I listen to the sounds of Detroit, Berlin & Chicago and preferably in a Techno or Deep House variety.
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posted a comment on Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time. 1 day ago
Not really sure why, with this release, they removed track 4 "Read Only Memory". It was on the original 1999 release. Although the track made a comeback in the 2011 remastered double album, albeit shuffled down to track 10. Either way, it's a killer ... See full review
posted a comment on Mike Huckaby - Harmonie Park Classics Volume 1. 27 days ago
This EP is worth the price of admission for B1 "Radiance" alone. A gorgeous deep house track.
posted a comment on Delano Smith - Deep Fundamentals. 7 months ago
Wow, I had this EP in my collection but it sort of got left behind as I fell in love with other Delano releases and never took the time to appreciate this beauty. This is pure deep bliss, whether you're on the dancefloor or simply at home on with your ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Coeur D'Artichaut . 8 months ago
While Paso's track, 'I Never' will likely get most of the plaudits, I believe Mad Rey's 'Quartier Sex' is THE track on this particular E.P.. No doubt, I'll be intently checking out what other gems can be found on D.KO Records. Superb House music!!
posted a comment on Metro - Journey Thru The N.Y. Underground. 9 months ago
Nice NYC-style house tracks here. Stand-out track for me is 'Brownstone Express', while 'Straphanger' has Kraftwerk's Trans Europa Express written all over it. Brilliant stuff!
posted a review of Vince Watson - Renaissance / Rendezvous. 10 months ago
Even considering the essential back-catalogue of Metroplex, Transmat, Tresor, UR.... this Vince Watson release is far and away my favourite Techno E.P. Both sides are blissful, sublime.. and well, perfect. I cannot recommend this release enough!
posted a comment on Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Galaxy 2 Galaxy. 10 months ago
This is still one of the greatest examples of Detroit Techno. A seamless journey to the 'beyond'. Sit back, relax and let the music take you to where you want to go. Hi-Tech Jazz, indeed!
posted a review of Various - Detroit House Fever. 10 months ago
A timeless collection of Detroit House. As jussumen mentioned below, the city has produced so many brilliant artists in both techno and house variation. Every track on this CD is as beautiful as the next. Sexy, deep and groovy. Aside from the first two ... See full review
posted a review of The Primitive Painter - The Primitive Painter. 11 months ago
Beautiful collection of music and possibly the duo's finest ever release.
posted a review of Acid Jesus - Acid Jesus. 11 months ago
A seriously awesome album from the perennial German producer, Roman Flügel. Why this was never released on vinyl will always be a mystery. A blueprint of what early 90's German techno / acid house was all about.
posted a comment on Kenny Dixon Jr. - Soul Sounds. 11 months ago
Even with such a hefty back-catalogue of classic Detroit tunes, this E.P. by KDJ may well be my favourite! Simply brilliant.
posted a comment on Delano Smith - An Odyssey. 11 months ago
A fantastic L.P. from a producer who is often-overlooked in Detroit house / techno circles. 5 stars!
posted a comment on Walt J - Reflection. 11 months ago
Heavenly deep house tracks here. Walt J is the master of deep, yet minimal grooves.
posted a comment on Digital Justice - It's All Gone Pear Shaped. 11 months ago
The most beautiful collection of tracks ever put on vinyl.