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Hello dear friends!

I'm a French music lover, born in the 70's.

I very like electronic music and I still listen it, but my favorite period is 1988 to 1994.
I think I had a representative collection with more of 3,000 references (on CD, with only few vinyls).

Now, I'm selling this collection, for your greatest pleasure (I hope!).
I'm sure that my music will find a very good new home and I'm happy to see that my CDs are now traveling all over the world :-)

Feel free to contact me!

Please visit my marketplace! I'm sure you will find great releases for your own collection ^_^
I have already sold a lot of CDs but I still have some very good references!

I hope to hear from you soon!



Bonjour chers amis !

Je suis français, né dans les années 70, amoureux de musique.

J’aimé beaucoup la musique électronique et j’en écoute toujours, mais ma période favorite se situe entre 1988 et 1994.
Je pense que je possédais une collection plutôt représentative, avec plus de 3.000 références (sur CD, avec seulement quelques vinyles).

Aujourd’hui, je vends cette collection, pour votre plus grand plaisir (j’espère !).
Je suis sûr que ma musique va trouver une très bonne nouvelle maison et je suis heureux de voir que mes CD voyagent maintenant à travers le monde.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter!

Allez visiter ma boutique ! Je suis sûr que vous allez y trouver de grandes œuvres pour votre propre collection ! ^_^
J’ai déjà vendu beaucoup de CD mais il me reste encore pas mal de très bonnes références !

J’espère à très vite !

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posted a review of Winx* - Don't Laugh. about 1 year ago
I don't know if it was Winx that more than largely inspired by Frankie Bones or if it was the other way around, but this single very sounds like Frankie Bones - The End (Frankie Bones - Bone Up!), published the same year... Very strange...
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Excellent titles, not as their name seems to suggest ;-)
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Track 3: Problem House - Hit Ya With A Funky Dope Rhythm is cutted at 4:37
The full lengh version lasts 5:53
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This CD was only available in the shop of the 'BIOSCOPE' park, near Mulhouse, in France. Nowadays, this release can be considered as a 'collector' because this park no longer exists. It was replaced by 'Le Petit Prince' Park.
Various - Techno Dance Party Volume 9
posted a comment on Various - Techno Dance Party Volume 9. over 4 years ago
On the CD, the track 15 is not Generator... It's the 13th track again! (Welcome In My Dream).
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Pleasure Game - Professeur Daktylus (Remix) is an exclusive remix only for this release.
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One of the best New Beat release I have listened in my life!
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The 4th track ''Want To Want'' is not written on the back cover, but is on the CD.
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posted a comment on Afrika Bambaataa & WestBam Present I.F.O. - Agharta - The City Of Shamballa. over 6 years ago
Track 05 wrongly named ''Technolectro Mix'' like track 03. The real version of track 05 is ''Technolectro Edit Mix'' (e.g CD MUTE 234).