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posted a review of Henrik B - Dubycon. over 14 years ago
Very long tracks, all building progressively. Some tribal rythmics, layered analog synth sounds making your spirit go away for a nice journey.
If you are in this kind of house stuff, you definitely should have a listen.
posted a review of Christian Morgenstern - Hawaii Blue. over 14 years ago
This album is a really good trip into electronic music.

Most of the tracks are electronic music, with a chiptune-like approach remembering video game tracks from the 16-bit period, especially Amiga and Sega Megadrive sounds.

Some of the tracks ... See full review
posted a review of Johannes Heil - The World. over 14 years ago
Wow, this release is a real masterpiece !

The packaging is of quality : the CD is beautifully decorated with fine gold-coloured pictures and the cover is really fine too.

The music itself is very energic. The tracks ranges from dark electric ... See full review
posted a review of Carl Cox - F•A•C•T. over 17 years ago
This mix features techno anthems. The sound is a bit acid, a bit trancy and a bit hard, all very well dosed.

It is the proof of his mixing and programming skills. Beatmatching is absolutely perfect and the transitions are absolutely undetectable. ... See full review
posted a review of Surgeon - Balance. over 17 years ago
A very great album from Surgeon. The sound is a great electronic travel from the sweet poetry of synths (tracks Golden, Dynah's Dream...) to the energy of techno (tracks Circles, Set Two, Box...), including some experimentations with sounds (track ... See full review
posted a review of Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe. over 17 years ago
Equinoxe confirms the succes of Oxygene and became the number one in many countrys. First released in France, it was also released in 35 other countrys during the first year.

Music sequences are more elaborated, sound is more organic, and more ... See full review
posted a review of Jean Michel Jarre* - Oxygène. over 17 years ago
Oxygene is JM's first success album. In France, we heard it in many tv advertisement, and as the tv news generic.

This album is the result of the first JM's experimentations with synth. His first attempt was Deserted Palace (1972), in which he only ... See full review