most sought-after CD in the catalogue of such labels as Hypnos or Hearts of Space, but Sean Washburn modestly released it on his own. Steve Roach and Robert Rich could only dream about composing the deepest and most... See full review
Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun
posted a review of Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun. over 13 years ago
This album is as close to perfection as downtempo/chillout album can be. It is beautiful, melodic, and the sounds interact with each other sooo well, that it became my everyday listen album. I just cannot resist listening again and again to such... See full review
Casino Versus Japan - Casino Versus Japan
posted a review of Casino Versus Japan - Casino Versus Japan. over 14 years ago
Casino vs. Japan`s first full-length is addictive. I want to listen to it more and more without being able to explain myself what is so addictive about it. Yes, the music layers sound hazy, it has looped melodies with crunchy, distorted rhythms, but I... See full review
Steve Roach, Roger King (2) - Dust To Dust
posted a review of Steve Roach, Roger King (2) - Dust To Dust. over 14 years ago
I am quite amazed to see such low ratings on this treasure. It is a unique sonic experiment bringing two creative masters of ambient together. And believe me, the result is beyond your imagination. Steve Roach transfers the listener to new... See full review
GOL* - Sensations Of Tone
posted a review of GOL* - Sensations Of Tone. over 15 years ago
After having listened to pretty much of deep electronic music I thought that little could amaze me at that moment. But when I stumbled upon "Sensations of Tone" I was simply put in awe. The music on this album is powerful and calm, rich and minimal,... See full review
The Super Secret Symphony - The Super Secret Symphony
posted a review of The Super Secret Symphony - The Super Secret Symphony. over 15 years ago
In my opinion, The Super Secret Symphony stands out from ordinary minimal / experimental releases. Here everything is special: the samples, their sounding and appearing in time. These two 30-minute works do not invite listener to another ambient... See full review
Spyra - Etherlands
posted a review of Spyra - Etherlands. over 15 years ago
"Etherlands" is more polished in sound than previous Spyra's albums and thus makes an ear-pleasing listen. The music is basically old-school melodic spacey ambient with fresh nuances, live-sounding beats (sometimes being innovative) and speech... See full review
Secede - Tryshasla
posted a review of Secede - Tryshasla. over 15 years ago
"Tryshasla" is really as gorgeous as it is spoken about. Lennard must have been in a long inspiration to create an integral sequence of rich, complex and unbearably beautiful electronic compositions without any weak moments. The music is freely... See full review
Blümchen - Herzfrequenz
posted a review of Blümchen - Herzfrequenz. over 15 years ago
My boyhood passed in the time of Eurodance / Rave / Happy Hardcore wave. I liked much of what had been released in these styles, but as the wave passed, I lost interest in those countless songs. "Herzfrequenz", however, still warms my heart. The... See full review
Peter Benisch - Waiting For Snow
posted a review of Peter Benisch - Waiting For Snow. over 16 years ago
"Waiting for Snow" had been long an intrigue until it was finally re-released on Ambient World, which is not the common case for PS releases. So what do we have here? Beautiful frozen-like textured drones, lonesome melodies, thoroughly constructed... See full review
Kooler (2) - Kooler
posted a review of Kooler (2) - Kooler. over 16 years ago
"Kooler" is mainly referred to as an experimental Namlook's album, but I find it pretty digestible. Moreover, this is one of my Namlook's favourites, as some moments here are literally breathtaking. The sounds are crystal clear and deeply... See full review
62 Eulengasse - 62 Eulengasse
posted a review of 62 Eulengasse - 62 Eulengasse. over 16 years ago
A stunning improvisational album from the legendary ambient duo, which is based on a theme of stuffy megalopolis. Mellow and vast soundscapes are accompanied with reverberated percussions, hissings, radio signals, "cicada" soundings, and environmental... See full review
Beefcake - [Drei]
posted a review of Beefcake - [Drei]. over 16 years ago
"Drei" is one of rare albums where harmonious versatility meets highest sound quality. This solid 78,5-minute recording represents itself a mixture of harsh IDM beats, melodic trip-hop pieces, complex drum-n-bass rhythms, grand orchestral fragments,... See full review
Helios - Eingya
posted a review of Helios - Eingya. over 16 years ago
Keith Kenniff has managed to create a simple and touching album with every second having its own life. The cover exactly reflects the overall album's mood - serene and romantic. Gentle live instruments are combined with soft crunchy beats and lush... See full review
Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver
posted a review of Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver. over 16 years ago
If I were to have only one CD left, my choice would be "World Receiver" by Tetsu Inoue. This is the album I never get bored of, as it does have some unique blend of environmental recordings (from Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, U.S.A. as the inlay... See full review