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posted a review of Johnny D - Manipulation. over 11 years ago
Johnny D - Manipulation - Oslo 002
On the A-side with "Manipulation" Johnny D creates an atmosphere of a special kind. a slowly growing track that grooves endlessly
from beginning to end.
The first track on the B-side "Gualia" is much straighter, a ... See full review
posted a review of Björn Wilke - R U Ready, Ralph?. over 11 years ago
Up to now Level Non Zero was left for Pascal FEOS and Chris Wood, nevertheless, for the seventh catalogue number Pascal fished in foreign waters.
On the fishing rod hangs Björn Wilke and his suggestive track R U Ready Ralph?
In the Pascal FEOS ... See full review
posted a review of Faki* w/ Rohr* & Xavier* - Podium 3. over 11 years ago
Following the appearance of Brooklyn ’s Afternoon Coffee
Boys (Tony Rohr and Tim Xavier) at Len Faki ’s Berghain based
Podium night, here comes Podium 3: another stab at
Techno ’s electronic side, as sparse as it is smashing.
The three adventurers ... See full review
posted a review of Hart Of Noise - The Noise Cookbook. over 11 years ago
This music is a very brew of sample music sequenced by Bülent Kullukcu and made by hand with recordplayers with Mooner's recordcollection. Sound sources such as Heavy Metal or Germancountrymusic are hereticly sampled, and thrown together with new rythms ... See full review